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Tiny Dick Fun With Mistress Erika

Heeeeeey! I’m in a cheeky mood so let’s have some tiny dick fun! Now, you know who you are, tiny dick man! Why some of you wear panties, since boy underpants would be so saggy and baggy in the front, right? The waist is strangling you, you can’t go a size down , yet your package is a size x-small and it seems you are living in an XXL world!

Tiny Dick

How SMALL is your dick?


Tiny Dick

Now, let’s define tiny dick, or not. Ha! It really is up to the owner and , the owners paramour, devour-er(?)  to ultimately decide you have a lackluster buster! I’ve had men come to me with 7-7.5″ cocks and love some SPH! Tiny dick is not only a physical condition but a mental one as well. But more often men of 5, 4 and even claiming to have a 1.5″ (erect)  penis are calling me with the desire to hear my reaction to their smaller than average penis.

Tiny Dick Fun

So what is there to do with a tiny dick? Well putting them in panties is almost a must, contrast with the delicate and small fashion of small panties for women, that tiny dick is going to look BIGGER in comparison. Go on try it, I betcha! Ha! Doesn’t matter if you are into feminization or not, donning a pair of girl panties is considered sensual SPH, in my book!

Other fun things would to measure it, or compare it to every day objects. How much fun would I have, to receive an email tomorrow from a fan with one line that said “Mistress Erika, I played the comparison game at my house, I’m the size of a bic cigarette lighter.” Another “I’m no longer than……….” Go on, I dare you! Email me!

How about some  dick dancing, now that’s always a treat!

Tiny Dick Control

Of course you can always please me, tiny dick owner by holding that orgasm, being my edging pet! So much fun to see it bouncing cutely after each edge, your breath coming quickly with each repeated quick edge.  How many ways can we tease a small cock, stinging words, laughter and maybe fun ways to edge it too!

What’s your tiny dick humiliation fantasy look like? I’d want to know. More on the humiliation, less on the compassion? Or a heaping dose of sympathy for a poor small cocks-men such as yourself?  I’d want to hear from you!!

In the meantime, listen to my audio on this blog, has a couple of surprises for you. Like pudding? I DO! LOL


19 comments to Tiny Dick Fun With Mistress Erika

  • Sissy Belinda

    Oh Oh Oh Ms Erika,

    Twirlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll what did you see and how tiny?

    sissy belinda

  • princess

    I LOVE SPH!…..I hope to be no longer than a 3 inch cigarette lighter after extended chastity. Still have a bit to go (about another inch)…But then i will be in chastity a lot longer so it may happen! Types of humiliation i do crave though are being laughed at as unfuckable, or told i have the smallest penis/clit you’ve ever seen!….Meanwhile, Ill just check my panties to see how much my itty bitty clitty leaked after reading your post 🙂

  • I’m just around 5” definitely not big but not a micro penis either. Though I am small enough where I don’t have to tuck when wearing panties. 😉

    I wish I was either bigger or smaller rather than this in between place. If I was bigger I’d be a real man and if I was smaller no woman would have ever slept with me. I definitely should be wearing panties and should also be locked up because only real men should be allowed to have erections.

  • Petey cream puff

    For me it you putting me in panties. I’m small also about 2-3 inches😞😢😳😧😮. I’m glad you have me on cock control program as I really needed this and other mistresses want to do this to me as well which are Ms Olivia/Ms Violet/Ms Delia/Ms Audrey/Ms Alyssa/Ms Mandy along with you & Ms Fiona. I never though this would happen but I’m glad it has.

  • Petey cream puff

    Also with you putting me in matching bra with dressing me as girl is perfect training for me!

  • Sissy Candy

    My dolly lolly is never bigger than the length of a cassette tape box and less satisfying to any woman.
    SPH before I heard of that term played a part in my teens where the state of it was discussed by girls in with me very much in earshot and compared with boys who were shall we say much more endowed being required to confirm it even. Even then, I felt oddly turned on during such situations blushing with embarrassment so the fact I still do whichever side (age regressed or more ‘adult’) is presenting is a very good indication of my being a sissy gurl.
    Panties really is the bestest place for my dolly lolly to be kept in as apart from that, it’s size makes using male toilet fittings a no-go. Regards a happy sissy gurlfriend.

    • Erika

      Sissy Candy thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 Great to hear from you! Also sharing a bit about you, that I don’t think you’ve shared before! 😉 that pleases me.

      See you around the empire!

  • ALWAYS ERICKA (supreme devotee)

    Oh how i love when you work in SPH into our sessions. 🙂

  • princess

    Mistress Erika…..I’m not as big as BIC cigarette ligher! (or so you now know)

  • princess

    Yes, the 4.5 inch mascara tube was much bigger than my clitty

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