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Celebrating My First Kinky Year with LDW

Win Free Phone Sex

LDW’s 15th Anniversary and My 1 Year

Can you believe it? December 20, 2016 I took my first call with LDW! I am having so much fun! The year flew by! I thought as part of a countdown we’d have a bit of fun.

Thursday December 14,2017 – December 20,2017

  • Every 15 minute (or more) call with me gives you at least one chance to win 15 minutes* with me!
  • 30 Minute call? Two entries!
  • 60 Minute call? Four entries!
  • Multiple 15 minute calls during the contest dates, each call gives you an entry!
  • Sexy Texting Included!
  • Call and wish me  a happy anniversary to enter!
*15 min added onto your, open paid call, of 10 min or more

A Merry Cuckold Slut

Hi there, dear readers! What a delightful sentiment, don’t you think. Having a Merry Cuckold Slut? Why, we can decorate a sissy cuckold slut with a little red cap! Oh, and a red corset, panties and candy cane stockings! That would be a lovely gift for me! How else can our cuckold slut help celebrate the season of giving? Humm…….

A Giving Cuckold Slut

Since it’s the season of giving, I for one would think it appropriate that a cuckold slut be giving of their mouth. Offering it up with holiday cheer whenever I desire it. Pleasing me with your mouth is really the only sex we have, anymore. Isn’t that right?

Your small dicklette just doesn’t work for pussy anymore, does it? When you came to me it did, I even pretended to like it for a bit. But that gets old fast.  So I gave up and told you, learn to use your mouth!

Cuckold Slut

Cuckold Slut Merry Giving

Which is Why You are a Cuckold Slut

Something happened when you saw that thick juicy dick give it to me like you could never….. and now as hard and mighty as you might want it to get, your dicklette  has pussy fright! Oh how could you ever please my pussy after you saw what a decent cock can do.

So you sat in the corner jacking off, watching how it’s done right. You gave and you gave with your mouth on my pussy. But now is the ultimate giving, the giving up of your manhood.

Submitting to a man, for my pleasure.Whimpering and cumming your way to this very day. You’ve watched so much, you’re enchanted! You want to know what it’s like to have a large, or even decent sized, cock and you’ll have it anyway you can get it. Soon you were stroking him, then blowing. Oh, My bull appreciates your oral skills as well, and perhaps that’s what happened to you, humm, cuckold slut? You fell in love with………. Cock?

Yes, you did. Slut. LOL

Mistress Erika

Listen to my post: Here and for those who love when a woman laughs (at you) stay on till the very end!


Hot Two Mistress Call with Mistress Olivia

One of the perks with “what I do” is that I get to meet and befriend some amazing women! All of the Enchantrix Mistresses are exceptional in their own way, and Mistress Olivia is no exception!   November 28th was Two Mistress Call Day, part of LDW’s celebrating 15 years of awesome phone sex!  When you called, you could speak to two Sexy Mistress for the price of one!  I say it was a win win, all around! Love to share some of my day with you!

Two Mistress Call

Ask for Erika & Olivia

Two Mistress Call

This celebration was fantastic as it allowed some of you to play with two of us and get a taste of

Two Mistress Call

Experienced Mistress Olivia

how we play together! I know the submissive pets who spoke with Olivia and I had a fantastic time! So sensual and naughty, Ms Olivia’s experience and abilities transcend your typical “Phone sex call” as she creates a mood, an ambiance for her phone guests, and they never forget who the Experienced Mistress is!  Playing with her was a treat, indeed!

Vegas Shenanigans , Tricked and Turned

Imagery of seduction, transformation and power were painted so artfully on this call. This fantasy led by the effervescent Mistress Olivia. Her skillful touch on a kinky journey had me transported to that hotel room in Vegas. Teasing and tormenting our pet Blaze. Now Blaze isn’t her real name, her real name is actually a boy’s name! But that’s no matter to anyone after Ms Olivia and I transform a boy into a girl.  Blaze finds the more embarrassed, the more turned on she becomes, she will vow to do ANYTHING for Mistress, and boy, does she!

