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Kinky Vacation Fantasies

Hi there , I was away last week having some very kinky vacation fantasies! Did you miss me last week? I know some of you did! Poor pets, I know how horrible it is to get used to seeing me around then with short notice I was off, unplugged and distressing. Oh my , I know it must sound like I went to some sort of rehab, I didn’t. Honest! *laughing*. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”. No I enjoyed some real time relaxing not caring about the time of day. Eating when hungry, resting when drowsy and most of all being naughty naughty naughty! Well, if not in the flesh , certainly in my mind! But I’m back now, my lovely submissive men, looks like you survived though!

Kinky Vacation Fantasy Sensual Massage

The luxury hotel was the jewel in the resort towns crown. Opulent chandeliers decorate each elaborately decorated main hall and conference rooms.  Gym, pool, sauna, spa all the luxury accommodations one would expect of a resort of this caliber.  You decide it’ll be great to have one of those 90 min full body massages. You’re escorted to the candle lit room. Soft aromatic candles burn filling the air with a calming scent. Barely there soothing sounds seemed to emanate from indistinct places in the walls, enveloping its inhabitants in soft soothing sounds.

Laying face down , you hear her come in. Only seeing her shoes, beautiful strappy white kitten heeled sandals.  Her warm soft hands begin their dance along your body, neck shoulders then back. You feel yourself , every fiber relaxing as you drift in a space you don’t typically visit. You mind wanders , the next conscious thought is when she begins below your waist. Feet, then calves she expertly manipulates your flesh .

Kinky Vacaion

Kinky Vacation Fantasy

Once both feet and calves are done you feel her hand firmly slide up your legs, towards your ass crack. Feather light touches as he soft hand glides her fingertips over ass cleavage your cock stirs. Her soft voice compels you to turn over. Beautiful raven haired 30 something vixin smiling back at you, breasts spilling out of her white zippered dress. You stare at her breasts as the jiggle oh so slightly as her hands begin their exploration on this side of your body……….. this vacation is going to be a very kinky vacation as her oiled soft hands slide under the towel……

Worshiping Mistress

One doesn’t have to make too large of  a leap to fall right into this kinky vacation fantasy, well I don’t. A pretty common session with me is worshiping Mistress on cam. Since worshiping Mistress is a favored erotic fantasy of mine it was such fun to let my mind wander, where I was.  Watching the younger waiters, and other men at the luxury resort, a smile curls on my lips as I imagine them as my submissives. Bringing me warm towels, a cool drink. How delightful to have several men servicing every one of my needs.

One by one they show up in my suite. Each bearing gifts, a tray of hors d’oeuvres another with a nice chardonnay. A tray of massage oils.  My mind dances with the images of them in my panties, compelling each one to stroke for me, I delight in their differences. Cock/ball rings for all as I adore the image of the male package tied up, front and center for me. Now, they are on their knees worshiping  me. One delightful submissive on each leg, soft warm kisses on each toe I love how they worship my feet. Working their way up, my foot, calve ,knee. Deep breath, head back and savoring the sensations. I drift on an erotic cloud…….. that’s it guys…….

Life is good, and so is my naughty mind. Let’s play with your naughty fantasy!

Kinky Vacation Fantasy Mistress Erika

MILF Phone Sex

Last post I talked about officially joining the ranks of MILF Domme *smirk*.  This post we’ll explore a bit more about MILF phone sex. Not an accident, certainly. Since we are at Intelligent Phone Fantasy.

MILF Guided

There’s something sexy about a mature woman , a Dominate Mature Woman guiding your masturbation. So I was told. Had some fun with a younger man this past week. Don’t get all cray cray, he was in his 20’s people.

He’s not very experienced with either phone play or face to face play. Perfect to start exploring with MILF phone sex. He’s had a few girlfriends,  some hot sex with them, it’s not enough. Needing to  explore his submissiveness. Guided turned into a bit of fantasy play and soon this young man was confessing his interest in cock-sucking. Being naughty was a thrill for him and we ran through a few highly arousing and humiliating scenes, with him begging for more.

