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Three Mistress Feminization

Or also known as the greatest day in your life. Three Mistress Feminization session (say that ten times fast) was such a blast recently , I just have to share in this months *First Saturday blog.  It features two, that’s right TWO OTHER sexy Enchantrix Mistresses. In the session was the the effervescent Experienced Mistress Mistress . . . → Read More: Three Mistress Feminization

Feminized and Chastity Journey With Cream Puff Girl

This post is a fun update about a feminization and chastity journey of an Enchantrix’s fan, Petey Cream Puff.  Petey , as I soon learned after joining LDW last december is a big fan of the Enchantrix Mistresses. I imagine he’s talked with a great deal of the Mistresses and I know those who . . . → Read More: Feminized and Chastity Journey With Cream Puff Girl

The Firm Continued Feminization

Hi there readers! I enjoy bringing you a bit of fantasy to read, so I am introducing First Saturday’s.  The first Saturday of the Month, if it pleases me to do so, I’ll post a short fantasy story.   Or, like here, continue on in a series. If you have an idea for a . . . → Read More: The Firm Continued Feminization

The Firm: Feminization Transformation

No one guessed the secret from the first part in this series: The firm Sexy Feminization. Here is another installment continuing our story and Sam experiences his Feminization Transformation. Still can’t figure it out? Enjoy! 😉

Early Feminine Changes

It has been a few weeks since Sam has temporarily moved . . . → Read More: The Firm: Feminization Transformation

The Firm Sexy Feminization

Hello dear readers! There is a bit of a secret behind this blog. Can you guess what it is? Post your comments below and we’ll see if any of you guessed correctly!  Enjoy part ONE of The Firm, Sexy Feminization

The Firm

Sam was looking for a change of pace . . . → Read More: The Firm Sexy Feminization