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Understanding Feminization Crossdressing and Sissies with Erika

This is important; we have to chat about feminization , crossdressing and sissies. During any particular day I am witness to, or privy to, interactions with others within kinky circles. Some of these interactions embody a surprising lack of sensitivity for nuances between these common terms and the folks who identify with them.  I’ve heard both sides of the coin, and if we all employ a bit more tolerance and apply a bit of sensitivity we can ensure there’s more joy and less stress with our interactions. Either in person, or on line the same tolerance and respect is required. Let’s take a look.

Crossdressing and Sexual Orientation

Simply put, if you don the attire of the opposite gender, more commonly identified with males dressing as females, you are crossdressing.  The definition should not assume the cross dresser has any particular interest towards sexual activity with males. Are there males out there who call


Sissies Cross-dressing and feminization

themselves cross dressers yet want to have sexual interactions with males? Sure there are. But you cannot assume the same of every crossdresser. Don’t start off a private message with a dick reference, if you understand what I mean.  It is presumptuous and rude.

I have fun with my crossdressing friends. The majority of which enjoy sexual relations with women. It is the draw of feeling  soft feminine attire, having a chance to explore their other self. Yes, for some helping them feel sexual, as well.

What is Feminization

Certainly when donning feminine clothes as pointed out above is feminizing the crossdresser. Feminization describes the act or process of a male becoming more feminine.  Often I work with  training  males being feminized, the process is exhilarating,, freeing and yes, erotic. Similar with crossdressing you simply cannot assume someone who is into “Feminization” is going to want to suck a cock, or have anything to do with men. Gender identity does not go hand in hand with sexual attraction.

Defining Sissies

More often than not when someone identifies as a sissy they just might be interested in sexual interactions with males. Again there are no hard and true rules here. Sissies are crossdressers and are interested in feminization.  I understand the confusion for many. That’s why it is so important not to assume someones behavior based on a category or title. Being respectful with interactions with new friends, until you know their preferences is respectful.


If  you identify with any of the above and do receive a message , or proposition from someone of the same gender for sexual interactions (and it’s not your thing) please be tolerant. They are not implying you seem to “want cock”, they are viewing you with their own motivations in mind.  Here’s a secret for ya: SURPRISE- Horny men don’t make good decisions!

Yes, their proposition was probably rude but in all fairness we run around in kinky circles where talk of sex, of all kinds , is common and so is the occasional misstep. So please be tolerant and take it as an opportunity to educate and be a shining example of the the group you identify with. You  may be the first person “like you” they’ve encountered.  Leave them feeling positive about the interaction. If you are the offender  made the misstep and presumed too much be an adult, apologize and move on!

We have but one life, let’s make it the most fun we can! For more on what I have to say about crossdressers.

Until we chat,

Mistress Erika

26 comments to Understanding Feminization Crossdressing and Sissies with Erika

  • princess

    Good points all…I am reminded of Eddie Izzard, a famous British comedian and cross dresser who described himself as an ‘action transvestite’….running, jumping, getting on with girls, all while in dress. In fact he describes his wardrobe thus, “They’re not women’s clothes. They’re my clothes. I bought them.” So wearing women’s clothes doesn’t mean your gay, or transgender or anything necessarily….Although sometimes it might! lol…The important thing is to be open minded and not judge what wearing panties etc…..might say about the ermmm….man 🙂

    • Erika

      Hey there princess! Wow, thanks for the information! Interesting! I love the picture you painted here! And your ermmmm humor! LOL 😁😉

  • Tom

    I love putting on my high heels and fishnet nylons and walking like a slut in them for u

  • Tom

    When u and misrtess andi do cam sessions on august 1 u said I can’t get no girl cock until then. Will u and misrtess andi make walk sexy and like a slut in my black fishnet nylons and black high heels and say I am a sexy bitch