MILF Neighbor Fantasy

It was when we were exploring the MILF neighbor fantasy that this hot young submissive felt safe enough to continue to confess his naughty secret thoughts. Why am I sharing these things with you , he had wondered out-loud.  Nothing for me to do but smile, humm? I’m sure it was a combination of things, I suppose the ambiance which was created during our play lent to the uninhibited utterances long into the edging session. Taking us to sex parties, where he’s he main course. Go on tell us what you need I coo’d into his ear as he knelt patiently before that juicy dick. Go on dirty slut, I seethed, tell me what you WANT! Gulping forcefully your lips part to make an utterance. Not fast enough , and I start to lose my patience with him. Reaching down , lifting that nice pc of man meat, grabbing it around the base there’s still a good four inches remaining! *swat* right on your cheek, wake up cuckie and fluff this hot cock for me, NOW!



*laughs* so what kind of fun are we going to have? I’d love to hear your ideas. Email Me, message me here, fill up this blog with comments *points down* !

MILF Phone sex

Exploring fun with MILFS










Mistress Erika

MILF Mistress Erika

That’s right, Me, moi, I Erika, your MILF Mistress! It was brought to my attention that I was a MILF Mistress. *insert shocked look here* I was having a discussion recently, and they referred to me as a MILF Mistress.  It made me stop and think. M.I.L.F Muther I’d Like to Fuck?  I don’t have kids and didn’t consider myself a nurturer of tiny humans.

Milf MIstress

MILF Mistress Erika

Popular MILF Misconceptions

M- in MILF doesn’t always mean Mother.  Yes, the acronym literally spells out Muther I’d Like To Fuck. However, just like with many words and terms, they take on a life of their own, and often their general meaning is expanded beyond its original intent. Same same with MILF.

MILF has grown to indicate a Woman who is Mature, experienced and knows how to have fun. So regardless of parental status, a MILF  is a confident sexy woman not afraid to go after, and get, what she wants.  If that’s you, well then, lucky you! Just submit, let her lead and you won’t be sorry.

The M for mother, in my context  here “what I do” can really mean just that. I can role-play the Mother in the MILF fantasy. Your friends mother, or perhaps a mother of your boss. Oh, hey! A mother of your child’s friend! Sure would make for an interesting  PTA meeting wouldn’t it? *laughing*

MILF Cock Control

In addition to fantasy and role plays, there are many advantages to handing over your cock control.

Joining  Your MILF Mistresses

I cannot argue with a definition of MILF, as shared with me above. Since I also have to agree, it describes me accurately. *wink* I’ve decided to contribute and join the other sexy  MILF Mistress at Your MILF Mistress. I hope to share thoughts, events and fun throughout the year.

Also, I have a new profile submitted for  MILF phone sex.  Check it out, and my profile should be out soon. Hope you enjoy it. Do let me know!  Follow me on Twitter and / or Tumblr and I’ll let you know when my posts are ready for you to see.

Let’s connect soon. I can’t wait to talk with you about your MILF fantasy!

MILF Mistress Erika

Sexy New Year with Goddess Erika

Hello, my sexy perverted friends! (listen to the audio re: using the term perverted)  Are you ready for a sexy New Year with yours truly? I’m ready for an action packed year filled with orgasms (or not! LOL ), moans and lots and lots of begging! I’m really not into New Year resolutions, I think anytime is a great time to set new goals for yourself! I also think anytime of year is a great time of year for ME to set goals FOR YOU! *laughing* *batting eyelashes* Don’t you? But since we are here, on December 28th 2017, staring down the barrel of the end of one year and ready for another, I will share with you some hot, hot things I’d like MORE OF in 2018! I’ll leave it up to you delightful submissive males to fulfill my needs, humm? You know you want to please me, and I so want you to, as well!

Sexy Pantie Boys

As mentioned on Mistress Harper’s Whore school podcast,  I think EVERYONE should be in panties! Boy underwear just isn’t any fun. I love a nice male ass encased in silky fabric. Not to mention a nice cock as well. If you don’t have a nice, juicy cock, that’s ok. Tiny dicklettes look bigger in panties! Your two inches disappearing in boy underpants are featured behind tight soft pair of bikini girl panties!

Now, don’t get me wrong you don’t have to be a SPH junkie or sissy to wear panties for me.

The more masculine the more “alpha” you are the more I love it when you wear pretty panties for me!
It’s your submission I crave. A symbol of that submission is you, in my panties.

Sexy Cock Sucking Cock Suckers

I adore the curious cock sucker or wanna be cock sucker! We’ll have so much fun with me teasing you about what a real cock in

Sexy New Year

Share Your Kink in 2018

your mouth is like. We’ll practice and practice and practice! Not sure if you are just a kinky perverted fantasy cock sucker, or if you really want to go live? Let’s explore it. I’ll be able to help guide you to  your answer.

