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What Can You do with a Small Penis

Hello, adoring fans, or newbs (welcome!). Today we talk about what I can do with a small penis.  It is more common than you think, men thinking their peenie weenie is something that leaves vagina’s wanting more! For those task oriented SPH fans,  I’m often challenged by my callers to come up with things we can do with his Small Penis. So I’m throwing a few thoughts together and I’d love to hear yours!

Small Penis Hilarity

Of course, first thing that is on the table is laughter, sweet, sweet laughter. Watching you blush and turn ten shades of red when you reveal that disappointment between  your legs. Having you do jumping jacks, helicopter that perky, widdle guy. I laugh even harder when I see YOU getting harder! I go all out belly rolling when we both know it’s hard and quivering, yet the length and girth hasn’t changed much at all. Now you are dripping, oh my GAAAAAAWD!

If you love raucous laughter, you’ll have to listen to the audio! I had a great time searching for “small penis,” “micro penis,” and what you hear is my laughter at viewing such pathetic dicks.

Mistress Judges Penis Size

Small Penis

Which Is Bigger

Five inches or under? Well, of course you wont’ be bringing that tiny pee wee anywhere near my pretty pussy. What’s the point? I’ll be bored. I am far from a size queen and can be satisfied with a less than humongous male dong. But darling, the size I’m looking at just won’t cut it. I KNOW! I  have even been insulted in bed once by a tiny five inches. The only thing I remember from that encounter is the phrase “are you in yet,” ha ha! Six inches? Well, if you are really good at what you do, I might give you a go. Particularly if you are a bit on the thicker side. Seven seems to be my lucky number, and yours, if that’s the least  you are sporting, sport.💋

But really, any size is a good size to play with! I mean, not every penis is made for intercourse. But   teasing a small penis  can be fun for all!  Don’t you think?


Games for Teeny Penises

I can whisper erotic humiliating things in  your ear, or play on sexy texting while you are out and about. Sending you on sexy and humiliating tasks, perhaps to the adult bookstore to inquire about the smallest cock cages they carry, then admitting: It would be too big! Don’t worry though, you simply can’t offend the masses when I make that tiny pee pee hard in your pants, I mean who’d notice? No one, nope not a one.

Oh, if you like comparing, not only can we measure your size, but measure other things about your wee willy to what real cocks can do!  From how long it takes you to make one complete stroke (up and down =completed stroke) to how long tiny dicklets can last with moderate or fast strokes. Typically, little guys don’t last very long since they don’t have much practice having to hold their orgasm for anyone.

Oh, another fun thing is for us to both hop on our computers during session and share links to cocks that are either smaller than yours (hard to find, eh?) or how about what cock you’d pick for me to fuck! I like that game! It’s fun to live vicariously through others, as I tell you what having such a large cock is like! Ya, you can wank to my story, tiny pp, after all it’s all you have!

Tiny Penis Show and Tell

small penis

Cock cage for tiny dicks

Above , I posted a picture of every day objects you might find around your home. Find them, hold it up next to your erect penis and then tell me, with each one “Which is bigger”? I’d love to hear your reply! Oh, and for one very special TFTT, see the champagne cork and muselet to our left? Little pp loser TT can’t even afford to have a tiny cock cage made so I’m going to have him use the muselet! Now I can’t take credit for that novel idea. My belly still hurts from laughing after Mistress Hunter told me she humiliated him with that very suggestion before!

I hope you had as much fun with SPH as I did today. So tell me, do you like SPH? Does the audio make your willy weep tears of pre-cum? Then you and I need to have some alone time and have some fun!


Until we chat

SPH Mistress Erika 💋

46 comments to What Can You do with a Small Penis

  • Tom

    Mistress Erika, That #bulginbulges picture is so hotttt. I can picture his hot big cock serving you in every way you want it and me cleaning both of you up! Your C&N Slut Tom

  • Gay Boy FireFighter

    Mistress Erika,
    This was a great post! It hit home, as I have, undoubtedly, a small penis. I’ve got pastvgecsrages of anger and denial. Even embarrassment. Now I’ve accepted the fact that I have nothing more than a skin tag between my legs. I love the idea of texting from an adult book store. That’s SOOOO hot. I do have one bit of good news for us not so well endowed. There Way less work at hiding our bulge when we are dressed in feminine attire. Win. Win. Thank you for accepting us with our teeny pee pees.

    And, we both know my duck isn’t going anywhere near a pussy, no matter how big it may or may not be.🌈😘

    Thank again!


  • Petey cream puff

    When I’m not on my pills and dressed up im this size:0. Would you be interested in doing this on call with feminization training with me?

