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Begging Humiliation and your Submission

As promised on my last post on sensual humiliation, today we’ll take a look at begging humiliation. It’s a sexy look exploring more elements of sensual humiliation, and how begging humiliation fits under the umbrella of sensual humiliation,  via a bit of an erotic tale. Keep your eyes out for some hot triggers as we go.  Humiliation triggers are exciting for me to implant  and/ or use. If you come equipped with some, spill those beans! I love having a full bag of ammunition to utilize as I see fit. But here you’ll see our male submissive as he explores his submission through sensual humiliation.

begging humiliation

I want you to beg

Orgasm Control Humiliation

Having a certain agreement, he knew an unauthorized orgasm meant a long time locked in chastity. Having his orgasms controlled by a femdom was new. He’d never thought of it. It’s not something he relished, nor wanted but during negotiations he agreed, it was needed.  He knew his male mind and body would rebel, would try to rationalize why he should “cheat,”  how would she know if he had an orgasm? But her words echoed in his ears, you come to me. You want to explore submission, explore all the ways for you to reach that subspace you crave. Why would you cheat me? Why would you cheat yourself from that experience? Do you not have any integrity? She was right about everything. He didn’t disagree, subspace was a powerful reward. But handing over the very essence of his masculinity, his sexuality felt thrilling and scary.

Sensual Humiliation

She said it’s time he focus on her needs.  Sitting in a big over-sized chair, him on a foot stool in front of her. Soft legs outstretched over his lap. Body worship starts today. You start at the feet, she purrs. He begins massaging her delicate feet. Hearing her moan and her feet and legs wiggle in response to his touch. It was so  intoxicating, he thought. Five days since his last orgasm, longer than he’s ever voluntarily gone before.  Her soft moans and whispers, you love to please me. Exploring my feet pleases me. Slowly she moves  her foot along his thigh, first up and then down his thigh, his heart beating faster. Focus pet, focus on my pleasure. Her teasingly sexy foot finds its way to the soft bulge between his legs, well, parts were soft, anyway. She smiles at you, it’s sexy and unnerving at the same time. Her sweet smile belies the fire in her eyes. Those eyes which say “I own you.” Her gaze boring deep into your very being, and you shiver. Head softly spinning, you hear her giggle. Mmmm , that’s it pet. Her tease continues, day after day. You are not even allowed to touch the penis between your legs, and the urge and fire in  your loins grows everyday. A constant “itch” you cannot ignore.

Begging Humiliation

All of the above over extended periods of tease and denial lead us to this place, this space. Wearing a sheer lace black teddy, black thigh highs and you kneeling before her. Sensually, she runs her soft fingers across her panties, you want some pet? Your heat beats faster, your head spins. Just kneeling like this, seeing her sensually tease you places you instantly into subspace. You see, up until now she has been training you, in this way and that to be able to do just this. Your mind and body reacting instantly , instinctively releasing all those feel good hormones.

Now beg, she purrs. Beg for what you want! Please, he cries “look I’m so aroused!” She looks off to the distance an yawns. Not good enough. Try again. “Please , please please, I’ve done as you have said! I haven’t had release in two weeks!  His voice a bit more urgent, a bit more desperate.

She stands up, sighs and starts to walk way, clearly annoyed.

He chokes out a bit of a cry “oh no please , please don’t leave me. Mistress I need you, what do I need to do to please you, Oh please tell me what to do, I’ll do anything!”

As his desperate pleas flow from his mouth she stops, pivots on the ball of her foot , slowly sexily saunters back to the almost sobbing sub. Soft fingers caress his cheek, sliding down a slender finger under his chin….. lifting it up to look at her.  Now you are getting somewhere. This isn’t about you at all is it? Panting and eyes filled with tears, he responds “No Mistress, no it’s not about me at all”.

What is it about, pet?

“It’s about you, Mistress,” he says softly as his breathing decreases.

“Now , start again with the begging with your lesson learned. If what you utter pleases me, I might touch My penis for a few minutes, wouldn’t that be wonderful, pet?”

“Oh yes, YES Mistress!”

“Now beg,”……….. she commands.

Your Begging

Now readers, I want to hear you beg! Will you please me, will you make me want to touch your penis? Keep your lessons in mind, and let me hear them. Keep the comments R rated below or if you email me.  XXX begging only comes with your call, or sexy texting session.

Until we chat

Mistress Erika 💋

Sensual Humiliation and You

Hello, kinky friends! Today we talk about sensual humiliation. What’s the difference you might ask yourself. Well, humiliation just like most other things has variations. What makes you feel humiliated is probably as individual as , well, individuals! Let’s take a look at humiliation and sensual humiliation today.


