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Cock sucker training 50 cocks a day

Continuing on our humiliation journey, many males find cock sucker training to be emasculating and the ultimate humiliation. Never considered yourself gay, but down the rabbit hole you went. Once you agreed to be a cock sucker for her pleasure, the humiliation was so intense, you lost control. Now you love and hate that you are craving for more! Welcome my cock sucker. Training starts today.

Cock Sucker Sucks Real Cocks ?

Well, for training you wouldn’t be sucking real cocks. Nope, not yet. You have to get it in  your head, what you are. Know it, feel it and be reminded of your journey more times a day than practical for it to be real hot ~N~ juicy’s. You have to make a living, right? Errands to run, meals to make.No way can you suck 50 cocks a day! Five week training course you start with 10 pseudo cocks a day and add ten a day each week. By week five, you got it. 50 cocks a day.

Cock Sucker Training

Humiliated Cock Sucker

Cock Sucker Pseudo Cocks

So since you are going to be out and about doing everyday things, yet there is no excuse to neglect your training. So starting when you wake up, you’ll be using that spoon you use in  your tea, or coffee or smoothie and spend five minutes exploring the tip of that spoon, like the tip of a cock.

Snack time: Carrots, banana’s , string cheese. beef jerkey. 20 strokes with that pussy mouth before each bite. I don’t care if you are in a lunch room with your coworkers! Go eat in the car. Your cock sucking training must continue!
Lunch time, and if your ham sandwich and chips don’t give you opportunity to suck cock, then that water bottle will do.
Dinner and it’s ribs, bread-sticks, asparagus and for dessert a fudge pops. There’s an endless list of items you can use when learning to suck cock for Mistress.

Of course Mistress’s girl cock in on the menu, as you graduate your skills. It pleases me to see your mouth serving my phallus. MM pleasing in so many ways.

Training The Cock Sucker’s Mind

Not only am I training your lips, and tongue to please a cock , I am also training your mind. To submit and comply to my desires. Assuring you , no no you’re not gay.  You are doing this to submit yourself, to humiliate and humble you as the humiliation sends you into subspace so easily these days.The five week intensive training will leave your whore mouth earning for more. Lost and empty looking to be filled. Oh yes, that’s when my pet. That’s when we talk about real cocks.

Cocksucker Training Mistress, Erika

Pathetic Loser And Other Humiliations

So you are a pathetic loser?   Maybe you are not a pathetic loser, but the title caught your eye and you said to yourself  “Self, who does this person think they are calling someone that!”  Then, you marched your cyber ass over here to give me a “what for”? Didn’t ya?  Or maybe you know me from calls or around the Empire and have a big grin from ear to ear right now? Well, regardless of what got you here, welcome and let’s explore – pathetic losers. Please put your self righteous butt hurt tendencies aside or leave.  You won’t win. *mouah* Buckle up boys and dolls.

Pathetic Loser Submissive

Pathetic Loser

Pathetic Loser Fun

Last week I spoke about the psychology of your submission and various ways people react to particular stimuli, in a submissive manner. One of those ways, was humiliation.  The stricter the tone, feeling dominated by word and/or deed the better it is. The better it is, the more you crave and a cycle is born.    I also think the humiliation we engage in gets better, with more depth the more I get to know you.

There are a great deal of ways to humiliate someone.  From sensual humiliation to harsher humiliation. Some of the more popular are cckolding, coerced bi, foot worship, objectification.

But the humiliation we are looking at today is: pathetic loser humiliation. Certainly pathetic loser humiliation CAN include the aforementioned, but not necessarily

Reasons You Are Pathetic

So we’ll start in the beginning , you explaining why you are such a pathetic loser. Are you a horrible lover, small penis?  Can’t do half the things a real man can do with his cock? SPH humiliation is typically short lived (ha!) as you tiny dickers don’t hold off very well.  But, if it’s not your small cock what it is? Most of you losers know, you have a list. Share it.

Or we can do it another way, we can certainly chat about everyday events, I’m sure your loser-ish ways will rise to the surface.
Soon I’ll be pointing out how whiny you are and no wonder a woman won’t spread her legs for you! For what? Why would a woman like me spread her  legs for you?  How about the fact your tighty whities  are more like camo grey.   eerk. Awkward. You’re insecure, need a lot. A LOT of work.  I’m a wise woman, I’ll find a place for you. loser. I’m willing to take you under my wing and make something of you. Don’t worry, you’ll like it.  💋

Pathetic Loser Play

How do you like your loser play? Do you like loser tasks? Let’s play, and I’ll send you on some fantastic loser tasks for my amusement and pleasure!  More intimate play on your mind? Great, let’s negotiate and get those hormones ripping through your body. Heart racing, hearing your heart in your ears. You, though. You have a woody, it turns you on! *laughing* Wow, that’s special, let’s do some more! You ignite  my mind, my body with your reaction to my humiliation. It really is fantastic.