    • Erika

      Hey Petey, darling you want us to tease your tiny clitty? That’s what girls have, yes? 🙂

      • Petey cream puff

        Possibly with my feminization training, when you do this along with dressing me up as hats when I get hard. With you/Ms Olivia/Ms Cindy and Ms Delia taking part of keeping me as your cream puff girl I don’t want to upset all of you saying no or resisting. All 4 of you are to hot and sexy to say no to. How can I say no when my cheeks are covered in lipstick and I’m in bra/panty/dress/makeup and wig? I can’t.

  • Gay Boy FF

    Thank you for this post! It’s nice to know that guys like me still have a use in your world. I especially like the scenario of going to a book store and and asking for the smallest cock cage while texting you. I’ll have to try that soon. I have gone through the stages of grief with my tiny appendage below the waist. Anger, denial, embarrassment. I’ve now accepted it. And I’m loving it. The humiliation of being compared to a REAL man is intoxicating. Also, with such a tiny package, there’s literally nothing to hide when I get into my more comfortable feminine attire. Win. Win. Thank you for accepting us not so well endowed folks for who we are.

    And, we both know, my little guy isn’t going anywhere near a pussy, no matter how big or small I might be 🌈😘.


    • Erika

      Ha ha! Hey Gay Boy!
      You, dear faggot , are in a class by yourself when it comes to SPH. I should write a blog about “fella’s” Like you. Since I’ve seen your pictures, all of you. I can tell everyone you are a CHEAT! That’s right you roam around all “hetro hunky” , you are a good looking guy! But that exterior belies what is in those pants , and what excites your less than suitable appendage. 1 disappointment in the crotch-ural region 😂🤣and then 2 find out it’s anti pussy! FUuuuuuuuuuuck NO fair I CRY NOOOOOOOOO FAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRR *ROTF* have a good day Gay boi FF with all those BIG BIG BIG toys you have!!

    • Erika

      OH and FYI, if your “ID” name/email has been approved before it will auto post. If you change your moniker then has to go through the approval process again 🙂

  • princess

    My itty bitty clitty is only good for …. being in panties…. being cuckolded….being locked in chastity and denied, pussy, orgasms and even erections, CBT…. and of course being teased and laughed at! After all some say it’s the tiniest they have EVER seen!

  • I love SPH though I don’t have a micro penis I am on the smaller than average side of things definitely not a real man. I look at my thing as being proportional with my small frame. It’s only good for SPH, fitting perfectly into panties (I never have to tuck) and chastity. It’s purpose is mainly as a reminder of what I’m not which is a real man.

    • Erika

      Stephanie! You’re right! You don’t have to have a micro pp to enjoy SPH, TBH anyone is a good candidate because for the majority of you penis creatures there’s always someone bigger than you!

  • Ms Erika, guys with small penises were made for having fun with Mistresses. Although they at times interpret this fun as an invitation to have intercourse, a Mistress’s pussy is way too good for their small peewees. It may be disappointing for them, but they do get over it eventually.

    • Erika

      Ms. Cindy!!
      LOL Hey sexy Lady! Of course I agree. Your comment made me smile!
      Great to see you over here! Love playing with you, perhaps one of the peewee’s here will put us on a call together, now wouldn’t THAT be fun guys~?~?!?!? Yeaaa!

  • tftt

    Goddess Erika, So you really like the champagne cork and muselet idea then. Mistress Hunter always laughs and tells me that she still has it sitting at her desk.

    • Erika

      I do TFTT I Dooooo, as a matter of fact I have that cork and muselet on MY DESK NOW TOOOOOOOOO! 😂🤣
      I’m never getting rid of it as it reminds me of what your tiny cocklette might look like in that cage!

  • O

    Being “small” can have an immediate effect of making you feel helpless and as though the female has all the power and control.
    I think it runs into our immediate biology for males to want to be “big and dominant” and have a sense of power. If you are not very big but in fact small or even in her view – “tiny” you simply cannot feel “dominant” I think. At best you might feel almost equal but if a woman indicates that she thinks you are “small” then “small” feels as a close cousin to “weak”. I think it somehow gives you a desire to please in non sexual ways – errands, chores, whatever. I think this is very real and there is a better connection when the “small” male accepts it and the female embraces the inequality.

    • Erika

      Hi there O!

