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So, you want know a bit more about Mistress Erika?

I’m an incorrigible fun loving tease! I live in paradise, West Coast of Florida. My neighbors are raccoons, rabbits, bobcats and coyotes and I love every minute of it!  Oh sure, there’s three human neighbors on my street, but other than that you can consider me living in the “boonies”.  I cannot function in the cold, and moved here several years ago for peace and tranquility.

 What an exciting time it is for me, joining the Empire, and having what I consider a Dream Job!  Finding a wonderfully supportive company, all the ladies and clients have been wonderful to me.  But I digress. I had a short, yet exciting foray into the Femdom world years ago, but without the kind of support you get here.  Then, life has a way of, shall we say, getting in the way? I landed a ‘normal’ job and was pretty darn good at it too.

Before Joining the Enchantrix Empire

For the past several years, I’ve been buttoned up, primped and polished doing the 9-5 corporate thing. AKA: BORING! I spent many hours in my office and in boring manager meetings discussing the minutia of the corporate world. But in those oh-so-boring meetings my mind, my imagination would wonder. My favorite mental musing was to discover secrets. We all have them, don’t you agree? There were times when I hit the nail on the head, and having my male co-worker blushing and stammering when I whispered to him: You know, some guys love to be humiliated and having their small “male parts”  made fun of! I’m telling you I was in heaven!

Secret lives

I have secrets and you do too. I’ll be sharing some of my secrets in my blogs.  If you want to know more about what secrets I have, just send me an email and tell me: I want to know more about Mistress Erika!  I discovered, quite by accident, about my passion for being Dominant in a relationship. Wanna hear about it? Sure  you do!

I  have experienced some relationships on the vanilla side too. I won’t necessarily kick you out of the bedroom for that. But ya gotta bring in the big guns, be more than a lay if you are to stay. Got it?

I wouldn’t say I Dominate in a whips and chains kind of way, though a bit of CBT is fun! I consider myself Dominant  in an enchanting way, mesmerizing way.  Now, I’ve told you one of my secrets, won’t you share one of your secrets with me? I love finding out what makes you tick!

Mistress Erika Style

Firm, yet sensual. Your submission to me, and my desires earns you great rewards. We all know  when you reward a behavior,  you will find an increase in that behavior.  They key is finding out what you consider a “reward”.  However, don’t be fooled. I have a bit of a temper, controlled yet obvious. Test me and you will regret it.  So, if you want some punishment, test me and my good nature. I enjoy a nice paddling from time to time, and I don’t mean with me on the receiving end!

Come with me and you’ll find yourself thinking of me, my words more and more.  At odd times, when your watch turns 3pm and you feel your manhood twitch and your thoughts immediately turn to me. Why would that be? Mmm? Training and coercing your brain to bring your thoughts  back to me is thrilling. Seeing the complaint look in your eyes is what I’m after.

Open for Fun!

But, with my nature divulged, and you learning more about what makes Mistress Erika tick, let us not ignore that I am also very fun loving.  I take great delight in taking your call and talking about your kink or fetish!  So if you are not into the whole “Dom” scene that’s OK  too.  The sky is the limit when it comes to asking me “are you into…..”.  If you have a far out-way out fetish and are unsure just Email me, tell me what makes you hot, I’ll let you know if it’s something I can get into!

Won’t you subscribe and follow me down the Enchantrix rabbit hole? I hear it’s filled with wild characters, and limitless fun!


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