Mistress Erika’s Stroker Rewards

Edge Your Age Challenge!


Edging for Femdom

Edging phone sex

Three Easy Steps

1- Call me , Email me (Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com) or send me a message on skype!
2- Tell Me you want IN on my Edge Your Age Challenge!
3- We discuss when we will session for the edge your age challenge. The items you need for session and if I don’t know you I’ll spend some time getting to know you.


Edge your age in the allotted time frame and I add ten minutes to the call!
To be fair I Have three age categories. After all not a big deal if you are 21 to edge 21x in an hour, right?

Your Age Time Frame(minutes/
Session purchased)
Edge Your age, then you get ten added minutes!
18-30 60 70
31-50 90 100
50+ 120 130

In addition to the extra ten minutes added to your call if you succeed you can pick one additional prize from this list

1- a blog written about our session, your name is change to protect the naughty
2- Naughty picture of me that I don’t post anywhere else.
3- Free 30 day masturbation challenge calendar.

To receive the masturbation or naughty picture we have to be connected via skype or email for you to receive your gift!

Let’s get stroking, guys!


June is for Giantess!

Commission Your Custom Erotic Giantess Audio in June and I will waive My Script Fee! 15 min or less!
Email Me with your Sexy Giantess Fantasy Idea!
You can supply the script if you have one!!

Masturbation May Celebration!


Masturbation May

Stroke for me this May!


Every Session During May

Receives One Entry To Win A 10 minute Free
JOI audio!

4 Naughty Strokers Will WIN an audio!

All you have to do is tell me in session:

“I’m your naughty stroker, Mistress, please control this cock!”

Update: 04/02/2021
Winners of My Mistress of the Month Promotion!

Thank you to all the new naughties who called me in March!
For you Returning Naughties The Winners!
I’ve used initials to keep your privacy, and you should be notified via Email Or Skype.


10 Min custom Erotic Audio JR 
Ten Minutes Free With Me! CR
Three Free Email Exchanges JV



Let’s have A Kinky Valentine Celebration!

👉New This Year👈

You can buy me a Valentine!!

Kinky Valentine!

Show me you care and share your special thoughts with me! ❤

Click Here: Kinky Valentine

For everyone who leaves me a valentine (I will receive them all on 2/14/21) and leaves their Email Address I’ll send you a very sexy

Thank you 5 minute Erotic Audio!
I will have 3 to choose from!

Don’t want the audio, but still want to send a Valentine? Just put *no email* in your text and I will honor your request!

Previous Specials

Share To Win! Is Back For My Anniversary!

Special Notice 12/19/20 only!
Call me for at least 10 Minutes and you get to pick TWO prizes from my anniversary special! Check out the deets: Phone Sex Anniversary

November 12-13 and then again November 19-21 I will be playing share to win!

So what do you do now?

⇒Follow Me On Twitter : @ErikaEnchantrix

⇒Share one or more of my tweets during the contest , each retweet earns you ONE Entry!

share to win 18+

There will be one randomly picked winner from all entries each weekend!
You’ll have two weekends to play!

Two winners will win ten free minutes added to their call when you purchase ten or more.


Please redeem any free minute prize by Jan 2021, or they expire.

LDW Anniversary Celebration!

Hello pets! Have you checked out the Anniversary Celebration Promotions over at the daily cock?
WAIT! Hold on.
Go on and click the link “daily cock” it’ll open in a new tab/window for ya. Then come RIGHT back!
Ya back?

Where was I? Oh Yea……

In addition to the fun savings you can have this month courtesy of Head Mistress Ms. Ally I’m adding my OWN celebration to the MIX! You have THREE more ways to have some Sexy Fun With Me!

From November 1- November 30, 2020

1- Five Free:

Call dispatch and pay for a 30+ minute call and I’ll add 5 free minutes to the call. You must connect with me for the full 30 minutes to get the five free.

Make sure you mention Mistress Erika’s Anniversary Special to dispatch as you set up the call.

If you are doing a “click to call” (if you haven’t checked out this feature you really SHOULD!)
Select “unlimited” and the call will remain open and not cut off.

