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Mistress Erika’s Fantasy Exposed

Fantasy Exposed, today you are getting a treat! Instead of taking your erotic exposure calls, I’m going to expose some naughty thoughts I’ve had.  This blog  was inspired by  a very sexy comment I received other day, “I’d like to be in your head during your alone time. Mistress Erika”.  😉 Oh would you . . . → Read More: Mistress Erika’s Fantasy Exposed

Pantie Boy What Kind Are You?

After having a pantie boy stuff a pair of panties in his mouth and reciting his pantie mantra, I was inspired to have a blog just about pantie boys!  Each and every one of you are pantie boys!  Oh, what’s that? I hear you smugly laughing, you assume we are all pantie boys Erika! . . . → Read More: Pantie Boy What Kind Are You?

Fantasy Phone Sex So Surreal

It’s mind blowing the fun and variations fantasy phone sex there is to be had! I’d like to share some totally mind fuckary types of calls.  I say mind fuckary in the best possible terms. Although I can be quite evil if  required , and do get a special thrill doing so . . . → Read More: Fantasy Phone Sex So Surreal