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Fantasy Phone Sex So Surreal

It’s mind blowing the fun and variations fantasy phone sex there is to be had! I’d like to share some totally mind fuckary types of calls.  I say mind fuckary in the best possible terms. Although I can be quite evil if  required , and do get a special thrill doing so . . . → Read More: Fantasy Phone Sex So Surreal

Why Men Call Phone Sex Lines

A common enough conversation in my life is about phone sex. What it is, what it can be and why men call phone sex lines.  Granted there are as many reasons as there are men, like many things in our lives.  Let’s look at phone sex, some of the reasons, and have a bit . . . → Read More: Why Men Call Phone Sex Lines

Femdom Phone Sex


1-800-601-6975 Phone Sex

For those familiar with Enchantrix Empire and the Mistresses at LDW the title of the blog Femdom Phone sex may seem to be a bit redundant. Yeah, Erika duh, we all know what “goes on here”. Well I ask you, do you? Do you really know “what goes on . . . → Read More: Femdom Phone Sex