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Understanding Feminization Crossdressing and Sissies With Erika

This is important, we have to chat about feminization , crossdressing and sissies. During any particular day I am witness to, or privy to interactions with others within kinky circles. Some of these interactions embody a surprising lack of sensitivity for nuances between these common terms and the folks who identify with them.  I’ve heard both sides of the coin, and if we all employ a bit more tolerance and apply a bit of sensitivity we can ensure there’s more joy and less stress with our interactions. Either in person, or on line the same tolerance and respect is required. Let’s take a look.

Crossdressing and Sexual Orientation

Simply put if you don the attire of the opposite gender, more commonly identified with males dressing as females, you are crossdressing.  The definition should not assume the cross dresser has any particular interest towards sexual activity with males. Are there males out there who call


Sissies Cross-dressing and feminization

themselves cross dressers yet want to have sexual interactions with males? Sure there are. But you cannot assume the same of every cross dresser. Don’t start off a private message,  with a dick reference. If you understand what I mean.  It is presumptuous and rude.

I have fun with my cross dressing friends. The majority of which enjoy sexual relations with women. It is the draw of feeling  soft feminine attire, having a chance to explore their other self. Yes, for some helping them feel sexual as well.

What is Feminization

Certainly when donning feminine clothes as pointed out above is feminizing the crossdresser. Feminization describes the act or process of a male becoming more feminine.  Often I work with  training  males being feminized, the process is exhilarating,, freeing and yes, erotic. Similar with crossdressing you simply cannot assume someone who is into “Feminization” is going to want to suck a cock, or have anything to do with men. Gender identity does not go hand in hand with sexual attraction.

Defining Sissies

More often than not when someone identifies as a sissy they just might be interested in sexual interactions with males. Again there are no hard and true rules here. Sissies are crossdressers and are interested in feminization.  I understand the confusion for many. That’s why it is so important not to assume someones behavior based on a category or title. Being respectful with interactions with new friends, until you know their preferences is respectful.


If  you identify with any of the above and do receive a message , or proposition from someone of the same gender for sexual interactions (and it’s not your thing) please be tolerant. They are not implying you seem to “want cock”, they are viewing you with their own motivations in mind.  Here’s a secret for ya: SURPRISE- Horny men don’t make good decisions!

Yes, their proposition was probably rude but in all fairness we run around in kinky circles where talk of sex, of all kinds , is common and so is the occasional misstep. So please be tolerant and take it as an opportunity to educate and be a shining example of the the group you identify with. You  may be the first person “like you” they’ve encountered.  Leave them feeling positive about the interaction. If you are the offender  made the misstep and presumed too much be an adult, apologize and move on!

We have but one life, let’s make it the most fun we can! For more on what I have to say about crossdressers.

Until we chat

Mistress Erika

Mistress Updates And Kinky Fun


Mistress Erika

Just a quick update post, to fill you in on the kinky fun I’ve been having. It includes kinky fun with  Sister Mistresses , Enchantrix Empire happenings and and update on Slutsky. Slutsky was featured in a blog a few weeks ago “he is addicted to masturbation“. You can give it a scan real quick, if you are unfamiliar before you read his update.

Slutsky Is Addicted To Masturbation

So Slutsky Slut Slutterson has been living up to his name! First, Mistress Andi and I have taken control of that horny cock and are currently training it just the way we like it! You can read about our co-ownership on Princess Andi’s blog Phone Sex Princess Blog! Andi and I are having so much fun with Slutsky, and how we tag team him!

So, on with Sluttersons update: We  had some hot two and three Mistress calls with this slut. Andi and I showing him and his naked slutty sub self masturbating  with some of our other Sister Mistresses.  Him being on display, obeying our commands as we take turns teasing and edging him! He needed all the help he could get. He was up to 15 edges a day! Then in a session with me on July 7,  and after 117 edges he had a ruined orgasm. That means the challenge was not met! He’s currently locked 24/7 unless supervised by a Mistress to stroke!

Now It was suggested this entire edging challenge was setting Slutsky Slut Slutterson up for failure! But I beg to differ! Setting the bar  seemingly too high was exactly what he needed to achieve what he did! This is a marathon, not a sprint.  No Pain, no gain! The path to sucess is not always a straight line, and it’s all about the journey! You see our pet not only went longer than ever before without orgasm, but he did over 116 edges in 15 days with NO ORGASM! I think it’s an amazing accomplishment! I’m pleased with SSS’s (ha!) progress and I know Princess Andi is too!

Some who are familiar with Slutsky might have noticed a bit of a change in his name. Seems some of the fun we’ve had with Slutsky was with the sexy Mistress Daphne and  with our approval, she gave him a new last name! Slutterson! His name then kept evolving  and I’m proud to announce we have Enchantrix’s Slutsky Slut Slutterson, here to humor and deny himself for his sexy Owners and his owners friends!