      I like how your mind thinks! I currently need some landscaping and dryer vents cleaned. Tee hee! *looking for my tiny dick submissive now*

      • O

        Miss Erika,

        That is how my mind works. I often fantasize about (I guess the word is “compensating”) for being tiny/small by doing chores and errands for a female. Often it is “just” fantasy but not always. I find and look for opportunities to do chores or errands in my neighborhood and sometimes in my business for females and in my head I think “I need to do this for her as a way because of…..”. Of course the female does not really know what is going on and probably just thinks I am “nice” or a pleaser or have a crush on her. I know that sometimes females take a bit of advantage over me because of this but to me it “feels good”. Very good. I wish though that somehow it could be totally up front (I know that would be difficult to impossible in most cases) – like “I am tiny dicked and it makes me feel really good to do chores for you”. I expect this must be hard for women to understand or most people in general.

        • Erika

          O, You’re right. Most wouldn’t understand. However, you CAN say “it makes me feel really good to do chores for you” Couldn’t you?
          I’m sure some of those women, suspect though. 💋❤

          • O

            Okay, that actually makes sense. I could say that and not be revealing all. That idea actually helps.
            I expect dominant women understand this dynamic – or a dominatrix would. Do you think women in general understand or could understand the connection for a man between being tiny endowed and wanting to do chores for a woman? Would that sound nuts or could a woman understand this? (I am not about to announce this everywhere but am just wondering if the dynamic would make sense to more average females).

          • Erika

            I have to retract a bit. I think it’s better said: I think anyone could understand the dynamic. The question is would they, or would they want to. Or better yet, is that dynamic attractive to them.

  • Tom

    Is nectar ur pussy juices

  • Mistress Erika,

    Such great ideas, and one I think all of us here at Enchantrix Empire use regularly. It is funny how we seem to attract the SPH guys. Then again, if their cocks are big enough to please a woman, they’re probably an Alpha, don’t you think? They’re all “showers”, too! Of course when it’s only 2 inches hard, how can you get much smaller soft?

  • Gay Boi FF

    Miss Delia,
    You are so right. If we had even adequate sized penises, we might not even know about this website. But, since we are most decidedly INADEQUATE, this is our support group. We see that we are not alone in our shortcomings. And thank you all for helping us to deal with those shortcuts. Some, shorter than others😉. I, personally, have grown tremendously. I’ve gone from denial, to anger, to embarrassment to acceptance. Thanks to the mistresses, namely Miss Erika, I’ve grown to love having a tiny cock. I see the advantages now. Again, thanks for helping me see the light. Happy giggling.

    Gay Boi FF

    • Erika

      I must have been in a coma, on july 13/14!

      Missed this too!

      GayBoiFF, what you lack between your legs you make up with enthusiasm and adaptation. ❤🍆💦

  • sissy belinda

    Oh oh Ms Erika,

    blushes blushes very red blushes


    pulls bonnet over face


  • Gay Boi FF

    Thank you, Miss Erika,
    As I look in the mirror and see the little appendage before me, I can’t help but giggle, as most people do when they see it. Then I become thankful, because it’s my tiny size that has led me to develop my creativity. We both know I have a very imaginative mind😉. And I love that about myself. Also, I had a huge gay smile on my face when I reread your post when you said “Fuuuuuccckk NOOOOOOOO FAIR!” When you found out I’m 100% anti pussy. I’m so proud to be gay. I hope we can still be friends. Love you!


    • Erika

      Aaaaaaaaaaah Gay boi, of course every gay guy needs a girlfriend! We can swap cock sucking tips and all that LOL

      Good to see you around!! You’ll have to catch me up soon!

  • Gait Boi FF

    That’s simple. I’m out! My dirty little secret isn’t a secret anymore. I’m Aaron and I’m gay. I love men!!! I love sucking cock! And I’m sooooo proud! Yay! I’m here and I’m so very Queer!!!!


    • Erika

      LOL you are soooooooo happy you can’t even spell GAY right, unless it’s a new thing I haven’t heard about yet Gait boi? Tee hee!! I’m so happy for you!
      *dancing around room*

  • Gay Boi FF

    No. You’re right. So happy that I’m out of the closet that I can’t spell. 😂😂🌈😂😂 I can spell “I love cock!” just fine, though!

    (Prancing around the room!!!!)

  • Gay Boi FF

    That’s the ONLY box of yours I’ll be going near! 😂

  • Gay Boi FF

    It’s better this way. If I was straight, I’d have to deal with the rejection of a beautiful, intelligent woman rejecting my tiny cock. And trust me, I realize the amazingness of your beautiful body. In some ways it’s more my loss than yours. But, I can’t argue with the desires the universe gave me. I love and accept them.

  • QuickDraw

    The lighter is bigger, hahahaha.
    Great article and love the suggestion for DIY cock cage

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