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Masturbation At Work For Mistress

Let’s not split hairs. You’ve masturbated at work. Some of you don’t lie-I’ve been there! A smaller percentage of you have wanted to, but for lack of opportunity and privacy, haven’t. So naturally the conversation, comes around to me at times. It seems inquiring minds want to know.  Does Phone Femdom ever masturbate at work? If so , while on a call? What a fun conversation, don’t you think? Lets look at Masturbation at work and what it might mean to a Phone Mistress.

Masturbation At Work Concerns

Privacy is a must. A locked office door is often all you need to have some fun time. Between you and I,  I don’t care if you are arriving early, or staying late, and no one is around. If you value your lifestyle you’ll heed my warning. Sure we can play like the door is unlocked, or even open. I’m here to have fun, not ruin you!

But as you can imagine, I already have that privacy don’t I?  Working out of my own home, who can ask for a better atmosphere for feeling sexy and masturbating at work!  I know some of you who work out of your home are tempted all the time , some of you have reached out for help!

Masturbation at work

1-800-601-6975 Masturbation Mistress Erika

Sexy Advantage Mistress Has For Masturbating at work

What do you imagine Mistress wearing in your sessions? I find whether I’m wearing  an oh so sexy back cross baby doll purple lace satin chemises, my bathing suit (it is summer in Florida, people!) or my short white terry robe, feeling sexy and fem is always a great way to get in a sexy mood for a day of your hot calls! Which leads us to…

Masturbation At Work For Mistress

So Mistress has the privacy, and sexy advantage of wearing sexy items for sessions.  I have been asked more than once , what about you Mistress, do you get aroused?
Do I get aroused? I most certainly do! Will I tell you? Maybe or I may not. It depends on the call, my mood and if the the moon is in the seventh house, and …. Oh no, that’s something else entirely. Never mind.

But you see where I’m going.  Hot edging sessions, hearing you pant and plead is a sure fire way of making sure my panties are wet! Your erotic confessions are great when I hear the excitement in your voice, that hitch of breath as your arousal rises! Who wouldn’t be aroused? I will tell  you our hot calls are often fuel for many orgasms over the week!

But you want to know when I had those orgasms, more specifically if I’ve masturbated during a session. If asked that by you, my reply teasingly chastizing, reminded them I’m not the one here erotic confession! LOL   If you want the answer to that question, you’ll have to call me. I’ll tell you.

But what I want to know is how you feel about masturbation at work for Mistress? I want to hear from  you!


Hot Cock Stroking For Mistress

I’m having so much hot summer fun with so much cock stroking!  Masturbation instructions or JOI for those who like tasks is a fun way to pass the long hot summer day! Check out my Stroker Rewards page for more information how we can play! Meantime let’s talk about cock stroking!

Cock Stroking

1-800-601-6975 Stroke your cock for Mistress

Your Cock Stroking

It’s really fun getting to know you and I often ask naughty questions, like paint me a picture of what you are doing with your cock right now! What were you thinking right before you called, and were you stroking before you called?

If you are adventurous let’s get you into some fun stroking positions and trying different strokes. Trying new things is a great way to edge your cock! Until your body and mind get in the groove of a different stroke or technique it often proves to drive your arousal higher and higher but not enough to tip those scales into blissful release. Isn’t that great! If you were alone you’d get so high and then just cum, right? Edging with a partner is so hot and so erotic! give up that control, learn about your body how you respond increase your control and have a mind blowing time!

Cock Stroking  Technique

I’m surprised to hear from a lot of guys that they just “pump it and dump it”. They might edge a bit, but far from channeling the adventorous spirit that helped found our fair country!  You my friend are missing out. Using a reverse grip, able to twist as your tug, tickling the tip or massage envy! Your cock has been your best friend for a long time, why not take him on an adventure!

Cock Stroking Games

Looking for a few adventures this summer? Let’s play some stroking games! Trying new sensations, strokes, rhythms  and pushing you to your limits. Being given stroking tasks to complete and earn an orgasm.  How many times can you orgasm in a day? Let’s get that  for +1!