Humiliation typically is something that happens to you, by another that invokes extreme negative emotional response.  To further illustrate-there are certain overall themes we can all wrap our heads around regarding what humiliation looks like.  Public speaking, and having a  heckler yelling at you. Being unceremoniously chastised by your boss, in front of a client. Suddenly finding yourself naked in front of a group of people, them laughing in response.  Perhaps your wife answering “Eh, alright,” when you hear her girlfriend ask “How was last night?” You thought you were a stud and well, stud, you just weren’t. All are variations of humiliation. The last two examples are examples of sensual humiliation.

Harsh Humiliation

Some consider degradation as being  humiliation, and they are not wrong. Verbal humiliation, calling of names, faggot , cock sucker, fucking loser, sissy slut, all  dripping with loathing and judgement, has degradation at its intent. It is also humiliating for a beautiful woman to degrade you, and wouldn’t have anything to do with you because you are a sissy fucking cock sucker. Making your ringtone announce what a  A bukakke bitch you are is something you can’t have Aunt Millie hearing, eh? The energy behind this type of humiliation is to tear down the person, reduce them in both stature and substance in your eyes, their eyes and even the eyes of the world. Other types of harsh humiliation can involve erotic BDSM / impact play or humiliating tasks.

Sensual Humiliation

Sensual Humiliation

Exploring Sensual Humiliation

With some sensual humiliation play, there might be some terms like slut or fuck toy used. It’s a matter of the usage, intent and result. Often sensual

humiliation is on the subtle spectrum and maybe punches of harsh. Imagine this: your submissive is kneeling in panties before you, and is allowed to pleasure you with his mouth only. Then after your orgasm, winking and pinching his cheek lightly with a wicked smile and calling him  a good twat boy. Twat boy is degrading as an alpha male, but the intent is to compliment, and having him in your panties, not having an orgasm when you are satisfied, and his trembling manhood is begging for release, you know the result is the one we are looking for. One of the more common forms of sensual humiliation is having you beg for orgasm. Begging is humiliating in and of itself, and for a man to beg for something that is a basic human function is on the sensual humiliation scale and pretty f-in hot for me! Wanna get MY motor running. Beg. Earnestly and honestly.  ❤💋

Tune in next time for a hot little story, using sensual humiliation to further illustrate. In the meantime take a look at some of my other  humiliation posts, if you read something that makes you tingle , I want to know!

Until we chat………..

Confessions of a Cock Tease

Hey there, cock control fans, I have a confession to make. I’m a cock tease! I know, SURPRISE! Ha ha! This statement probably made some of you laugh, others who may not be intimately knowledgeable of me are, hopefully , very interested at this point.  Confident sexy women appreciate the power we have over that naughty dick, and well, males you love that power too, don’t you?  Everyone loves a bit of a tease, right? Igniting the imagination, and your nether regions with subtle and not so subtle ways. Making you want more, explore more , feel more. Mmm… See what a tease can do? You are still reading these words, right? Your eyes traveling side to side, drinking in each word, waiting for me to be  more sexy,  more taunting and even more of tease? First things first in the art of cock control is the tease….
Read on for some more naughty bits

Cock tease

Art of Cocktease

Life Long Cock Tease

Ever since I can remember, and for the sake of this blog and keeping the status of my freedom as it is, let’s just say I was 18.  All I knew is that I wanted to be liked, and liked by this particular guy!  Trying to gain his attention. When low and behold, I started to notice the simplest of things would get me that attention! Sure, a low cut blouse or short shorts got me attention but , previously, eh, not the attention I was looking for, necessarily.  I was young and not looking for a fuck, just romantic attention.  So back to those simple things. Like playing with my lips. Either with my tongue, finger or even a Popsicle or lollipop. (listen to the audio for more ways I tease) The next thing I know, my crush is finding ways to hang out with me!

Cock Tease: It Clicks

Fast forward and I find myself teasing him , in what I thought was a non sexual way, with my wit and humor. I said something naughty but fun and he pretends to be offended and “get me”. Giggling and laughing I “try” to run but of course he catches me from behind and hugs me tight. That’s the day, I felt his hard penis against my ass as we play wrestle. It turned me on but not being who I am “now,” that arousal went nowhere except in the vault of my learned behavior. It was summer and I made it my mission, to learn more. Do more. It’s all I thought about day and night!  I don’t have to PUT out, just allude to the possibility of more, and I get what I want. Right guys? Get that motor running, and you are putty in our hands.

