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Three Mistress Feminization

Or also known as the greatest day in your life. Three Mistress Feminization session (say that ten times fast) was such a blast recently , I just have to share in this months *First Saturday blog.  It features two, that’s right TWO OTHER sexy Enchantrix Mistresses. In the session was the the effervescent Experienced Mistress Mistress Olivia, Mistress Erin and Myself!

Girls Day Out

What’s more fun than a girls day out , shopping for new spring outfits. Surprise makeovers at the makeup counter. Oh, the pretty shades of spring time lipsticks are to die for! Sending our male companion to sample some scents, the three college friends giggle and reminisce about their naughty past. Little do they know he over heard them, trembling inside he proceeded to sample the nearby fragrances as his insides turned to jello.

Helpless to Resist

The sexy women with their pretty skirts and dresses enchant and compel their male companion. Before he even comprehended what was going on he was perfumed, with lipsticked kisses dotting his cheek and chin. Oh, this color shadow goes well with his eyes, you hear. Soft wet lipstick applied to your lips, and another giggles how cute and soft they look.

Way too made up, his masculine face evaporating with each brush stroke. He looks out at the store, perched on the makeup stool. Ladies everywhere were looking!  Oh, never mind them they all brush off his concerns. He feels oddly comfortated as he falls deeper under the sirens calls.

Dress Her Up

The ladies casually usher their new girlfriend next door to the lingerie shop. Well, from the neck up a girl indeed. Now their mission was the neck down. They happily chatted about the best colors for “her”, the pretty panty styles, matching bras, slips! Oh, the summer dresses. Oh, and don’t forget the oh-so-cute summer kitten heels!

Entering the doors, the sweet musk drifts up his nostrils, fills his mind with intoxicating sent. He feels even more helpless to resist their oohs and aaahs and any request! Just keep doing “this” to him, hearing their encouragement, giggles and teases was heaven.

Lipsticked Kisses

Finally in semi private in the dressing room, the ladies gleefully undress their new charge. What a perfect slender body for that summer navy blue sheath dress! In what seems like moments, she’s dressed, the ladies’ new cream puff girl. Pretty paints, hair and outfit. All four ladies in the dressing room mirrors, giggling, teasing her, pointing out her arousal and placing those lipsticked kisses all over her cheeks.  The ladies delight as they pronounce “her” Petey cream puff, our cream puff girl forever!

Blushing and stammering, he finally fully succumbs, submits and admits: Yes, I’m your cream puff girl forever.

Erotically Yours,



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3 comments to Three Mistress Feminization

  • tiny tim

    This was a great read Goddess Erika. I bet Three mistress calls are fun.

    • Erika

      Oh it was! tt, the cacophony of giggles from three ladies delighting in powdering and painting their cream puff girl was awesome!

  • Petey cream puff

    This was hot!!! It was one if not best calls I ever did!!! Ms Olivia does have her ways and I didn’t expect to have this happen to me. When she sent me to smell perfumes the scents were so girlish. By time I was doing this I overheard what they wanted to do and when I got back Ms Olivia had me bring bottle of midnight romance to her and she sprayed it on her then she went behind me put her arms around my neck the. Touched my cheek with her scented wrist and I smelled like midnight romance then she gave me lipstick kisses on my cheeks. Ms Erika and Ms Erin giggled and did same thing to me as well. All 3 then grabbed me by the arms and had me sit on makeup chair then gave me feminine arched eyebrows/did my eyes/put blush on me alon with lipstick on my lips. I was so weak/helpless/submissive/feminine when they did this as all the ladies in shop were looking and giggling at me. We then went to Victoria’s Secret when all of them picked out bras/panties for me to try on them took me in fitting rom to have me wear them. With all 3 women telling me how cute and adorable I looked along with me being small compared to them. They said it’s ok then gave me more lipstick kisses on my cheeks. Then they had me go to Macy’s to pick out dresses for me to try. I was so embarrassed as everyone was giggling at me then they had me in dressing room to wear size 6 sheath dress/put long black wig on me/sprayed perfume on me then more lipstick kisses on my cheeks. All 3 said if I don’t cum they will have me go back to being guy but after 10 minutes it was to much and Ithru got me off. As they were kissing me all I could say was yes mistresses as I was going to be kept this way as their cream puff girl forever.

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