Guided Masturbation Gateway To Your Total Submission

JOI What Is It? Today gang we are looking at Guided Masturbation . Or JOI, you may have seen it mentioned "around these parts" . Do you know what it stands for? I do! It stands for Jerk Off Instructions.  You call, and I instruct you how to masturbate! If we've never...

Mistress Mind Meld

Have you ever been compelled by forces unknown to you. Is it like someone else is whispering in your mind? Might be a Mistress Mind Meld!

Ms. Daphne and Ms. Erika Talk About Camming

Hi pets , fans and newbs! Here's a bonus post that Mistress Daphne and I had fun doing! Enjoy and run on over and give Ms D some love! WOo hoo! On with the fun............... A huge pet peeve for Mistress Erika and Mistress Daphne are selfies with huge messy rooms...

Femdom Cuckolding

Femdom cuckolding will finishing up my series on cuckolding today we are going to add an entirely different dimension on the cuckolding scene and add a bit. Okay, a lot of bits, and add  the Femdom spice to this erotic recipe. This dimension is a bit more strict, or...

Lisa Gets It

Welcome to First Saturday! This is where I post some fun erotica. My regular blog posts this week are about cuckolds but I had so much fun yesterday with a certain someone that I wanted to share some of my thoughts about it here.  Lisa Sliding her sparkling threaders...

Sensual Cuckolding

Is it odd ? Sensual Cuckolding? Cuckolding , just using the word indicates humiliation, how is humiliatoin sensual? Let’s see….

Your Kinky Makeover

Your Kinky Makeover is due! Don’t get stuck in a sexual rut! It’s easy to do, we are busy and run hectic lives. It’s easy to just turn that sexual dial , to the exact positions needed to achieve those few seconds of Nirvana, yes?

Custom Feminization Training

Alright ladies, custom feminization training is our topic today. It's the last post (for now) about Feminization training before I move onto other pastures, Friday.  I know we have a lot of fun with outrageous sexy and slutty escapades around here. And some aspects of...