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m into all of this! I love cross dressing as women’s clothes fit and feel so much better on me then my guy clothes. Especially wearing bra/panties/slip and now breast forms in dd cup. I’ve been doing this since 1998. I’m not gay just like to wear women’s clothes clothes/lingerie. With feminization I always wanted to have women do this to me. I’ve always been submissive/weak and feminine as it’s hot how women do this to guys. This started in middle school when girl on school bus sat next to me and sprayed me in perfume/put blush/lipstick on me. I resisted but deep down I’m glad she did this. It was hot and turn on how much power she had. Another girl also put me up against wall before class and applied lipstick on my lips. When this happened I had to go to bath room and wipe off lipstick(tjough I didn’t want to) as I was late for class. When I got off bus and was home I went to kitchen to find towel to wipe off makeup only to have arms around me and have lipstick kisses on my cheeks as I didn’t know I was underneath mistletoe and my step mom who was 15 years older and hot did this to me. She thought I looked cute and adorable with makeup/lipstick and smelling in perfume. I told her girl on bus did this to me and she giggled. She then told me to sit on her lap for more lipstick kisses and said to go in bathroom to see marks on my cheeks but not wipe them off. This happen all school year and I was told to help her clean the house or she would tell everyone. I even snuck in her room when I was alone and tried on her perfumes/bras/dresses/lipsticks. This is reason I’ve always been single. I always thought women were the better and more power/fun sex. Being sissy is great as I have accepted/embraced this as it’s really who I am. Ever since I can out to my masseuse about dressing she’s accepted this as she’s taken pictures of me with her phone dressed/madeup and in lipstick along with measuring/fitting me and giving me her old bras along with using perfumes mixed with lotions on my massages and cheeks. She said yesterday when she loses weight she’s going to give me her old dresses. I’ve invested to much money to quit/purge cross dressing as I enjoy this to much. I’m thisclose to coming out to my girl friends that I like to wear women’s clothes/bras/panties/makeup/lipsticks/perfumes but haven’t. I’m not hurting anyone by dressing up as this is for my enjoyment as calling you and the mistresses are hot on how all of you have turned/dressed and made me as your cream puff girl forever. Great post on this!!!

    • Erika

      *Squeeee* Petey! Our Cream Puff Girl FOREVER!!!! We are going to have fun today, humm? Mistress Olivia and I love playing together and today we are goint to be playing with YOU! Woo hoo! It’s going to be fun! 😗😙💋💋

      • Petey cream puff

        Great call last night!!! After therapy I really am your and Ms Olivia’s cream puff girl forever. I tried to deny this but after you sprayed me in midnight romance perfume and put lotion on me I was done for alongbwith both of you stripping me naked then putting on panties/nylons/garter belt/bra then wig/sheath dress/wig/makeup/lipstick. Just looking in mirror I really look better as a girl as I do have women’s body with soft/hairless/smooth body. With each lipstick kiss on my cheeks I lost bet as I have to be dressed up as a girl and I’ve accepted who I am and become which is both of your cream puff girl forever.

  • Mandy

    I think that is very good thanks for clarifying the differences Erika I have been crossdressing since 1968 so it’s been a long time however you got me to do a little bit more than what I used to do thank you Mandy

    • Erika


      You are awesome! You are so willing and have a great attitude! You are always willing to try new things and I’m very pleased! It just boggles my mind how people think because you put on a dress you want dick. So not true for all! Thanks for stopping by Mandy! 🙂

  • Weak

    Why would any Man enjoy wearing Nylon Stockings, but I love it,secretly

    • Erika

      Hi there weak!
      Why would any man enjoy wearing nylon / stockings?

      I’m sure the why are varied. Could be it it helps them feel very sensual, sometimes submissive. Owned. Sometimes it’s the license they seek to allow their inhibitions to drop and allow their inner sexy flow! 💋

  • tftt

    Goddess Erika, I don’t know if i am one to fully dress up. I do wear panties though as i am not worthy of wearing underwear at all. I could be put in a sissy maid outfit though. Don’t You think?

    • Erika

      LOL ohhhhh tftt, perhaps for some play as you serve us refreshments, panties and a sheer white apron ha ha ha! Send me an email called “sissy maid idea” and I’ll send you some examples/links to look at !

  • Tom

    I love to wear my black fishnet nylons and black high heels and be bended over the kitchen table with legs spread wide apart

  • sissy belinda

    Hello Ms Erika,

    twirlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll im a sissy

  • Ms. Erika,

    First “horny men don’t make good decisions.” You don’t say LOL!

    This was a great post! All men who dress in women’s clothing are NOT the same. There is such a wide variety. Some men only do it in private, or among a select group. Some just like panties, and want to go no farther. Some really want to become gurls. Every one is different, and viewing them through a stereotype is not fair or tolerant. And being that we’re all into something that the vanilla world doesn’t accept, you’d think we’d all be more tolerant. YKMNBMK (Your Kink My Not Be My Kink, But It’s Okay)

    Oh, and princess, I love Eddie Izard! Especially covered in bees!

    Ms. Delia

  • Ashley

    Are you accepting new sissy’s to train? Would love to be feminized and made into a good sissy girl for you?

  • Ashley

    Oh I would love that so much:)!! Train me and feminize me so I can serve you as a sissy girl. Can I be yours forever? I will obey everything and be a good sissy !!

  • Ashley

    I’m ready to pull that trigger so much:)!! I’m ready to love as a sissy girl for you:)!! When do we start?

  • Ashley

    We should have a call and discuss me being your new sissy girl?

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