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Sissy Makeover Springtime Edition

Welcome to spring, the season when a sissy makeover is in order! Along with spring cleaning your closed up home from long winter nights, let’s take a look at your sissy style and give it a lift! Don’t worry, all stages of sissy can participate. Even a wardrobe-less sissy can have some spring time sissy makeover fun!

Sissy Makeover : Wardrobe

Many sissies know what they like, but few know what looks good ON them. Just because you see a sexy woman you’d like to emulate doesn’t mean that dress, skirt or blouse looks good on YOU!  Let’s look at some examples of what your ideal fem persona would be. Sophisticated classic style? Slutty bimbo? Whichever it is we’ll look for pretty items that FIT your body.

Again, it is tricky fitting your male size and form into a feminine cut blouse or dress, but the key is in sizing things correctly. Yes, some… ok, A LOT of you guys should actually be in plus size clothes. Don’t let the xx, or even XXX, or XXXX dissuade you. Your items will fit better and LOOK better.

Perhaps your ideal is being a sissy slut bimbo in skin tight short dresses. But your belly has more rolls than that dough-boy has giggles.  You can still look slutty and bimbo-ish , in an empire wasted , skater skirt sundress!  Oh how about a sweetheart neckline with pretty pink tool flowing down over your hips, ending just as your bum ends and legs begin! Pretty pink thigh highs! Ooh, la la!

Sissy Makeover: Makeup

OK, so you are not brave enough to book that makeover when you are out of town. Really, it is something I encourage to all who want to participate in feminization. Learning basic make up techniques, from the experts, watching how they apply feminization makeup to  your face. How they hold the brush , tips and tricks for shading, highlighting and making you the best sissy gurl you can be!

If a makeover isn’t in the cards let’s see how  you currently apply your makeup, is your foundation the right shade? What color are your eyes, and what colors are best to bring them out?  Eyebrows shaped so they can be fem with a few strokes of a brush. Oh stop it, don’t look at me that way. There ARE ways to shape, clean up those caterpillars on top of your eyes so when you get all gurly they don’t distract from your look.

Sissy Makeover: Secret

Secret sissies have a lot of challenges, I get it.
But that’s no reason why you should not try to improve your sissy-ness!

Sissy Makeover

Sissy Makeover

Number one girly  regime is skin care! What do you use now, just soap? Ga! With the right kind of cleansers, and moisturizers we’ll have your skin feeling girly fem in no time! Items anyone can have/get for their bathroom and no one is the wiser! Then choosing the right scent to wear. Just enough mix of girl so you and I know but others won’t raise an eyebrow. Lip balm is always my favorite go to for secret sissy gurls, keep those lips nice and soft and tasting fem!

So girls, let’s go for it. Schedule your girlie consultation today! Check out my other Sissy blogs, then  email me or hit me up on Skype or Yahoo messenger.

20 comments to Sissy Makeover Springtime Edition

  • sissy belinda

    Oh Ms Erika,

    twirllllllllllllllllllllllll id love a sissy consultation


    sissy tiny belinda

  • tiny tim

    Goddess Erika, I thought about dressing but I wouldn’t know what would look good one me. In terms of style and everything else. I do have red rose though.

  • GirlieFF

    Oh Goddess,
    It’s like you write these blogs just for me. I’d love a consult! My second shopping trip wasn’t as successful as the first. I only got one sports bra. But I had fun going in and out of each store. Hopefully I can be chatting with you on my next trip to the mall. You can give me real time advice!

    Ta Ta. Girlie hugs.


  • Petey cream puff

    I for sure want to do this on future calls for added feminization training that you are doing with me. I told my masseuse that I wanted her to add cherry blossom mists/lotions to me for my massages and she happily agreed as tats mists/lotion she uses and told me to start using them to think of her when I use them. Now she’s spraying perfume on me along with mixing it with lotion to give me facial on my cheeks. With this being done I smell like cherry blossom along with Ralph Lauren midnight romance. I love how it smells and won’t ever go back to men’s cologne. With her doing this to me she has control over me and that’s what I wanted as I asked her to. The same with wearing women’s clothes to my massages. I’ve started wearing silk blouses/women’s turtle sweaters with leggings/yoga pants/ankle & knee high boots along with bringing my dresses to try on for her as well wearing my bra/panties with makeup/lipstick on as she’s taken pictures of me with her phone dressed up. I asked her to do this and she agreed!! She told me I have to accept who I am and become along with telling my now gf who how to her for massages that I like to wear women’s clothes/bra/panties. She’s right. She and new gf have started to take control of what I spend and said if I spend foolishly they both will kick my butt. What I really want mistresss is to have both women take control of me by wanting to have me wear women’s clothes/bra/panties/lipstick/perfume as way of taking control but not sure how New gf will react, we’ve been friends for 5 years and I don’t want to ruin friendship and now possible bf/gf relationship. My thinking is I should put on my big girl panties/man up and go for it as I think I’m being honest/open as she’s been with me. I would hope she would want to do this as well as she told me her goal is to make me more well rounded and I feel telling her this will take our friendship/relationship to next level when she can have control of me in flr and make me better person.

