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Your Sissy Bra Spring Makeover

One of my fans suggested a post about sissy bras on a previous April sissy makeover post. I thought it was a fantastic idea, so here we are. Now if you are new to LDW/Enchantrix, let me point you into the direction of Sissy School. A place for all sissies to read learn and have some fun! But before I get off onto another tangent:  Let’s talk about bra’s, sissy. Although I suggest regular inspection of your bras for fraying, snags or other evidence of wear and tear, spring is a great time to make sure you give your pretty bras and other dainties a once over.

Sissy Bra Style

Okay, sissy, you know damn well there are plenty of bra styles out there to try! Are you the kind of sissy who sticks with the same style because that’s

Sissy Bra

Sissy Bra Spring Makeover

what you know? Branch out!  Take an inventory of your current selection and challenge yourself to try something new! Sissyies who don’t use breast forms love the lightly padded balconette styles, accentuating what boobage they might already have. Also for those who go all natural , bralettes come in some amazingly cute styles! Now, this blog isn’t an advertisement for specific brands, but if you send me an email or hit me up on chat (see my scheduling page for options) I’ll be happy to send you a few leads of “to die for” examples.

Larger breasted sissies or those who are size queens (you know who you are) and get gargantuan breast forms will probably more comfortable with a larger , fuller cup. First, to help keep those girls in place and second (because some sissies don’t even think of this) TITTIES ARE HEAVY!  I’m actually roaring in laughter now with the memory of a couple of you silly sissies. “Oh, Mistress, these DD silicone breast forms are so heavy! My neck and back hurt after one evening!”  That’s what you get when  you let your penis do the buying WITHOUT Mistress consultation. Larger cups and sizes will help with the strain. Also don’t forget training! Donning your girlies for short periods of time, at first. Training those muscles to hold them up and out PROUDLY!  But big boobie sissy, don’t fret. There are plenty of beautiful satin and lace styles out there you just have to be patient and finding the right place to shop.

Sissy Bra Care

Just like your fine panties and your other sexy lingerie items, ladies, taking good care of your bra’s are a must. For time crunched sissies, mesh laundry bags for your delicate intimates


Sissy Bra

are a girls best friend along with the gentle cycle. Hang to dry will help extend the life of your intimates. Of course, hand washing is always a better option to help keep your pretty things pretty. Actually, part of my sissy training regime requires hand washing of your intimates. It’s a good time for you to reflect on the activities surrounding your girlie things and to really connect to your fem side.

So this spring, sissy, let’s get your intimates in order. Nothing but soft silky pretty things perfectly kept in shape against that sissy skin! If you want an in depth consultation about various bras, email me or call! Until we chat…..enjoy some of my other sissy blogs.

Mistress Erika

11 comments to Your Sissy Bra Spring Makeover

  • Lacey

    Who are you quoting there on those DD? lol

  • Petey cream puff

    To me wearing a bra screams sissy!!! I love wearing one all the time and I do when I come home and have my d cup breast forms fill them out. The Warner’s it’s not a bra in plum or pink color is my favorite along with the maiden form bras in same color same with the soma bras. They fit and feel so good against my soft waxed girlish smelling skin. I’ve started wearing one all the time when I go for my massages and my masseuse complemented my on the color and style as she had same bra I did. She even measured and fitted me. That was sooo hot as I had my panties/lipstick and blush on and I felt so helpless/weak/submissive and feminine with her doing this. She even took pictures of me with her phone which I asked her to. Though she said don’t wear it to work as I would have to adjust it and she didn’t want me to be exposed. I do want to wear one everyday but trying to figure that out along with telling my new gf I like to wear women’s clothes/panties/bra/lipstick and makeup. She knows I wear leggings/perfume and women’s lotions. I feel she does suspect this as she’s having me sit in booth on inside and her outside along with her wanting to make me more well rounded. She’s watching what I spend and said if I spend foolishly she and masseuse will kick my butt. In that regard I’m in female lead relationship which is what I want but… I want her to keep me in bra/panties as her way of digging her nails and wrapping me around her fingers. What do you think I should do?

    • Erika

      Hey Petey!

      Or should I say sissy cream puff? *giggles*

      How do you like your D cups?

      I think you should keep going down this same path! It’s leading you to where you ultimately want to be.

      Patience. Let her lead, as I’ve suggested before and reward her (amply) for her efforts.

      • Petey cream puff

        My d cups are so firm/perky/bouncy and so real😳😮. They fill out my bra. I do want to wear this all the time but can’t 😞😢. I do when I’m home and sleep with my bra/d cups/panties and slip with perfume and lotion. I go to bed and wake up as it always reminds me that I am a cream puff girl.

        I’m going to let her lead. I was bummed out when we went to dinner Monday night with her and masseuse they didn’t notice I was wearing women’s slacks/ankle boots/perfume and lotion. 😞😢😡. We were at bar and I wanted to sit in middle of both of them but she sat between masseuse and I. Though when we went to sit in booth she had me sit on inside and her on outside. Do you think her doing this is her way of taking control of me?

  • tiny tim

    Goddess Erika, I don’t have a bra yet. though i am not a size queen as i would need a small bra.

  • Eric

    I suppose you could call me a size queen… my first forms were D’s and I have gone up significantly from there. I sometimes suffer from soreness in my neck and shoulders but am more than happy to deal with that for the sheer joy, bliss really, I feel when I am wearing a bra. I am currently wearing the largest forms available from online retailers but it seems they keep making them bigger!! Not easy to find bras in these large sizes, mainstream retailers and manufacturers stop at DD. I am quite the determined shopper so I am able to find them however the choice in styles is limited 🙁 Oh well as long as I feel the bounce when I walk there will be a smile on my face !!

    • Erika

      Hey there Eric, glad you stopped by! You’re right larger sizes are harder but as you point out, not impossible. What is your cup size now? Yes, the styles maybe limited but still pretty , satin and oh-so-fem! You have to email or IM me, we’ll share links!

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