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You Crave to be Naked and Vulnerable

You crave to be naked and vulnerable in front of beautiful women. The thrill and arousal which comes from being naked and vulnerable is your hot button. Some  crave CFNM more for the humiliation factors.  Being exposed to my judgement, comments and task. Others get a thrill at the thought of their naughty bits being exposed to me. Watching you stroke that fun stick any way I like is your “thang”?

Naked and Vulnerable

Get Naked For Me

Naked and Vulnerable and Humiliated

There is no where to hide, so naked and vulnerable.  I can clearly see you are so turned on to be naked for me. You can tilt that laptop camera anyway you like but I see you. Well, the part of you that really counts, the stuff below the waist.  All of it. Yea, that’s right. I’m not only interested in the dangling bits, but I do love a nice ass on a guy!

I encourage you as you are naked and vulnerable before me. Go on, showing it off to me on cam is a delight! Giving you naked tasks as I watch is a lot of fun! Laugh or giggle as I see you humping that pillow, floor , end table whatever I decide will always bring a smile! Having you stand in front of the cam back turned hands on cheeks while I talk with you is also a fun way to spend some of the time together. You knowing I prefer the rear view is both exciting and humiliating. Better show up fresh as a daisy! Never know when Mistress might request a peek! You are a fun naughty slut for me, and doing these things makes you even more of one!

Stroking Naked

When you add CFNM to your typical  JOI / guided masturbation to our session of orgasm edging and delay , you have a mind blowing combination! Nothing better than stroking naked for me, feeling a bit awkward at first, vulnerable. I play on that anxiety and tease you. Oh, yes I can see each hard inch! I also see those cum filled balls, relaxed perhaps at first and as your arousal increases, become harder, pulled up, and I know you want to shoot! Every little nuance I notice! I am delighted, cocks are like snowflakes, no two are the same! More defined hood, cut, uncut, thicker or longer.  It is also hot to see you squirm and writhe around as your orgasm delay continues after each edge.

You are held accountable when exposed on cam, isn’t that right pet. there will be no sneaky O’s when Mistress watches. Before you know it, pet. You start to crave to have me on the other side of your web cam, you want to be exposed and vulnerable to me. Why you might have such a great time that one day, you agree with me: The more the merrier and I invite one of my sister Mistresses to join in the fun! Now, that WOULD be fun!

What are your thoughts on CFNM, and cam sessions? Do you get a tingle thinking of being naked and vulnerable to me? For those who think they might like it but not “up for it yet” don’t delay! We can do some voice only sessions, play with some fantasies revolving around CFNM and when you are ready, when you trust I’m just here for fun and not any other nefarious reasons we can then take that final step.

Until we chat,

Mistress Erika 💋

28 comments to You Crave to be Naked and Vulnerable

  • Bob K

    Good afternoon mistress. I know the feeling of being naked in front of you. You are right there is no getting away with anything while you watch, that for me is a wicked turn on. I wish I could really explain how it feels to be standing exposed to you well almost exposed I do so like to show you my panties lol. And after you’ve put me through all of your paces, and make me clean up my mess your comment to end our session “nicest male ass of 2017” I will never forget.

    • Erika

      LOL Bob ! Hey thanks for stopping by! You can be the nicest in 2018 if you play your cards right, *wiggles eyebrows*
      When the stars align, when they align.

  • Tom

    Hi misrtess erkia I love to be naked spread eagle to my bed naked with my nylons and 10 inch high heels on jacking off for u

  • tftt

    Goddess Erika, I can see why CFNM would be humiliating. Though no one wants to see my tiny pee-pee. Ha ha.

    • Erika

      Hey there tftt, don’t discount My curiosity to see the tiniest penis this side of the equator!
      I’ve seen a really tiny pp,it was sooo cute! Just a nubbin, really. gosh what was it, 2.75?3.25? Princess if you are out there, chime in. How small is your tiny wang?

  • Tom

    Can u please degrade on cam when I am naked and vulnerable

  • Ms Erika, CFNM is a great way to exercise power over your submissive. A lot of guys get off that way and can’t get enough of it. I loved your comparison of penises to snowflakes…especially on a hot humid day like today.

  • Slutsky

    Mistress Erika my BEAUTIFUL owner. I LOVE to have you see me naked on cam. I also LOVE when you share me with other BEAUTIFUL Mistress. I love all watching me naked and doing whatever I’m told to do on cam. The more the better!! I love being watched by BEAUTIFUL Mistresses!! Can’t wait for our next cam session Mistress!!

  • Slutsky

    Thank you Mistress Erika.

  • Saw this post, and thought….”Wow Mistress Erika has described me here!” So I had to ring her yesterday and she was amazing….I spent most of the session choking with excitement and begging, as she gave me everything I wanted in such a dominant superior way….what a sexy lady….a real master/mistress of tease, CFNM and femdom!
    So memorable…can’t wait to worship her again….please Mistress!

    • Erika


      What a absolute blast! I had a great time and judging from what I saw, yea …. you had a “blast” too, eh? *laughs*
      This is why I love what I do so much, meeting fantastic people like yourself and having fun! I’m looking forward to having
      more fun in the future! Thanks for stopping by my little space in cyberspace and leaving just a fantastic comment!

  • Gay Boi FF

    I read this and thought of one thing. How much fun would it be if we could do my next shopping trip on cam. You and the sales lady could collaborate on what clothes to try on. Then you can both giggle as I model for you. That would be so hot. And of course hearing you laugh at my small penis and having the sales lady try to hold back laughter as she sees my lack of manhood will be icing on the cake. I can’t wait. Until then, 🌈😘

    • Erika

      Gaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy boiiiiiiiiiii! ha ha ha! Fantastic!
      I love that idea,let’s tweak it a bit.
      In my “office” immediately! LOL

  • Gay Boi FF

    I have to take a rain check. I’m working all weekend. Good for the pocket book. Not good for my tiny gay dick that needs to be laughed at. 👎🏻

  • Gay Boi FF

    Assuming your laughing at my solid 4+” of non manhood.

  • Gay Boi FF

    🌈😜. I love that I’m so close to being out!

  • dickwacker

    Dear Mistress Erika- I am longing to be a naked plaything for you to tease and humiliate while on cam. We have just not had an opportunity lately. Just thinking of you watching me on cam while I am doing all kinds of nasty and degrading things at your command has my balls swelling and my shaved dick throbbing away. I will keep trying to connect with you. I am sure it will happen soon.


  • Petey cream puff

    With all of you stripping me of my guy clothes and showing me off I am vulnerable/weak/helpless and submissive as my girlish body is there for all of you to see along with my hard on. With hormones you put in my shakes my breasts are filling out to dd size and my body is all soft/smooth and has girlish curves my butt and hips have the girlish shape as well my face. I can’t say no or protest as these changes are irreversible. With all the bras/panties/dresses in room are you and the mistresses going to have me wear that along with you putting makeup/lipstick on my lips along with lipstick kisses on my cheeks?

    • Erika

      Petey! You’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Woo hoo, vacation was great for you and now Enchantrix’s cream puff girrrrl is ready to plaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    I love being naked on cam for the sexy mistresses of LDW. Knowing that I am being watched as mistress guides my stroking and makes me do her bidding is such a huge turn on for me…so much so that I never do a call anymore unless mistress is watching me on cam!!!!

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