Hot Cam Stroking and 5 Things You’ll Need To Know is a bit of a tease of how much fun it is to stroke for Mistress on cam at Stroke A Thon 2021! If you’ve never stroked for a Mistress or never stroked on cam I’m going to give you 5 things that are both mind blowing and terrifying about what you can expect when on cam with Mistress. Then when I have that woody slicing through ice, I’m just going to ramp up that heat! Because, read to the end where you are going to have a chance of a LIFETIME to stroke on cam for TEN Enchantrix Mistresses!

Stroking For Mistress

Guided Masturbation is one of the more popular calls we do here! It’s a perfect symbolic relationship. You, have a dick. I love to fuck with dicks. If you’ve

Not only do I love fucking with dicks I love to torment them in many ways! We are either on the phone, or utilizing skype in some fashion. Either just the video feed and use the phone, or we can do the entire call on Skype.

I want you to stroke for me

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

However , when on the phone I’m just going to trust you are being a good little stroking slut for me.  There are a few tells, which I’m not going to divulge (Mistress SECRETS!) so I can usually ascertain when you are “Just saying you are obeying” and really obeying. If you tend to be the former, just stop.

Open up and be honest, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve so if something isn’t working for you, “Mistress my thumb is cramping can I take it out of my ass now?” (I’m laughing hysterically at myself right now). I would  much rather switch it up, than have you in “non-fun” pain! Is something I’m telling you to do driving you absolutely crazy? I want to know that too. I love when you tell me how wild I’m driving you. I promise you don’t have to have a well thought out diatribe! Moan, groan, growl or beg.  Your stoic nature might inhibit the heights we can reach!

On Cam And Masturbating For Mistress(s)

There’s no where to hide, stroker! With hot cam stroking we see everything! So when I tell you to put that P hole in the palm of your hand, sliding those fingers down around the shaft I see if you are doing so! Many love the feeling of  being exposed on cam! That delicious anxiety is Hot For you! I also love to hammer home why you are doing this to entertain me with that cock!  Come on, show me that hard dick. I’m not interested in your face, puddin. I just want the D! so keep that cam where it needs to be!

The hotness factor is so much more when you think of 10+ Lovely ladies ogling you, pacing you, bringing you to the edge and back until you are absolutely and totally enshrined in goonerville. One after another,  relentless, driving you to the brink and back. Hold that cum and lovely gifts are yours!

stroke a thon

Stroke for me

Things You Need To Know

  1. Test  your equipment about ten to fifteen minutes before your cam session begins. Make sure skype boots up, check your settings!
  2. We know you are nervous, and that’s ok!
  3. Sit back relax, keep chat open for teases.
  4. Have good lighting!
  5. Focus on the D, seriously for Stroke a Thon I prefer an up close and personal view, to keep track of you!
  6. You are going to have fun!

What Kinks Are Hot Adding Cam Stroking To The Session

One kink which is heightened is CFNM. You are naked exposed. You are our toy. We play , tease and delay that orgasm until we are all done playing. Do you like women loving to view cocks, and parade  your soldier around in front of? Then you might identify as having a bit of   exhibitionist inside. So hot to not only have one or two Mistress, for session.

For only  $50.00 we have 10 Mistresses looking at and giving that dick instructions!

For those shorty Mcshortersons even humiliation kinks are all brought to another level if you are on cam! What other kinks can you think of that are that much more fun on cam? Although Stroke A Thon is more a sensual fun and kinky experience other than the mild humiliation you might feel being exposed in front of us all, or fear of losing your load FIRST , humiliation is at e minimum for this event!

Read More And Sign Up Today: Strok A Thon 2021! 

Until You Stroke For Me

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress, Erika