Sexy Cuckolds and Various Kinks


I’d love to have some hot cuckold role-plays with you! How does your cuckold fantasy (or reality!) go? Do you watch surreptitiously from another room, or perhaps I’m your therapist and there’s something I reveal to you. Your lovely wife has been coming to see me, to talk about you, your marriage and how she longs for real satisfaction. Satisfaction she just isn’t getting from you. She’s enlisted my help, to talk with you, to “help” you to this place, this place in your mind and in my office when I reveal your wife having the hot sex the way always wanted, and conditioning you to accept it. Well, not only accept it, but encourage and even HELP by fluffing that stud for her!

Sexy New Year With Two Mistress Calls 

But I do go on and on, and this blog is already too long. I can keeping going for days! Okay wrapping it up:
I have to say, I’m having so much fun on two Mistress calls! So for 2018, more 2 Mistress calls are on the menu! Email me, let me know what your kinky mind is up to. We’ll pick another Mistress to play with us. I’ll fill her in and together you’ll be tagged teamed/double teamed as you never have before!

Let’s have some kinky play today!
Goddess Erika

Listen to this Blog Post with special naughty additions

Christmas Bondage: Chet’s-nuts Roasting by an Open Fire

Hello, blog train riders. Hop aboard the Christmas bondage post, aka  “Chet’s-nuts Roasting by an Open Fire.” Setting the scene, a delicious submissive, Chet, has found himself in a precarious position. His wrists tied behind his back, sitting up on his knees, facing the fireplace. My cock and balls tied, sweetly. Presenting his package to its most forward, for all to see and for the flames to lick, oh so close, as I position him so close to it. Laying back on a rug, enjoying how fantastic he looks in his submissiveness. Gazing at his fire warmed skin, that song comes to mind. I hope you enjoy this little fantasy of mine, a parody of chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Read along, sing along song!


Chet’s-nuts roasting by an open fire
Jack-off stroking his bone
Stroker affirmations being sung by our subs
And Mistresses dressed up like Dominants

Everybody knows a strap on and some lube
Help to make the pegging right
Tiny dicks with their balls tied and glowing
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

They know that Bondage is on its way
I’m using lots of paddles and dildos on that asss
And every fifty spanks is going to show
To see if subbies really know how to cryyyyyyy

And so, I’m offering this simple phrase
To subs from 18-92

Although it’s been said many times, many ways
Merry Bondage to you


<—–The previous car on this train was Mistress Brighton’s cuckold challenge!!
The final car is —————>Ms. Jacquline cum eating post!

How a Hot Wife Cuckolds Her Husband

So many ways to have fun when a hot wife cuckolds her husband!  Since I’ve been  having some really hot cuckolding calls lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the scene. Let me share some thoughts, I’d love to hear yours!

A Hot Wife Cuckolds Husband

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Christmas Fun with CBT- aka Shiny Balls

Shiny balls , shiny balls, it’s cbt time in the city! Hello there, holiday pets. Did you happen by on the blog train? Read Ms. Christine’s naughty holiday cum eating blog! I’m now continuing on this blog train, I’m loving the idea of binding and tying up those naughty balls. You know they are . . . → Read More: Christmas Fun with CBT- aka Shiny Balls

Celebrating My First Kinky Year with LDW

My One Year Anniversary!

12/20/2016 I took my very first call with LDW!

Tomorrow, in addition to my stroker rewards program, in addition to my 15 free with 15 celebration (below) I’m adding a  THIRD way to win with me!

Call me 10 min. or more tomorrow on my Anniversary and receive a naughty . . . → Read More: Celebrating My First Kinky Year with LDW

A Merry Cuckold Slut

Hi there, dear readers! What a delightful sentiment, don’t you think. Having a Merry Cuckold Slut? Why, we can decorate a sissy cuckold slut with a little red cap! Oh, and a red corset, panties and candy cane stockings! That would be a lovely gift for me! How else can our cuckold slut help . . . → Read More: A Merry Cuckold Slut

Hot Two Mistress Call with Mistress Olivia

One of the perks with “what I do” is that I get to meet and befriend some amazing women! All of the Enchantrix Mistresses are exceptional in their own way, and Mistress Olivia is no exception!   November 28th was Two Mistress Call Day, part of LDW’s celebrating 15 years of awesome phone sex!  When . . . → Read More: Hot Two Mistress Call with Mistress Olivia