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Cross Dressing Feminization Training

Cross Dressing Feminization Training is today’s topic. Last time we talked about sissy bimbo slut training.   Someone interested in cross dressing, isn’t necessarily interested in the bimbo, or slut aspect for their feminization transformation. Dressing like,  relating to and emulating “non-bimbo” females is the primary focus. What could you expect from training?

Cross Dressing Feminization

Cross Dressing Feminization

Cross Dressing Feminization Training Sexual Element

There is often a sexual, sensual element for cross dressers when enveloping themselves in their feminine persona. Using that sexual element, the arousal and the interest. Keeping you hyper focused with that energy and use it for OUR advantage!

From shopping for your fem things, keeping you on track using your feminine energies to shop for your wardrobe, to getting waxes or mani pedi’s. Practicing your walks, sits and multiple other mannerisms more akin to your every day woman is a must while you are hyper aroused, focused.

Feminization Training

Mentioned above, using your sexual interest we’ll hone your comportment. Lessons in  feminizing makeup  to help you look as fem as you’ll be feeling.  Of course  work on your feminine walk and  walking  in heels. Inspection of your nails, toes, seams on stockings. Straps straight and smooth.  There is so much to be aware of when exploring your feminine side and being feminine! But not only your mannerisms , and appearance on the schedule but so is taking care of and training your feminine brain. Looking out onto the world from feminine eyes, acting and reacting. “BEING” in the world as your femme self.

LDW Feminization Training

Your training can be casual and fit your schedule and a personal one on one experience.  With each session we’ll review what you’ve accomplished discuss the challenges and successes. Make an work on smaller feminine goals, like finding the right clear mascara, or lip gloss. I love having fantasy sessions, or role plays where we help you practice and interact as your femme self in various social scenario’s!

Some Mistresses also offer feminization circuit training, there are a few options, check them out! By  having our own forum,  to share in your feminization journey! Currently Paulina has enrolled in our complete beginners feminization circuit training program. You may know Paulina from her other self,  Petey Cream Puff.  But it was decided on a consultation call with Mistress Erin that if you are going to ask us to feminize you, to help you reach your full fem potential it just won’t do with a modicum of maleness that we can easily dispose of: The name! So with a bit of consultation with the training Mistresses Petey is now known as Paulina.

The Mistresses in her training are: Myself, Mistress Erin, Mistress Olivia, Mistress Cindy and  Mistress Alyssa! I know Paulina is going to have her hands full for the next while. Stay tuned to this blog and the other Mistresses for updates on our fun with Paulina!

What does your feminization dreams consist of? I want to know. Let’s connect soon and discuss!

Until we chat 💋

Feminization Mistress Erika

Sissy Bimbo Slut Training

Good Tuesday Sissy! What kind of sissy are  you? What’s your sissy style? Today we visit our virtual school and turning you into the best Sissy Bimbo Slut you can be. I have so much fun revisiting my femininity with my feminization fans, but today we are going to explode that fem journey and look at specialized Sissy Bimbo Slut Training! This little number was actually written by a sissy bimbo slut I’ve taught a few things. So delicious is this slut  that she wanted to show her appreciation for all we’ve journeyed through by writing this fun post!

Back to school season is in full effect and you are certainly no exception to this. Last year, with sissy training school, we went through a few things to get you through class. Let’s recap last years syllabus:

sissy bimbo slut

Sissy Bimbo Training.
What’s your style?

Sissy Bimbo Gym Class

We modified what you eat and your workout routine to give you the girlish figure you have now. This should never stop and our goal is for an hour glass shape. Long legs, lifted butt, cinched in waist, and little to no fat. We will work on the rest this year.

Sissy Bimbo Fashion Class

We started with slowly removing unnecessary clothes from your wardrobe. All your underwear should have been replaced with panties of all different styles and colors. Thongs, boy shorts, cheekies, in all colors such pink, purple, red, black, lime, and so on. Your extra credit assignment was to buy a matching bra to each panty.

