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Hello fans and Welcome to my erotic audio page!

You’re here because you want a little taste of Erika? I like that you do!  The thought of you happening buy, and my words, voice and manner arouse you. Yea, that’s hot!

So if you lurk out there stealing snippets of time with me, reading my musings or listening to the updates here, I’d love for you to reach out and tell me!

But more than likely, you will like what you hear and have an overwhelming need to connect with Me!

Check out My Schedule Page on some of the Kinky Ways We can connect!

If you like to do session with me, or enjoy erotic audios then you can commission me to make you a custom erotic audio!
Check out more about custom erotic audios here. I welcome your email to discuss your needs.

I also have some pre recorded erotic audio’s at our phone sex audio store. Check out a hot stroking set.

Stroking Games With Erika
I had so much fun creating this unique stroking set! Three audio’s, they all have different endings!
One ends in release
The other extended delay
Then to round out the package a DENIAL!

Feeling lucky ? Because I don’t tell you which is which!

Still confused?  Don’t be! You can read all about it here: Stroking Games with Mistress Erika. <—- This link takes you to the the bundle, specially priced, where you are guaranteed an orgasm, and Mmm a bit more!

Without further delay, enjoy my Free Erotic Audio’s!


Humiliation / SPH


Explore your cuckold fantasies

Cuckold Fantasies


Cock Control

cock control

Cock control

Cum Eating

Cum Eating

Cum Eating



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