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Mistress Erika’s Stroker Rewards

Winner Winner: Chicken DINNER!

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Erotic Audio

Get Your Erotic Audio

     Edging Summer School


From now until the last week of July enroll for a four session training program.

→Consultation to evaluate current skill set and discuss goals.
→Mistress approved techniques to improve your stamina.
→Homework to train your mind and body to stay very near the edge
→ Lesson plan , and tracking your progress
→Follow up Email support during school, to receive reports from homework, answer any questions

To find out more about the classes check out my blog post: Orgasm Edging Summer School

Each successful graduate receives a custom erotic audio and a naughty picture of me.

Edging School

Edging Certificate

Did you miss the Stroke For Mistress, Jack Off event? Aww, you missed a lot of fun! But don’t worry. Andi and I have a solution for that! We bundled our audio for the event and they can now be YOURS. Check out the Jack Off Club Audio page!

Jack off Club Party – Stroke For Mistress Andi And Erika
=-=Celebrating Masturbation May =-=

Stroke For Mistress

Celebrate Masturbation May

You just love to stroke for Mistress, don’t ya?  You love following JOI (Jerk off Instructions), having masturbation tasks.   Or maybe you’ve thought of playing that way but never took that leap and called? Are you curious about phone sex? This is a great opportunity to whet your whistle.
Mistress Andi and Erika are teaming up! If you are a fan of either of us or curious you don’t want to miss this!

When: 5/26/2018 8-9pm eastern

Where: Jack off club private chat room: 

      Rules for play:

  • $10.00 per registration  
  • You must register for this event no later than  12pm ET Wednesday May 23rdEmail address required.
  • Once registered you will receive a congratulations email from Andi or I, which includes your naughty list of “things to have on hand” for the event. Then on Thursday the 24th you’ll receive an email with all of your naughty audios! Make sure you download them and have quick access to them for the day of the event!
  • *No Cheating! Don’t listen to them now, save it stroker!*
  • If we have 20 registrations or more by  the deadline we will play for an HOUR! (yes,  you can buy TWO, three or more seats!)
  • 20 registrations or less* the event will be 30 minutes. You will still receive all the audio’s.

    **Yes, you can buy more than one registration, to make sure at least 20 seats are filled, stay tuned here, and on my Twitter or Tumbler for announcements as we get closer**


I Know You Are Asking: What do I get?

  • 4 individual custom erotic JOI audios from each of us. Approximately 3min each
  • 1 Two Mistress custom erotic JOI with the “May I cum” answer aproximately 4minutes
    That is 9, custom erotic audios!
  • We will also surprise you with some erotic photos of ourselves while you are in chat and listening to the audios!
  • You get to chat and flirt with two hot Enchantrix Mistresses for 30-60 minutes.
  • Orgasm!*

This is a rare opportunity! Save the date, and sign up soon!

Now what?

This is what you do stroker………………

Go here and register:  Stroke For Mistress or navigate to and choose events.

We’ll follow up with emails and your audio’s (just before the event).  Let’s have an explosive good time! 😘❤💦💦😘❤

Still confused, unsure? Okay… Email me

Until we chat


* As long as you behave , follow our direction to the very end and are not otherwise denied orgasm from another mistress. If you are in orgasm lock down, you can still play! Wouldn’t that be a spectacular assignment for  your Mistress to send you on! I’m smiling just thinking of you masturbating , edging and being so deliciously aroused knowing you are denied!


 Share To Win!

1-Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr
2-One weekend a month keep your eyes on the “Share to win” post that begins our game. (see below)
3- Share ALL of my posts that weekend, and automatically be entered into a drawing to win 10 free minutes with me, when you buy ten(ore more!)
4- Each Share = 1 Entry!  
Share 3 of my posts, have three entries.  Share 10 of my posts have 10 entries!
5- Monday I’ll go through all of my shares, assign a number to each one. Then I’ll ask one of he Mistresses of LDW to pick from that  number range.

I’ll announce the winner on Twitter and Tumblr!

Winner must be 18+ and must be age verified.
Winner must use prize within 30 days of winning.
Winner can use prize towards Sexy Texting, skype, Virtual World and dispatched calls.

Share to win post example:

Stroke for me