Humiliatrix Mistress Erika

Psychology of Your Submission

Welcome to your mind. The psychology of your submission may seem like a daunting subject compared to my typical posts. But, hang in there! It really isn’t. I’m not going to get too technical,  there are many experts in the head and body examining business who’ve written on the subject of submission, if you  want to get into specifics.  Here,  we have a fun fascinating look into you and your submission!

Your Submission

For those who are drawn to the submissive role are often looking for a certain feeling, mindset, a way of being. Tossing off the stressful robes of everyday life. Executives, lawyers , doctors high powered  and high stress jobs are the stereotypical images one may have of a submissive.  There are probably as many other careers and life paths for the submissive, however. All kinds of flavors of submissive.

Submission Expression

The only thing to find out is about what it means to be submissive, for you.

Psychology of Your Submission

I want your submission, and you want to give it to me.

Everyone has different ideas or activities that help them feel submissive. There really is no right or wrong here. It is what it is. Being sternly spoken to, being given orders. Mistress orders you into panties. Perhaps kneeling and greeting Mistress with a routine affirmation or mantra, followed by inspection and comment, help slip you from your daily confines and free’s you to a new realm. Sensation play, however that plays out, makes those submissive switches click, fantastic!   True too  are the males who crave to be feminized. their erotic thoughts turn to a strong Dominate Woman, coercing them into their true bimbo selves.  What helps you feel those waves of submission, your intense focus on the here and now, is what I want to know


Exploring Your Submission

Many who’ve played before come to me and know what buttons they need pushed to send them on that special trip. Others don’t know and only have a fantasy of what it might be like. Some who thought they knew what it feels like, to be and feel submissive , experience it for the first time, or perhaps feel it more profoundly than ever before.

I know it’s a thrill for me. Getting to know your psychology, how your mind works. Then an even bigger thrill, beyond worlds  at times,  connecting, exploring and shaping you and your submissive mind, taking us to new depths.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Mistress Erika

Lingerie for Sexy Play with Mistress Erika

Lingerie for sexy play is on the docket today!  Hello, my faithful pets and any new curious new cummers to my blog! Today’s post is very special.  I have  included a sexy little audio about the theme, as my Thank You , to YOU!

Well, more like thank you to all who liked my tweets! I think you should thank them, too.  Because of them YOU are getting this teasingly delicious, free audio, about yours truly and about some of my very favorite sexy fem things to wear!   It all started a few weeks back I had a lovely twitter follower suggest a special treat if I reached a certain amount of likes three weeks straight!

Lingerie Always for Sexy Play

No, it’s not. Nor is it necessarily sexy play for  men who wear lingerie.  Sometimes it is just to feel feminine, girlie. That translates as submissive for some. For me, it feels powerful.  I, like many other women and  sissy’s I know, love to put on pretty feminine things just to get that “Oh So Fem” feeling! Doesn’t matter, overalls, jeans or sweat pants, when you have a sexy lace thong underneath, the world is brighter and a more sexy place. Add to that a soft lace camisole and you my friend have sexual dynamite disguised under frumpy clothes!

Lingerie Femdom Play

I think every gal, Mistress or not, has a sexy outfit , or ten, that makes them feel the strength of their feminine power. That outfit, is your expression your inner (or outer! HA!) Femdom. What do you like? Leather, lace, satin?  If what you wear helps you feel like taking the wheel, taking charge of your and his sexuality then we’ve hit pay dirt!  That IS your Femdom style! I personally love thigh high boots, I have a few pairs! Combined with a corset or bustier, thigh high stockings and matching panties.  Leaving just those sexy items on for play or slipping on a short knit dress over top and going out for a spell, either way I’m in charge and ready to play!

Lingerie for Sexy Play

But there are a myriad of sexy things to wear for sexy play. Teddies and satin chemise’s are my favorites to wear when working. Add to that some tap pants and cami’s, and I’m a happy girl.  Benefit #506 working from home: I make the dress code!

Now if you are a cotton bikini and cotton sports bra kinda gal, that’s OK too! I had a lover who went crazy when I wore just a pair of white cotton bikini panties and a plain white T!  Lingerie no matter your style if it makes you feel good, helps you feel sexy then go for it!  If it pushes your partner’s buttons then werk it!  Work that bitch till he’s crying, I say. *laughs*

Thanks for dropping by, pets.  Won’t you listen to this very special audio, made as a Thank You for all of your “LIKES“. 🙂 If you don’t follow me, what are you waiting for? Get your sexy arse over to my twitter / tumblr (if you prefer) and let’s have some fun on the daily, over there!

Lingerie Sexy Play

Lingerie For Sexy Play

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