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Sissy Shopping Experience

Hi, erotic story lovers! It’s first Saturday, where I share some of my erotic writing, as well as yours.* I think I skipped last month. Too much going on!  I’m back and I want to know what you think! So click-ity click  your words down below, or email me! I’d love to hear from you.  Special treat today! Today’s blog has an audio, I read the story!  If you want me to read your erotic story, that can be arranged. Check out your custom audio options! Not a writer? I love to write and create a story for your erotic needs!

I had a fun conversation with a sissy recently, Gem Sissy.** She had found a shop that was sissy friendly and had a great time with the clerk , who turned out to be the designer herself!  What was remarkable was Gem Sissy’s energy that flowed as she described such a common feminine ritual. Trying pretty things. Truly meant to be a sissy, weren’t you, Gem?  Well, as it goes in conversations with me, we take the simple fem concept of a shopping trip and made it NAUGHTY! So for first Saturday, a little story about what we discussed. Thanks Gem for being my muse!

On with First Saturday.

Entering into the quaint shop, her insides trembled and clitty leaked. Thank goodness Mistress told her to wear a pantyliner, or she’d be soaking her panties and her pants through and through!  Hurrying to the first carousel of blouses, pretending to look through them, while making surreptitious glances around the store. This portion seemed to be of ladies fashions, a bit of every genre it seemed. Plus an area for accessories, bags, stockings, lingerie; the pretty fem things pulled her from one display to the next.

Along the back wall and through an arch, she could see naughty toys lining the walls. Shelves housed a torso or head displaying the nearby item for sale. Ball gag on a head, leather panties and bra on a torso. All craftily placed here and there. Gazing across the room, she see’s off to the opposite side towards the back, a sign hung above a door. “Dressing Rooms” Ah, where she needed to go!

Making a beeline towards that area, a beautiful raven haired woman appears suddenly and asks, “Hi there!
May I help you? ” She froze, partly from being thrown out of her naughty private thoughts of dresses, bras and panties, but also because  she was stunned by the beauty before her. Her eyes seem to radiate with a spirit, capturing her attention. A smile so warm and welcoming she seemed to melt into it. Feeling suddenly submissive she whispers. “Oh. Um. The dressing rooms?” she said in a question. “I have, erm, and appointment with Erika?”

“Oh! Yes,” she cheered. “That’s me! I’m Erika, and you must be Gem!” “Yes,” Gem managed to say through a nervous smile. She worried about her trembling clitty under her panties. What would Erika think, do, if she couldn’t control it? Before more anxiety provoking thoughts could stab their way through her body , Erika hooked her arm though Gem’s , pulling her towards the Dressing Rooms. Chatting cheerfully,  “So Gem, I’m yours for the afternoon! Style advice, size advice, naughty toy advice, oh, we even have a vanity in the dressing room to do hair and make up as well.”

Gem’s heart thudded as they entered the warm and softly scented luxury accommodations. Soft upholstered chairs, small Chippendale tables with flower arrangements, pitcher of water and glasses.  Three way mirror and there, on the rack all the pretty things she could ever hope to have!  Mirrored door off to the side, and Erika and she enter through. “Now strip your clothes, and we’ll get you ready for your first look!” Gem started to move slowly, watching Erika. Was she going to leave the room? Erika busied herself with the selections over on one side, but quickly noticed Gem wasn’t moving. Looking up at Gem, Erika started to giggle. “Oh Gem, don’t worry.  Didn’t someone explain to you, we are an all inclusive shop. We have ladies fashions for men, all kinds of sexy toys and then the sissy services that incorporate them all. I’m well trained and versed in all things , sissy!  I’m very experienced in excited sissies, and your trembling nude, clitty isn’t going to offend me.”

“Your friend who set you up with this package also left you a present in the room.  Now, here’s your first outfit. Pink satin and lace bra, D cup. Breast form to fit. Pink lace cheeky panties. White thigh highs with pink bows on the front.  Erika smiled and gestured to the mirror,  I didn’t mean for you to change out here, behind that mirrored door is your dressing room.”

Gem opens the mirrored door to find a chaise, a pink butt plug and a bottle of lube sitting on a towel in the room. Gem felt a bit light headed as the blood rushed to her groin, her clitty grew fat and throbbed! Ohhh!  She was going to cream her panties right then and there! Composing herself, she  knew. She knew she was going to be spending a lot of money here. I wonder what the refi rates are, and she hurriedly stripped her clothes off and gleefully prepared to be plugged for the day.

*If you want to see your writing connect with me and let’s discuss it. I’ve even allowed some to submit their writing anonymously, just you and I know the secret. So if you’re titillated by the thought, yet paranoid as a chicken in a lions den, hit me up.
*Please know I never use anyone’s real name or nick name without permission. If you see a named mentioned, I either have permission or its a pseudonym.