Cock Teasing and Edging

So it wasn’t for a few years that my love of teasing cock took on an entirely different meaning and level regarding Female Control or Cock Control. But those early years were so hot and horny it really is what we spend so much time  today doing. Recapturing that passion, the long periods of arousal when making out , “petting” as my G-ma would say! (OH, Grandma! ha ha). In many ways, I was edging cocks long before I knew what I was doing. Bringing them to the brink of ecstasy, but never following through. Come on guys, admit it! You dream of earlier years making out the complete desperation and level of arousal which felt like it could crush you. Feeling good, feeling “high” from extended arousal. Mmmm, I know my panties are wet just writing about it!

Edging and Conditioning Your Mind

A few years later when learning more about behavior, how behaviors are formed how the mind can be manipulated into new behaviors is when I realized the power of orgasm edging. How simply intoxicating it is for us both.  When that first lover, gave up control. When he allowed me to control his cock and his mind for the first time, is when my Femdom was born.

But I’ve been going on and on. I have to go. Perhaps I’ll write about that first lover, my first submissive next time? But only if you want me to. Do you? Want me to?


Until we chat
Cock Tease Mistress Erika

Edging Self Control – Why You Need Mistress Erika

Edging self control may seem like a simple concept, you get to that edge, and just stop, or employ various techniques to stave off orgasm.  But, we both know when a male is highly aroused your body and mind have one goal: To orgasm! But you’ve heard of, I know of , a way to help you improve your sex life, both alone and when with a partner. I also think it’s a lot  of fun, probably some of the most fun you can have without orgasm! Don’t get me wrong, pets. I like orgasm as much as the next person. I particularly like when I get to control them, play with your sexual response to have a bit (ok, A LOT) of fun and even achieve certain desired results.

What are those desired results? Depends on who you are and what you bring to the table. Some come to me to improve their stamina, others because it’s just fun to have a woman, interested in your penis and telling you what to do with it. There are many reasons why edging is on the erotic menu , but regardless of that reason you need Me. Here’s why.

Edging Self Control

Edging Self Control

Orgasm Feels Good

So, while you are masturbating, ramping up your arousal level, hormones flowing and you are feeling good. You get to that first edge and you can stop or slow down. Great, so you’re good to go for a few more edges.

But before long, you always give in and that great idea of edging longer “this time” , and all those orgasm edging tips you read about, go right out the proverbial window. You orgasm.  You can’t help it, your body’s chemistry is already set against you. That wonderful mix of hormones flowing through your body, increasing and whispering to your brain to get to that goal, get your reward,  compel you towards orgasm. Orgasm and all those feel good hormones dictate you reach the goal of orgasm. By yourself it is easy to rationalize or ignore previous ideas.

Male Mind

Let’s take a look at the typical male mind. The mind of a male is typically centered around goals. Getting to that goal, doing what works to achieve that  goal as expertly and efficiently as possible. In many ways men apply that to their masturbation and love making. Get her to orgasm, you orgasm and you are the hero, right? The provider? It speaks to your very essence, doesn’t it. I get that.

But my horny stroker, if you want more, need more. Hell ,I can tell you right here as sure as I have a vagina your FEMALE partner needs more! If you don’t listen to another word I say, heed this advice:  being a provider, a hero, dictates that not only do you achieve goals but that the experience while you are headed down that road for “goal-ville” is probably as much or MORE important to your female partner. So, provider -start providing what she needs!

Edging Self Control

Improving your edging is best done with a partner. Edging with a partner  addresses the two major challenges above. You can’t help but improve with a level head guiding you. That is , if you submit. Give that control to me. If, on the other hand you are unsure if you can submit, to give over that control it is a non-issue, really. We’ll just set different goals and train your brain to learn to submit. Once you submit your mind, the body follows.

Let’s have some fun, and check out my strokers rewards page regarding edging and edging phone sex.

Until we chat

Mistress Erika

Jerry’s Horny Cock gets Him in all Kinds of Trouble

Hi there, erotic fans! Welcome to first Saturday, when I feature some of my, or others, erotic writing. I have permission from anyone featured here, and the names have been changed to protect the kinky. If you’d like to talk with me about your erotic writing, perhaps be a muse or even offer some of your short stories I’d love to entertain your “submission”. 😊😘

Today what I’m doing is a bit of a collaboration. A delightful feminization submissive sent me their erotic thoughts,which are quite hot on their own, but then I go and add to the recipe. I liken it to what happens in session. You bring you, which is hot. I bring me, and together we make something more than ourselves! Twice as hot ! Ya?

Take a peek, let me know what you think.

