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Free Kink Time For You!

Who wants Free Phone Sex? Yep, it’s that time of year again! I’m excited to share with you LDW/Enchantrix Anniversary/Holiday Celebration!

Your Sexuality Is Bad Per Tumblr

Is your sexuality is bad? I certainly don’t think so. With a very few exceptions I have an open mind, and willing spirit to explore all things sexy, kinky and fun!

What Is A Sexual Alchemist

Sexual Alchemist. You probably are curious as to why I would use that term on a blog about kink and phone sex! Well my dear readers isn’t that exactly what a Mistress is? She uses base elements and creates something fantastic!  Let’s take a look.

Cock Tease Thanksgiving

Hi you horny sexy people! This isThanksgiving day fun post!It’s true I am an incorrigible cock tease. Let’s play some cockteasing games!

Mistress Sexy Vacation

Hello there dear readers! I hope you didn't miss me too much last week as I was off sailing the high seas. Well, if the GOM is considered high seas, that is! I most certainly did consider it "high", shortly after sailing. The aroma of ganja wafted through the...

My Throbbing Cock

Playing stroking games while I’m away. Check out how you can earn strokes and get today’s trivia quesions