What is the naughtiest fantasy you’ve ever had?  Dream of being a naughty panty boi for Mistress? Then you should never stroke without panties! Your games will revolve around naughty panty play. Maybe cum eating has always been hot and erotic, but once you spurt the eroticism is gone and you never realized your dreams. Maybe it’s CFNM? Fire up skype and let me watch you! Either way, let’s have a stroking hot time soon!



Sissy Fashion Tips For Summer

I had such fun the other day, giving some sissy fashion tips, shopping on-line for  a cute summer outfit! One of my sissy’s was in need of a sexy but feminine dress they can wear around the house.  Something cool and casual, but sexy! We picked a pretty cotton A-line dress so cute and screamed summer fun! Realizing you might benefit t00, here are my tips when looking for some sassy sissy Fashions for summer!

Sissy Fashion Correct Sizing

It is so important to make sure when you buy your pretty things that you get the correct size! If you are not comfortable going out and trying on clothes, it’s important you invest in a tape measure and start recording your measurements. Some of you sissy’s, well, you are not too big of a person so it might be easier for you to find your size and get things that fit and feel sexy. Bigger sissy’s it’s going to be a bit more of a challenge. But don’t be shy and upset if you need to get a XXXL size in ladies clothes. It’s more important to have a good fit. Nothing is less sexy both in look and how you feel if your dress or bra doesn’t fit right! Take that time, get with your Mistress to find out what your size might be in various garments, bras panties, dress, blouse, skirts, you name it. The style also impacts the size you might choose. Speaking of styles, let’s look at that next.

Sissy Fashion

Sissy Fashion Fun for the Summer

Sissy Fashion Style

Again doing some research on your body type: Long legs? Short legs? Tall and thin? Perhaps your waist line has see slimmer days? Regardless, find something which flatters your body, and helps you feel your sassy sexiest! I love skater skirts, so flirty and fun! I feel so fem when I feel it swing and sway with each step, against my bare summer legs! For a really sexy style good for strutting your stuff add a fun garter and stockings with a pair of fun heels! Do you need help learning how to put  on stockings? I can show you! Don’t worry you are in capable hands and soon you’ll be ready to take whatever Mistress hands out!

Sissy Shoes

Sissy Fashion Heels

Strappy Summer Heels

let’s not forget all of those sexy strappy heels! Oh how about a cute pair of sandals, or kitten heels to finish off your delightful summer outfit! Getting that pedicure is a must girls, as our feet are on display until Labor Day! If you live where I do, it’s sandals season all the time, so a girl must attended to such things.  Oh and fit is oh so important! Get two pairs, of varous size heel, perhaps a two inch then three. Practice practice practice!

Why Men Call Phone Sex Lines

A common enough conversation in my life is about phone sex. What it is, what it can be and why men call phone sex lines.  Granted there are as many reasons as there are men, like many things in our lives.  Let’s look at phone sex, some of the reasons, and have a bit of fun!

Phone Sex

It was reported*  the first obscene phone call occurred sometime in 1877 after the first telephone exchange opened  in Boston.

It was scandalous fo

Phone Sex

Fun look at why men call phone sex lines

r the times, and there were protests about the evil ‘ghost voice’ machine and how we will one day rue it’s implementation! The call, in actuality was just some  heavy breathing , and a comment about not wearing a petticoat being so hot!

But would that be the first phone sex call?

No, that came a few weeks later when the same caller interrupted Jason McChalisster’s weekly self love session. Answering the phone hearing heavy breathing, he was confused. When the caller so erotically described: a woman only wearing a dress and NO petticoats, well it  was just to much for him and he squirted all over himself! There my friends , the first “phone sex” call.

