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Loser Humiliation Lists

Let’s wrap up this month with loser humiliation lists.¬† Hi there, all. March has been largely filled with taking a look at erotic¬†humiliation. Before I move on to other kinks, I think it’s only fitting to see if there’s a bigger loser out there than the one I’m rather keen on these days.¬† I . . . → Read More: Loser Humiliation Lists

Tiny Dick Fun With Mistress Erika

Heeeeeey! I’m in a cheeky mood so let’s have some tiny dick fun! Now, you know who you are, tiny dick man! Why some of you wear panties, since boy underpants would be so saggy and baggy in the front, right? The waist is strangling you, you can’t go a size down , yet . . . → Read More: Tiny Dick Fun With Mistress Erika