Princess Andi

Like I mentioned above, Andi and I have been having so much kinky fun together! We are behind the scenes having sexy chats and coming up with a great way for you to have fun with us this August! Now ,now, no peeking but it does involve presents! From us to you! So stay tuned, subscribe to our blogs today so you don’t miss this hot opportunity!

Kinky Fun On Cock Radio

As you may not know some of the Enchantrix Mistresses have their own podcasts.  You can join them in our private chatroom at Community Kink and listen to their podcasts, while chatting with like minded kinksters. I try to join the chat when I can, so I hope to see you there sometime! Some shows have returned or will be returning after their hiatus , one of which is the popular Kink Korner with Constance! Check them out here: Cock Radio Shows.

Yahoo Messenger

Many of you know that Yahoo Messenger has gone the way of the dodo. For any of you out there who connected  with me via yahoo, I have other options for us to use! Just send me an email or hit me up in DM on Twitter, Tumblr or Enchantrix Empire.

Until We Chat…..

Mistress Erika 💋

What Can You Do With A Small Penis

Hello adoring fans, or newbs (welcome!) today we talk about what I can do with a small penis.  It is more common than you think, men thinking their penie weenie is something that leaves vagina’s wanting more! For those task oriented SPH fans,  I’m often challenged by my callers to come up with things we can do with His Small Penis. So I’m throwing a few thoughts together and I’d love to hear yours!

Small Penis Hilarity

Of course first thing that is on the table is laughter, sweet sweet laughter. Watching you blush and turn ten shades of red when you reveal that disappointment between  your legs. Having you do jumping jacks, helicopter that perky widdle guy. I laugh even harder when I see YOU getting harder! I go all out belly rolling when we both know it’s hard and quivering yet the length and girth hasn’t changed much at all. Now you are dripping, of my GAAAAAAWD!

If you love raucous laughter, you’ll have to listen to the audio! I had a great time searching for “small penis” “Micro penis and what you hear is my laughter at viewing such pathetic dicks.

Mistress Judges Penis Size

Small Penis

Which Is Bigger

Five inches or under? Well of course you wont’ be bringing that tiny pee wee anywhere near my pretty pussy. What’s the point? I’ll be bored. I am far from a size queen and can be satisfied with a less than humongous male dong. But darling, the size I’m looking at just won’t cut it. I KNOW! I  have even been insulted in bed once by a tiny five inches. The only thing I remember from that encounter is the phrase “are you in yet” ha ha! Six inches? Well if you are really good at what you do, I might give you a go. Particularly if you are a bit on the thicker side. Seven seems to be my lucky number, and yours, if that’s the least  you are sporting, sport.💋

But really, any size is a good size to play with! I mean, not every penis is made for intercourse. But   teasing a small penis  can be fun for all!  Don’t you think?


Games For Teeny Penises

I can whisper erotic humiliating things in  your ear, or play on sexy texting while you are out and about. Sending you on sexy and humiliating tasks, perhaps to the adult bookstore to inquire about the smallest cock cages they carry, then admitting: It would be too big! Don’t worry though, you simply can’t offend the masses when I make that tiny pee pee hard in your pants, I mean who’d notice? No one , nope not a one.

Oh if you like comparing, not only can we measure your size, but measure other things about your wee willy to what real cocks can do!  From how long it takes you to make one complete stroke (up and down =completed stroke) to how long tiny dicklets can last with moderate or fast strokes. Typically, little guys don’t last very long since they don’t have much practice having to hold their orgasm for anyone.

Oh another fun thing is for us to both hop on our computers during session and share links to cocks that are either smaller than yours (hard to find, eh?) or how about what cock you’d pick for me to fuck! I like that game! It’s fun to live vicariously through others, as I tell you what having such a large cock is like! Ya, you can wank to my story tiny pp, after all it’s all you have!

Tiny Penis Show and Tell

small penis

Cock cage for tiny dicks

Above , I posted a picture of every day objects you might find around your home. Find them, hold it up next to your erect penis and then tell me, with each one “Which is bigger”? I’d love to hear your reply! Oh and for one very special TFTT, see the champagne cork and muselet to our left? Little pp loser TT, can’t even afford to have a tiny cock cage made so I’m going to have him use the muselet! Now I can’t take credit for that novel idea. My belly still hurts from laughing after Mistress Hunter told me she humiliated him with that very suggestion before!

I hope you had as much fun with SPH as I did today. So tell me do you like SPH? Does the audio make your willy weep tears of pre-cum? Then you and I need to have some alone time and have some fun!


Until we chat

SPH Mistress Erika 💋

Power Exchange Ritual And You

Hello dear readers! Quick post today about the Power Exchange Ritual. In my world of Femdom there is a lot of talk about subspace, Dom space being owned and controlled by a beautiful Dominant Woman. Certainly leading, taking control of your mind,  your body your sexuality is erotic and arousing for me, as it is for you. Feeling the energy shift is thrilling. But what is and why a ritual, some have wondered. What is it about and what does it look like?