Why Phone Sex

Self love, requires the brain for it to “work”, for you to have an orgasm.  If you are like  most your brain loves novelty. Considering the amount of masturbation males traditionally do, running out of novelty is a real problem.  Magazines (do they still exist?) work well, even vids and clips on the internet. Many are satisfied with these mediums. But many want  and need more. A warm voice, sexy intelligent conversation. Erotic naughty thoughts and sharing of fantasies is that next step! I can’t tell you how many times someone told me their fantasy. Then we do a role play or other session time fun and they end up saying “Wow, I never thought of that before, that was great!”

It is so erotic what two naughty minds can come up with!

Girlfriend Phone Sex

There too are those calls where masturbation and orgasm are not involved in the call. Women are mysterious creatures to most men, and getting up close and personal with them is a challenge. Trying desperately to find out what makes them tick, they haven’t been able to. Perhaps they are shy, or have failed miserably before. You call because it’s easier to talk with me, anonymously on the phone. Tell me what your story, and ask for my help understanding and meeting women!

Perhaps someone friendly to say hello to at the end of a long day. Flirting and teasing you until one day you gather the courage and tell me you are ready for that next step. Ready for me to help you, to teach you how to make love to a woman. How to put your own male, selfish desires to the side and really please a woman.

Kinky Phone Sex

Of course there’s the kink factor. You are not going to be confessing to your girlfriend that you think about sucking cock.
Most folks dinner conversation is not going to be about how the Giantess fantasy is in your top five of all time masturbation fantasies.
Your family will not understand your desires to submit and be submissive to a dominate woman.  Wanting to feel owned, and controlled.

I know you, you want to whisper in my ear how sissy  girlie you feel in  your pink lace panties. That , my friends will probably never be heard on he golf course, in between cigars and snuffs of scotch. Am I right or am I right?   Yep, there are some things, some discussions, some activities which are best left for your friendly  Phone Mistress.

That’s why I’m here.

*I am totally making this up.

Cock Docking – Is It For You

Cock Docking

Cock Docking With Mistress Erika

Calling all cocksuckers and gay fuck toys! I have a question for you! Have you tried cock docking? I had a hot call the other day from a closet cocksucker, or should I say,  fuck toy wanna be, who loved cock docking. The thought of a larger, much larger, than his just “shy of average”, penis being engulfed and played with in such a way was so hot!

Cock Docking : Foreskin Wanted

Cock docking, for the unfamiliar, is the act of one uncut  penis , allowing the head of another penis, into his foreskin! Stretching the foreskin over the head of the other penis, while it slides in and nestles next to its host in an erotic penis  to penis horizontal mambo .   The inserted cock now strokes it’s host cock inside his foreskin!

I encourage you to search the term if you’ve never seen such a thing, it really is an erotic visual!
So the actual mechanics of this sexy act requires at least one foreskin.  No foreskin on either cock in the pair?

Humm, well I have seen a two cut cock stroke, one of their hands holding the cocks parallel to one another! I thought that was pretty hot too! But doubt it has nearly the same feel!

Cock Docking Fun

I’ve read most who indulge in this sexy sexy play do so as foreplay. The uncut cock’s head being so sensitive and the erotic sensation of the other cocks head rubbing up against that silky soft , yet firm hunk of man meat! So erotic and a huge turn on not everyone wants to “Finish that way”.

But I do encourage you to try it , at least once! Filling up the foreskin, watching the white hot spunk ooze from the foreskin fuck hole.  You just might be addicted to the sight, the feel,  and yes, taking your time and performing clean up duties like a good cock slut!

Cautions to Cock Docking

Please, I should remind you. >>>Always<<< keep safety  at the forefront.  Since there are lovely sex juices involved , there’s a possibility of transmission of all kinds of nefarious things.  I think Finding or recruiting a safe partner is the only way to go!  But don’t think you can find an  uncut cock and go to town! Although the owner of the snake in a turtle neck may be down with your kinky self,  keep in mind your sizes and going at it a bit slow at first!

I want to hear from you if you have tried cock docking?I want to hear from you, though!  I’m thinking of adding cock docking on my sissy training regime! See my poll, below!

Have you tried cock docking with a condom?   Email me


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