Sexy Time Recommendations

I’m glad you are checking out my sexy recommendations page. Over the years I’ve given a lot of advice, and have given recommendations. I’m always looking for opportunities to offer you sexy options. I love making things more efficient for myself as well. Keeping this in mind,  I’m embarking on something new for me,  and a great resource for you.

This is going to be a work in progress, so I’m starting off with a few recommendations, with your assistance this page will grow! Let me explain.

Sexy Time Recommendations: Sex Toys

When I recommend a product or service it comes with great consideration. I have high standards for myself, and my playmates and that doesn’t stop with the business and products that I buy or recommend. Know that I’ve had great experiences with these companies, or many close to me have and give their highest recommendation.

With that said, this page will contain links to pages or products under consideration and if you’ve purchased a product from them, I want to hear from you. Other links will be what we call Affiliate Links. That means I’ve entered into an agreement with the company that when I recommend their product and you purchase through my link I may earn a small commission.

I’m not recommending these products solely based on the commission but because I believe in the product and as I found out they also offer the affiliate program. It would be folly for me NOT to take advantage of the opportunity!  After all, why shouldn’t I take advantage of such offers? I know you want the best for me, and you looking for ways to support and celebrate me. Here’s your chance.

The best part? It is NO COST to you.



Mature Metal

Have been making quality hand-crafted chastity cages for a very long time and they know what they are doing. I have countless reports of what a personalized experience they have. From the first-time cage wearer with a thousand questions to the OG and needing an adjustment in their cage William and the Mrs provide discreet and excellent service and product.

Mature Metal Chasity Cage 18+ affiliate link

Through years of dedicated research and development, we have crafted the world’s most comfortable and secure stainless steel male chastity devices. Mature Metal



Olivia and I have interviewed both William and The Mrs. on the Weekly Hot Spot.

Chastity interview with Willaim from Mature Metal and the other with his lovely Mrs Mature Metal, I encourage you to listen in if you are curious or into Chasity. They share their journey from the Mrs. being very vanilla to now being his loving spouse and keyholder.

Please use this Mature Metal Affiliate Link to check out the various styles and sizes. I do have a preference and if you tell me yours I’ll tell you mine!





We can talk all day about the various toys over a lovense. I’ve been using these toys for years, I’m happy with the quality and performance as well as my playmates. I just love taking control of you, with you, in session! I even have a long-distance toy tease assignment package at our phone sex assignment store. We don’t even have to be in a texting or phone session to feel my control! This package is my own,  not affiliated with Lovense.

If you want to check out the numerous toys please use My Affiliate Link.

SexyTime Recommendations with images!hush butt plug, be controlled lovense long distance toy tease 18+

The Hush series is a great way to begin your anal sex journey!
, from your first to your preferred size the Hush II is a must-have. How much more fun are your tasks than when you feel my control? You never know when I’ll turn it on, how long I’ll leave it on, or to what degree. The only thing that I can promise is you’ll be begging for more.

Max toy vibrate suctioni with Mistress controlling you


The Max 2 can quite possibly be your last male masturbator! It vibrates and sucks, with plenty of ways to play. Pair it with music or a sexy pattern I make for you and you can easily edge leak and repeat until you can’t spell your name correctly! Not only does Lovense have a great product line but they are always adding and perfecting their offers! The Max 2 now can be fitted with a separate vagina sleeve.





Are you ready to shop? Please ensure your buying process includes a consultation with me first! You wouldn’t be the first to get super horny and, let’s be honest you don’t make the best decisions when you are horny! I don’t want you to come to me and say “Mistress the hush I chose is too big, I can’t fit it.
Or Mistress the gush just won’t stay put.  Not to mention when you take a look at the different toys and options your head is going to spin! So do you have due diligence and
Schedule your consultation before you buy.

lovense brand tosy 18+ affiliate link

Sexy Time and the Stockroom


Has a large inventory 18+ BDSM gear and fetish toys of BDSM and kink gear!  You could spend all day just looking through the plethora of gags and floggers, sexy toys, fetish wear chastity, and even BDSM furniture! They also run sales all the time! The next time you are in the market for quality items you’ll click my Stockroom affiliate link and we will BOTH WIN!





That’s it for now my darlings! As I mentioned I want to hear from you! Do you know an outstanding company that provides quality products? Send me an email, I’d love to hear from you!