Bride To Be

I adore being a girl playing with girl things. I totally understand why you want to be a girl, too! Pretty dresses, and shoes…..Now sharing that love with you! Two Mistress call day introduced me to a Bride to be! Planning and dreaming of that perfect day! Nothing is more feminine, than a woman’s wedding day. Am I right? I am! LOL

It was  just the girlie fix I needed. Having such fun discussing and looking at beautiful gowns, this brides collection is nothing short of amazing! Spending girl time, talking make up, nails and jewelry the time flew and before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye to my new friend!

Oh my, there was so much more to that day, and only a brief time for it all today! I barely scratched the surface!  Perhaps I’ll pick up where I left off on another day, or perhaps Ms Olivia will share some of her thoughts, too! I bet if you comment asking, I can get her to do it!  Comment below and I’ll send her an email, telling her to take a gander at all the horn dogs who want to be “in the know” LOL

I had an amazing month celebrating with all of you. Thank you, everyone for making my life amazing!

Mistress Erika


Eating Cum is Common Here

As I sit on my lanai out by my pool, I reflect back on my previous posts about eating cum. Naughty thoughts of my connections with you, I’m delighted by how many different kinks and fetishes involve eating cum! Of course, anytime we talk about sharing fluids, I always insist on vetting and being safe. Having taken care of that, let’s talk about cum baby, let’s talk about you and me, and all the fun ways we can eat. Let’s talk about cum.

Cum Eating Heterosexual

Bah! This is a no brainier, right? Being a sensual person I cannot imagine a more sensual, sexual and erotic way to explore your partner! Giving and receiving oral sex is by far one of my favorite activities to do with a lover. If it ain’t good for your face to be down there, that tells me a lot of what I need to know about you being a compatible partner! So once we are confident of moving into that realm, I’ll slurp up some  male juice like I’ve spent the last week roaming the desert. So naturally I have to ask, if I will eat  your cum why won’t you?

Cum Eating Submissive

As a submissive, eating your own cum may be a part of your journey with your Mistress. Cum curious, or exploring how the training and subsequent consumption of said cum interplay’s with your submissive nature. You won’t be the first guy to go from ew to yum, no shame pet. No shame. For when you do things in the name of your Mistress. To please  her, to obey her there is no shame, is there? No, pet. No. For you to feel shame over your actions would transfer shame to Mistress. You cannot have that, no we simply cannot.

Humiliation Cum Eating

Another common cum eating scene is humiliation cum eating.  Cock sucking and servicing an alpha male cock naturally will lead to cum eating. Cuckolding can and often does include cum eating. Humiliating for a straight man, or shall I say previously straight? Ha! I love, and delight in your woody breaking bricks from me handing you your manhood on a plate! Suck it fag, oh yea. You’re going to tell me you’ve never done such things? Bah ha ha! Liar, look at you, a pro! Don’t tell me you don’ t like it. My eyes are not lying to me. Now, be a good gay suck toy and beg for his cream.

Cum Eating Addiction

Eating cum

Yummy Cummie

Then there are those, so turned on, so over the top gaga for creamy stuff! They are more interested in the load than they are the man. They may suck dick but to them “the dick”  well, that’s just a tool to get the goo! They’ve gone from being totally hetero, and perhaps , cum curious to into a full blown  cum fetish , their insatiable thirst just grows. Their feeling of sexual satisfaction, must include cum!

I fear for this addict the most. Remember what I said before about safety? I call you an addict for a reason. You’ll do pretty dumb things, to get your white sauce! Reign yourself in , get involved with a Mistress to guide and control your slutty cum guzzling addition.

Mistress Erika

The Long Ride II: The Next Hour

Hey, kinky crew. The second installment of the long ride is here. If you’ve missed the first one, read it here.    Now get cozy , cuddle with your favorite toy, and read about the next hour in Clark’s little train ride.