32 comments to Sissy Shopping Experience

  • Emily

    Please continue the story mistress .

  • Petey cream puff

    Hot story!!! How would I go about in having story how you/mistresses made me your cream puff girl?

    • Erika

      Explain a bit more petey!?
      Do you want to write the story and have me read it for a private sexy audio?
      Do you want to write the story and have me post it here next month?

      If it’s something else let me know,you have my email address 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    Post it next month in blog is what I’m looking for.

  • Erika

    Okay petey, email me. We’ll work on it!

  • GirlieFF

    That was SO tittilating! That’s such a fantasy of mine. To be able to have an afternoon of total girlie shopping without the stress of other people looking or the saleswoman being creeped out. I’d love to hear your end to the story, but leaving it open let’s my sissy mind go crazy! Thank you, Mistress!!

  • GirlieFF


    I swallowed a ton of sperm. I can’t lie. And I’ll swallow a ton more! #cumisdelicious

  • GirlieFF

    Cum, cock, men, anal penetration, sexy lingerie(for me), pretty nails, shopping with the girls. Those are all my life now. 🌈🌈🌈

    • Erika

      Careful there girlie FF, don’t get all worked up now. You working? You just might start skipping around the workplace. How would that go over?

  • GirlieFF

    Good point! I’m at work but heading home soon. Headed straight to the store. I need some panties and girlie things. These man clothes absolutely suck!

  • GirlieFF

    So I got stuck working today. No panties and bra for me😢🤬. But, I will sit to pee all day, as a faggotty sissy should. And I’ll daydream about cum, of course!

  • GirlieFF

    I’ll gladly take sone strong hands on my hips and some thrusting into my well trained ass. 😜💦💦🌈

  • GirlieFF

    As I should. You’ve seen the size of my package. What else can you do but laugh hysterically at it. Maybe I should take the plunge and turn it into a beautiful female flower✂️😜

    • Erika

      oh mah! That’s a huge plunge. If you ask me, and you didn’t. But since this is my little part of the interwebs, you said those words out loud, enough so I can hear them so I just consider myself invited to the conversation and here’s my volley………

      Me thinks you need to be a gay boi a bit longer before you start talking about growing, ok er,creating your own “female flower”. 🍆v 🥧 not to mention, if you grow your own “flower” then you are just another cunt that sucks dick, eh? LOL This way you are you are a gay boi, less of you so you shine like a diamond ……

      Oh wait, that’s right. I just remembered …….!

      • GirlieFF

        Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I appreciate it. I’m 99% sure I won’t go through with it. I do like being a man. It’s more of a fun fantasy. Plus, being 6’3”, I know I wouldn’t ever look love he the woman I’d like to be (curvy and petite). Even with the best surgeon and meds. So, I’ll play with it in my mind. 😘

  • tifffy

    Pretty good story so far. But now it’s like Beverly Hills 90210 and have to wait to see what happens. Ugh. The one store I’ve gone to, while it wasn’t quite like this, but the sales lady asked if i neended help and i told her what i was shopping for and then she asked if it i was going to use the toys for anal on myself and i said yes and she helped me out very much. It was kinda a pretty normal conversation except talking about dildos and plugs and rings and lube and and and speculum sand enemas. I wasn’t like nervous or anything, very respectful – i wanted to ask for help

    • Erika

      Hi tiffy!

      Well, for some they are nervous thinking people will judge them harshly. What I do in these stories, and in my life and on my blog is to bring a light, albeit a fun light, on the subject so that it is a “normal” conversation and nothing to be worried about.

      With that said, I fully understand the operation of anxiety, humiliation and fear of exposure adds to and explodes the erotic experience for some, so those factors are fun to play with!

  • tifffy

    Sorry, MsErika. 😀

    • Erika

      what are you sorry about tiffy? we are having a pleasant conversation about kinky things? *confused look*

      • tifffy

        Not sure, lol.

        Even though sometimes it’s nice to have a humiliating experience it’s also nice to know you can be treated with respect and accepting of your lifestyle since not everyone always accepts you/your lifestyle.

        So i guess that’s why i apologized. 🌈

        • Erika

          I agree tiffy, that’s why I love what I do! I do accept and appreciate all of the lovely kinky snowflakes! I also love providing a safe environment for you to explore those kinky feelings, and even yes: Humiliating ones. Knowing you are in a safe place, knowing you are taking care of you can then explore many facets of yourself you haven’t before, for the lack of such things. 🙂

          • tifffy

            Thank you MsErika, I’m forever grateful for you and everyone else that i can feel freely to talk/chat about my likes/dislikes. Thank you. ❤️

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Erika, this is one thing that I don’t know about myself yet if i should really shop. Though i do like panties and red rose gowns. we shall see.

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