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I love to explore kinks of all kinds in my blogs, and here I will share some of the audios so you can enjoy them all in one nice place. If you have a particular kink or fetish you would like me to talk about, just send me an email !  Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.Com.

*NEW* Audio Store

I’m happy to announce I have some new audio’s at our audio store!

Sure I have sexy musings for you to enjoy here on my blog. But I don’t get really down and dirty “in public” *winks*. So along with sexy sessions, and custom erotic audio‘s, I’m updating and adding to my LDW on-line library!  If you are Missing My sexy voice, My control, or just wanna get naughty with Me, and I’m not around you can always buy an audio and enjoy some time alone time with Me! Don’t see anything you are interested in? Contact me regarding ordering your own custom audio!

Stroking Games With Erika
I had so much fun creating this unique stroking set! Three audio’s, they all have different endings!
One ends in release
The other extended delay
Then to round out the package a DENIAL!
Feeling lucky ? Because I don’t tell you which is which!
Still confused?  Don’t be! You can read all about it here: Stroking Games with Mistress Erika. <—- This link takes you to the the bundle, specially priced, where you are guaranteed an orgasm, and Mmm a bit more!
Or take your chances and pick the prize behind:
Stroking Games A
Stroking Games B
Stroking Games C

And because I’m an incorrigible tease,  have a taste: 


I had too much fun with Mistress Harper when I was a guest on her podcast! Sexy , fun and funny the hour flew by in an instant! I’m afraid it’s late for me, and I was a bit silly. Enjoy Ask The Mistresses on Whore School

Mistress Harper’s side kick Maureen (aka: The Tramp) was on Haiatus so I hug out with the sexy Mistress and her minions for a few of her Thursday shows. Listen here:  Porn Or Polish  and Love Hate podcasts.

Mistress KayMarie has revamped her Mistress After Hours format and I was her guest. Check out my naughty “peek under my sheets‘ interview!


Spring is for Sissies! Check out Your Sissy Bra Spring Makeover

Into feminization? Then Ms Lola’s Sissy Dress  Up is for you.

Sissy Coming Out Sissy Brit Story a little  humiliation, a lot of hot BBC action. One is included the other only dreamed about.

What kind of sissy are you?  Are you just in it for others pleasure? None for you?? This is for you, slut. You are a sissy fuck toy.

Have you thought of anal training? Have fun with Anal Training For Sissies.

A bit of a fun erotic story, about a very special “sissy” store.

Confessions, Humiliation

Cum Eating Humiliation with six types of cum eaters.
Having fun with Tiny Dicks with this Tiny Dick Song I made up!

It feels good to confess Exploring your secrets is what I’m after.

Does a few harsh words, or embarrassing tasks get your dick a twitching , here’s some erotic Humiliation
Humiliation Slut fun with a two Mistress call with Mistress Piper!

Kink , Fetish, Taboo

Anal sex is so taboo and an easy hand is required to start off on the right foot. Read Much Ado About Anal

Do you have a foot or shoe fetish?  Such a naughty story about a burgeoning fetishist. His story foot and shoe fetish.

A three Part Series, on my blog and the fourth part you can purchase follow up story  audio here : His foot and shoe fetish 4 

Oh how about an erotic fantasy read pink satin panties.

Are you attracted to panties?  Then maybe you’re a Pantie boy. Only question is to what degree? Read More Pantie Boy

Cum eating and you, two reasons to imbibe.

Taking Control Of My Cock

Sensual Domination- Teaching Him About Orgasm Control

Tag Team Training with the sexy Ms. Constance, working you over and whipping you into shape!

Body worship is more common than you think, learn more with Body Worship Sensual Sexual Play.
Erotic Fantasy about you being addicted to my pantie control.

Ruined orgasms are one favored way to allow a release yet keeps you horny and slutty! Mmm what won’t you do for that full orgasm?

Are you curious about orgasm  control? Read why an orgasm control Mistress is for you, and be less curious!

One thing that’s really hot is a nice long edging session

Summer stroking fun for my stroking pets  

I love to tease and deny, or was that delay? Mistress May I cum? <—-Listen here for the answer


How much fun can you have with Enchantrix Mistresses? Check out our Pass The Penis Game!
Having fun with Giantesses and her tiny five inch men creating a Giantess paradise.

Do you like a peek behind the scenes? Want to know how and why this Mistress discovered and cultivated her inner Domme? Sexy Mistress Journal will keep you cuming back for more!

It’s Masturbation May so of course I have to talk about hot masturbation habits!

I’m getting into Virtual World Phone Sex, and I suggest you check it out. Fun and oh so H.O.T. My first blog on my Virtual World Experience.

Body worship is best when you are worshiping my pussy









I want you to consider cuckolding.