Power Exchange

Your ability submit and find your subspace is largely a learned process. Sure there are naturally submissive people, but don’t mistake being a nervous unsure twit with being submissive. Even those who are naturally submissive benefit from the power shift.   What acts help you feel submissive giving up that power to another? Some it’s donning panties at my request and being my pantie wearing submissive. Others need to be over my knee with a stern and focused spanking. Many identify the traditional BDSM scene, spanking, restraint and various flogging , caning as the pinnacle of that power exchange. Some it is sensual meditation that gets you to the space you crave. Still  others it is sensual or harsh humiliation. The list is as wide and varied as there are people.

Power Exchange Ritual

Power Exchange Ritual

Power Exchange Ritual

In so when learning what helps you feel submissive and finding that subspace you crave, Mistresses know that adding a ritual to the scene is a powerful way to condition your mind and body. Trigger, if you will to help aid and reconnect you with your Mistress. I could be a special greeting, created to open the session put your mind and body in alignment for what is to come. Perhaps a particular ritual performed at the beginning of the session to help condition your mind and your body to find it in that subspace where nothing else matters. Focused on your Dom, focused on Her words and allow the rest of reality fade as you both journey through space.

Intimate Power Exchange Ritual

For the uninitiated the above title may seem strange. They don’t get how intimate D/s scenes are, or can be. More than being physically naked and vulnerable to another. Your submission is reflective of the trust and vulnerability that occurs, and is as powerful or even more so than any other sexual encounter. Therefore the ritual you and I have will be personal, created just for us. Will there be similar elements with others? Sure. I have my triggers too, you know. Those triggers will be there for My pleasure. But other elements will be tailored to our connection, our time. If you regularly session with me you know this. Don’t you pet.

Until we chat

Mistress Erika💋

I Am A Slut Mistress

Oh what the confession I get at times. ” I’m a horny slut Mistress”.  Yes, pet ,you are a slut.  I adore sluts, sluts of all kinds! I hear you “all kinds, Erika?”  But what is a slut, and is it humiliating when I call you a slut. I suppose, like some things I take a thumb to convention when it comes to the term slut. Confused? Interested?  Let’s have a fun look at sluts.

Slut Meaning

For most folk being called a slut  isn’t generally a nice thing to have happen to you. Particularly, when you consider the traditional definition of what a slut is. Slut: a woman with multiple sexual partners, dirty unclean.  What year is it  where Women are judged harshly for having multiple partners? *knock knock* 1950 called they want their outdated, sexist view of  Women back.

Practical usage of the word in today’s world is when people call women , and men, sluts when they are being judgmental and identifying someone who is more uninhibited, sexually, than they are. Perhaps they feel the “slut” engages in sexual activity more often than their prudent ass hat, believe you should. It’s used as a weapon. A way to judge and feel better about their narrow tight-ass view of the world

F-that.  I happen to celebrate such behavior and see nothing unclean or dirty about engaging yourself in the pleasures of sex. What say we just jump head first into 2018 and rework how we define and use the term slut!  I embrace the term, wield it as symbol of freedom from harsh and unneeded judgement.  I use it as a tool, to enhance , tease and yes even for some to humiliate with. Depending on the person and the scene, that is. Sometimes slut is an term of sexy endearment. “you are such a slut for my pussy.”


What kind of Slut are you?

Slut Types

Slut types? Yes readers, there are  types. What is your sexual turn on? What erotic image and thoughts invade your mind, teasing and tormenting you over and over? You crave to imbibe you crave to explore ,  you crave to journey down that path and allow it to lead you to where you want to be.

Cock ? Your behavior is (or you want it to be) uninhibited when it comes to hard dick bones. You spend time , viewing cocks on line. Calling me and talk about your fascination , your complete and utter devotion to that phallus. You yearn to explore more. Perhaps even going “all the way” and pleasuring a live, hot cock! ,

Pantie, you think of , dream of, collect as many panties as possible. Maybe wearing panties, and definitely yank to all things relating to panties. Regardless of where you are now, on your pantie slut journey panties are your number one obsession.

Pussy, you dream of pleasuring me with your mouth. Each fold and nuance of my pretty pussy invades your thinking mind. To feel me squirming, moaning and yes glazing your face with my nectar is an obsession for you. Your Nirvana.

So dear readers, you get the idea. Yes? So what kind  are you? I want to know and better yet, why not show me what kind of slut you are!

Until we chat 💋

Slut Mistress Erika

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He is Addicted to Masturbation

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Tips on how to have Great Phone Sex

Hello, fans! Thanks for stopping by. Today we talk about having great phone sex.  I’ve had a few conversations recently which has prompted me on the topic of this post. Along with how to have great phone sex, today’s post is hopefully informative and fun. So let’s get to it.

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Begging Humiliation and your Submission

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