The Long Ride: The Next Hour

Following her swaying ass down the corridor to her bunking area was enchanting. Clark’s heart thudding , stomach turning and cock thick and aroused.  He just couldn’t believe his dumb luck. Mind racing of images of this hottie sucking his cock, and riding her hard, her whimpering and crying for more of  his cock!  Chuckling to himself, imagining telling his friends about the strange he got on this trip! Yes, one for the history book of good ‘ol Clark. A foolish smirk and dreamy eyed look was on the young man’s face.

He didn’t notice when she stopped and turned to look at him until he almost ran into her with his bag. Suddenly becoming aware of her attention on him, he blushed as if she read his dirty thoughts right off his face. Six feet, golden haired, square jaw, classic good looks, just horribly, horribly awkward, she thought. Now he’s smirking thinking he’s getting pussy tonight. Her own wicked smile crept along her face as she made her next move,  ignoring that pompous smirk on his face.

She purred, “We’re here,” opened the door and entered the compartment. She entered passing a small, compact half bath, on her right. A bench decorated as a love seat ran along the bath side of the compartment. On the left, another longer bench that pulled out to a bed, and another bench above which was folded back, but also able to fold out for sleeping. It wasn’t too cramped and Clark found space above one of the benches to put his bag.

He sat down opposite of her, and she pretended to play with her phone.  Clark was reduced to the state uncertainty. He’d never met a woman like this before. She certainly knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to request it. He was intrigued , his mind and his groin were tingling. Please , please he prayed , whatever you do Clark,  DO NOT fuck this up. Evening was falling, and the super moon began to illuminate the compartment through the large center window as the train chugged  into the night.

Putting down her phone and pulling a large duffel from under the seat, she starts pulling out things and setting them down next to her on the bench.  Life like vibrating cock, silk scarves, cock ring, prostate massager,  and lastly, a pair of red silky panties.

Clark tried hard not to appear intimidated, swallowing hard, his heads exploding with the possibilities, and as his cock throbbed in his pants he heard “Take off your clothes and put these on.” In that very second, the silky, red panties flew across the cabin  onto his face, sliding down landing on his lap.

“What?!” he answered, indignantly. The vixen leaned over, putting her elbows on her knees, her blouse falling open revealing those beautiful breasts and she seethed. “I told YOU to put them on! Which part of my instructions at dinner were confusing to you?” she growled, and those golden eyes were ablaze as she glared at him.

He felt a bolt of fear and excitement race through his body, for a split second he considered leaving but watching her breasts heave as her anger increased, he felt glued to his seat, unable to resist. “Do it, do it NOW!” she bellowed. His trembling fingers went to his shirt unbuttoning one after the other. Then his pants, he hesitated ,suddenly embarrassed by his erection. But what the hell, his aroused cock and mind said go for it.

Sliding down his pants and his boxer briefs, his cock springs to attention. As he steps into the panties and begins to slide them up his legs, she suddenly and hurriedly gathered his clothes…… empty’s his pockets, stands up and leaves the compartment before he can utter a protest…… he wanted to go after her….. but…. his cock…… the panties…… FUCK what is this woman DOING!?

His cock throbs and jumps , betraying him………….

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Mistress Erika


Coached Cum Eating and Orgasm Control

Coached cum eating help can come in various forms. It really just depends on you. Some will submit and comply with a stern voice and orders. Then there are those who love to discuss the finer details , or  love the push and pull of negotiations and bargaining. Others love the feeling of their . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating and Orgasm Control

Last Week Celebrations!

Today! Last Day Celebration! 15 for 15! Woo hoo!! Check out Enchantrix15 for details!


15 for 15!

Cum Eating Kink or Fetish

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My first Thanksgiving with LDW/Enchantrix and I’m having the time of my life. Truly. Flexible schedule to allow me holiday preparations, found myself with a few hours Thanksgiving morning, alone so I hopped on and took some really hot calls! So thank you to those special holiday pantie wetters!

Thank you to all of . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving

Dom sub Relationship

The Dom sub relationship, a yin and yang. Two opposites, which are actually complementary, interconnected.  Key for any relationship really. Being able to appreciate our differences and how they are sometimes interconnected and interdependent.


Dom sub relationship 101

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