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Hello, fans! Welcome to my erotic audio page!

On this page you can listen to some of my kink-specific blog entries, samples of erotic audios I offer for sale, options for your own custom erotic audio and so much more!

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The Weekly Hot Spot kink conversation, BDSM advice … and insight from the worlds of distance domination and phone sex. 1-800-601-6975 18+

The Weekly Hot Spot

I’m having a blast with the effervescent Mistress Olivia from Experienced on The Weekly Hot Spot We want you as part of the conversation so each week we leave you with a thought or a question and invite your feedback! 



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In addition to The Weekly Hot Spot, I offer Custom Erotic Audios. I can read your script or create my own based on your ideas. Email me

Here are some reviews I’ve had from my custom audio clients!

Here’s what I think:You’re an artist. How you took the raw material you were given and turned it into THAT is incredible to me. Listening to it for the first time just about ended me.

Holy f-ing $hit. You nailed it. I don’t even know what to say. Wow

Hello Mistress,I would like to thank you for another amazingly hot audio. You really know me so well and what we need and how to please you. Hope to chat again soon

Explore your Custom Erotic Audio Options and pre-recorded audios I offer at our Phone Sex Audio Store.

If Assignments or Email Sessions are more suited to your tastes Ito our Phone Sex Assignment Store

Phone Sex Assignments And Phone Sex Audio Teases


Links for the above items:

Ice pop 
Feminization Trance
Stroking Games With Erika

Free Audios


Humiliation / SPH


Explore your cuckold fantasies

Cuckold Fantasies


Cock Control

cock control

Cock control

Cum Eating

Cum Eating

Cum Eating



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I’ll be updating this page regularly, so check back often. You can also email me and tell me what you’d like to see here!