Jerry just moved in to a new apartment and on his first day,  he is immediately greeted by a 6 foot red head with long hair.   She invites him in for coffee Saturday morning and she offers him some breakfast. She is stunning, and he finds it hard to speak gazing at the amazonian beauty before him. Feeling a bit intimidated yet, titillated and aroused, he cannot resist the invitation. He’s never “had” a redhead before and this should be one for the “books”.  He feels small as he follows her into her apartment, Jerry is only 5 foot 9.

They do hit it off well, and they flirt and tease as they get to know each other, and have some good conversation. Her name was Sam and while he was there he notices she has a maid, a gorgeous looking blonde, who cooked them breakfast. Jerry is quite impressed, and very aroused being surrounded by these two  ladies in the apartment. He felt his heart beating inside his chest, it had been quite sometime since his last conquest and just the scent and vision of those round soft curves undulating under the feminine dress was starting to drive him mad with lust filled thoughts. 

Her apartment was huge compared to his little studio apartment. She suggests after breakfast they go out to the pool. Jerry agrees and suggests that he  goes back to his apartment to get his trunks , once there  he cannot find them,  and he thinks to himself Damn! But probably better off, as he won’t be able to hide the constant chubby he has hidden behind his tight boxer briefs and jeans.  He proceeds to go back to Sam’s and tell her he’ll go but not swimming Sam , insists the MUST swim and offers a suit. It happens to be a full cut bottom to a bikkini , and when he sees’ them and his stomach drops to his knees, and he shakes his head no. Sam teases him, and says no one will notice, go ahead and put them on.  NO way! Come on, he protests, I will be laughed at.

Sam says no you will not just try them for me, and she smiles as her soft fingers reach to his chin, and softly strokes it. Come on, don’t you want to make  your new friends happy? Her coy looks , soft touch and sultry tones are wearing down his resolve.  He is throbbing,  getting a hard on just looking at her and thinking about it. His mind quickly races through thoughts as He reasons with himself: no on knows him, don’t men in Europe or somewhere wear briefs for swimming like this? He’s new around here and people will think he’s “not from around here”. Plus the full cut, well  doesn’t look much different than their male counterpart. And she’s right, he so wants to make his new friends HAPPY so perhaps they will “share” their happy parts!! So that horn dog goes in and tries them on. Purple bottoms with ties on both sides, Oh fuck, he thinks to himself. NOT like the male counterparts at all! Trembling , hard and fucking totally confused by it all he’s ready to say NO and go back to his apartment to take care of his “rising issue” and dash his amazon redheaded fantasies. Suddenly  she yells to him “are you ready”?

He sheepishly comes out and right away she notices his hard cock She giggles a knowing giggle and comments “Oh my, we must do something about that before we head out to the pool”.  Here, let me help and he is not  sure what she means.

She grabs the bathing suit and pulls it down, almost immediately her soft hand begins to stroke his manhood. His head and body begin swim with pleasure as she gives him a hand job. He gets week knees and and begins to tremble , as his orgasm overtakes him, then uneasy he falls onto the couch behind him, and he exclaims wow thank you it has been a while.

She tells him to pull up his bikini bottoms and she tells him to tuck it in between your legs so it is not quite as noticeable. They go to the swimming pool and spend the rest of the day enjoying swimming and Jerry even forgets about the bikini. When they spent some time at the pool,  they head back to her place and he says these bikini bottoms are very comfortable.

Her maid has left and they are alone. She says Jerry do you feel like playing some games with me.

Jerry, of course, says yes. She takes off her top and out come those beautiful c cup breasts. Jerry feels himself stirring all over again and thinks he just won the fucking hot neighbor lottery! He’d wear these bikini bottoms anytime for this action!

Something about Sam changed, though. She gets more aggressive and tells him to come closer and kiss her breasts. So Jerry does as he is told and just after he sucked on her breast she instructs him to take off his bikini. With his cock at half mast, she  hands him a hot pink pair of cheeky panties tells him to put them on.

He objects, of course, purple bikini bottoms are on thing but pink lacy panties? She’s out of HER MIND!   But his protests fall short, when she turns on her amazonian vixen charm and he feels his mind and body succumbing to her charms.    She definitely has him under  her spell ,eventually he submits to her behest. She then pulls out a bra and commands him to stand still as she fastens the hooks and then to his surprise she puts in some breast-forms. Smiling and giggling she turns him to the mirror:  what do you think?

Before he knew what was happening, she takes a couple of pictures.

She says to him he would make a beautiful woman, and he does not like that so he starts to walk out only to remember he has bra and panties……….  a hot rush runs through him, my clothes he asks “where are my clothes”. Giggling and looking at him with those wickedly erotic eyes, she responds “Why I’m sure I don’t know”………………………………………….

End part one.

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