Then when we connect tell me “Happy Anniversary to LDW, Mistress,
I left the call open but only have “XX” Minutes , can we keep it to that time?”
I’ll be happy to keep and eye on that for you. Just remember you need to pay for 30 to get 5 free minutes.

2- Ten Free:

Sexy Texting, Voice over Skype or cam calls

Use our “sexy texting” option and I’ll add TEN Free minutes to your 30+ minute session.
Remember to mention LDW’s anniversary special to receive your free minutes!

Check me out on Skype to get set up before our first session.

3- All Sessions This Month

Mention the Enchantrix/LDW anniversary and I’ll put you in a grand prize pool to win a
Ten Minute Erotic Audio!

There will be 18 winners!


Previous Specials

August Birthday Special!

As mentioned in my sizzling summer phone sex post I’m offering you several ways to earn free minutes with me! It’s my birthday and I want to have THE kinkiest month ever!

Here’s the overview, if you want to know more just click on the sizzling summer phone sex link!



Share To Win!

July 18-19 and then again July 25-26 I will be playing share to win!

So what do you do now?

⇒Follow Me On Twitter : @ErikaEnchantrix

⇒Share one or more of my tweets during the contest , each retweet earns you ONE Entry!




Share To Win Phone Sex

Share To WIN! 18+

There will be one randomly picked winner from all entries each weekend!
You’ll have two weekends to play!

Two winners will win ten free minutes added to their call when you purchase ten or more.

That’s 20 sexy minutes for the price of 10!

You can’t even buy a decent lunch for less, so why not spend some sexy time with me?
I promise I’ll  be more satisfying than that sandwich plate!



Mistress Erika’s Stroker Rewards
June Nooner June Mooner?
June Nooner

Double the points Double the fun

Two Mistress Fun

It gets even BETTER!! Every call during the promotional period in June, will be entered to WIN 2400 POINTS!
2400 Points Equal an HOUR of talk time! With the Mistress of your choice!

Or Hell, Go all Out use some minutes on more than one call!
Ten Minute Minimum. How Many Mistresses can you handle?
Are you excited yet? I am!

In addition to the above .……now….. hold on to your nips…….
June Nooners With 2 MILFs
Two Mistress Fun

Two Mistress (Three Mistress?) Fun!

Ms Claire, Ms Hunter and Myself are offering you two Mistress Fun!

Place a 15 minute, paid call during that time, with two of us and we’ll add a free five minutes!

So you’ll get 20 sexy minutes with two of us!

Question is, can you handle it?

I know it’ll be fun to try!

Don’t forget to mention our Nooner Special when talking with dispatch!

Masturbation May Specials!

Thanks for stopping by my strokers rewards page! This is just some of the fun we are going to have this Month!


Ways To masturbate

Masturbation May With ME

30 ways to masturbate

I have an awesome strokers package for sale in the phone sex assignment store
There are four packages specially priced for Masturbation May!  For more information check out my blog about it: Health Benefits of Masturbation and making Masturbation Kinky!

Twitter FUN!

If you are not following me on twitter you are definitely missing out on the fun! I often have pop-up promotional fun with you! I posted a Masturbation May challenge geared to having a taste of the lovely ladies of Enchantrix! All you have to do is call as many different Enchantrix Mistresses between May 1- May 31,2020 send me a message in twitter DM telling me who you did sessions with (I don’t need to know content that’s private!) and the top THREE strokers who did the most sessions will receive FOR FREE my 30 ways to masturbate!

Share to Win Weekends!

Randomly I will post when I’ll be running my share to win weekend on Twitter and on Enchantrix Empire.
During the assigned weekend, you share one or more of my posts.

Each post you share gives you one entry!

Winner will be notified on Twitter DM,  and you have 30 days to redeem your prize!

The winner of my share to win weekend will receive 10 free minutes with me, when you purchase ten.

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ErikaEnchantrix

Share to win

guided masturbation

Look for my share to win posts, like the example, below.








* prize has no monetary value and can only be used within 30 days with Mistress Erika, only