    • Erika

      yes, petey take it one step at a time. don’t do the fantasy exposure reveal scene many thing “is the way” if you truly care for her, have an open honest and caring conversations about your desires. End with “I hope you will be willing to journey with me , and explore” Which is much more inviting than “Put me in panties and make me your sissy bitch!” make sense? 🙂

      • Petey cream puff

        Absolutely Ms Erika!! We’ve had deep conversations. There is attraction I believe as when we went ou last summer for dinner and I talked about her BFF and not her on date the next day she ripped me a new one. She didn’t like that I put her on bottom and we’ve cleared the air as I apologized and luckily she accepted. I did tell her that our friendship is turning into relationship having bf/gf feel to it, she agreed as I told her I’d like to turn this into relationship but she said she’s spread herself to thin and needed break as she’s been busy with work helping her family ever weekend. I said I respected that. I’ve upset her 4 times and she got on me and said not to mess nor cross her which I won’t. Do you think her say she wants to make me more well rounded/know more about me is way of her wanting to take control of me?

        • Erika

          absolutely! I always tell people to encourage the behavior you want in a relationship, regardless of how small or minor it is compared to the overall behavior you want more of!

          So, you want a woman to control you?
          When she say’s things like “I want to make you more rounded”

          You: heartily agree “Yes, I need you, want you to help me in that way please help me!” Then you must follow through with a huge reward with the next steps. So if she say’s “going to this play will make you well rounded” (and fyi, it pleases her) then you follow with a HUGE reward for her taking charge, taking you to that play! What that reward is will differ depending on the person. What do they value? Your time? Flowers? (fyi, not all women do!) Jewelry, poem or perhaps cleaning her house (my personal fav). and don’t forget the encouragement and compliments. “You are so smart” “You are clever” “You make me feel good being around you” “thank you for being you”

          Typically ego stroking is a great reward for us upright animals. But it must be appropriate and sincere. I’m the first to spot the ol’ Smoke up the ass thing. I may not TELL you , “you’re just trying to flatter me” but I respond accordingly.

          the problem most men have is they don’t recognize or appreciate the nuance of behavior modification as it applies to their personal relationships. Small changes, lead to bigger changes which MAY lead to what you want in the BR or “In life”

          • Petey cream puff

            Actually she asked me to go to concert with her and I said I would. After concert she said she had errends tomrun and said she could drop me off at home but I said I don’t mind going with her/she was fine with that . Afterwards I thanked her for asking me to go with her and said I like doing things like this along with being with her. (She got on me for spending to much on her for her birthday/Christmas present) she said I need someone to look over and watch me and I told her she was right. She said I’m putting to much pressure on myself and it’s eating me up. I think telling her I like to wear women’s clothes is my way of taking edge off and relaxes/calms me down and majws me feel better. (She knows I like to wear perfume/women’s lotions) just have to be open/honest with her and say it’s been on my mind for lady 3 years.

            Ps I need to do call with you/Ms Olivia/Ms Erin to have session where we can talk about this along with the 3 of you feminizing me as your cream puff girl.
            Does tomorrow night around 5:30 central time work?

          • Erika

            petey, see your email 🙂

  • princess

    You’ve inspired me to go shopping!

    • Erika

      princessssssssssssssssssss! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaas! You’ll have to put on a fashion show! I have to admit, though. Your clothes, and how they fit are are great! Slutty and GREAT 🙂

  • tiny tim

    Goddess Erika, If i were to dress I think it would have to be in a slutty look. Down the road we will have to discuss something like this. It sounds like You think skincare is just important as anything else.

  • Love this. You are such an inspiration for us all. A good makeover can give you that extra pep in your step. It’s an incredible feeling that gives you confidence to go out and take on the world as your new self. ❤️

    • Erika

      aww, Stephanie! You’re so sweet to say! I love being a girl and totally “GET” why others who were born without a vagina might want to be too! 🙂

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Your rather smart .A lot of C D s had to learn from trial and error OMG i started my C D life as a red head. One girl had told me i looked like Barney Rubble.LOL

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