Sissy Bimbo Reading Class

This assignment should have been easy for you to complete. We expected you to read magazines such as Cosmo and Glamour. Extra credit was assigned for those who did their research on makeup from foundation, to lipstick, to mascara, to nail polish, to perfume. Reading about and then creating your own sissy bimbo story.

This years syllabus will be a couple of notches harder and will include the following:

Laser/electrolysis for hair removal. Shaving will not be permitted. The goal is to permanently remove it.

Breast form shopping or seeing a doctor about hormone intake, to get you closer to your girlie figure.

At least 2 wigs will need to be acquired.

We will need to go shopping again for skirts, blouses, dresses and heels.

Carrying yourself like a lady will be another lesson. Talking, walking, and hand gestures as a lady will be the first step.

Failing any of these classes will require summer school sessions which will be discussed closer towards graduation but will include and not limited to:

24/7 tucking

Milking 5x a week

Ballet heel training

And more

Class is in session slut. Call now. Check Out Sissyville for More on our Training programs for sissies.

Until we train 💋
Sissy Mistress Erika

Cock Sucking Cum Eating Slut

You know you are a cock sucking cum eating slut! The problem is, you’ve backed yourself into a life that isn’t conducive for such activities. Not to mention as soon as you put the word slut in anything, people lose their minds. I don’t know why, because when I call you a cock sucking cum eating slut I mean that will all the reverence one can muster!  Let’s take a peek into my world, where sluts are not shunned or seen as some sort of social pariah but celebrated and encouraged.

Cock Sucking Cum Eating Slut

No need to convince me about the hot cock factor. For those lucky enough to make it into my bed, you know how much fun I have with a cock.  So when you come to me confessing your cock fantasies I understand your attraction. I think it’s also a bit hot that it’s a naughty secret and you’ve shared it with me! Oh and when you turn to me as ask me to train you to suck cock, I’m jumping in with both feet!

Also true is our interest in cock is a tad different. Your attraction may be born from other influences than my own. Me wanting to own and control that cock, while you want to worship it. You want to please it and reap the rewards! The Money shot, gobs  of that hot sticky goo jettisoning into your mouth and swallowing millions of his sperm, reward.

Cock Sucking Fantasy

So each cock sucker begins with a fantasy. Something he’s been dreaming of for quite sometime. You don’t dare tell anyone about it. But you’ve played out that fantasy in your head so much, or watched so much porn about it, that you now need MORE! Still keeping things in “fantasy” is where I come in.

I love playing with cocksuckers, in particular this one moaning and groaning slut that calls me on a regular basis. Why he’s such a slut the mere mention of me saying “Oh Cocksucker, look what I have for you.” He looks up and  my pretty soft hand gliding up and down that quickly thickening BBC. Oh yea, he has a weakness for BBC.  I agree’d it’s fuckin hot! Mmmmm,  shining and trembling with that cock suckers saliva dripping from it. I can hear his screams of release just writing this!

Cock Sucking And Cum Eating Fantasy

Still some, like a new developing cuckie I know, it’s something new in his mind because of our journey together. You see this cuck “wanna be” had

Cock Sucking Cum Eating Slut

                          Suck Cock For Me

these hot fantasies about his GF having bigger cocks.  From the gate he said he’s not into cock himself, but perhaps because if his smaller inadequate cock, wants his GF to get what she needs. Mind you , his cock isn’t so bad. Average, kinda on the thin side. Looks fantastic in a pair of panties, though. He came to me for help. How to talk with his girlfriend about imbibing his fantasy in some way, even a small way. While he worked on encouraging her exploration, I would train him to be a cuckold.

With my help and guidance he was able to get his GF to open up about her past. She told  him about past lovers who had bigger cock than he has to offer. Some really hot reports were had by him, once she opened up. Of course he was instructed to reward her BIG TIME for naughty talk like that. You must reward what you want.
It’s important to remember,  women we are taught not to insult those who we care about. Unlike men, when calling each other Jagoff and butt muncher, or busting his balls about his lack of athletic prowess,  is considered an endearment and bonding. Women I told him, need to be able to overcome their societal indoctrination and  norms to talk the way he wanted her to talk.

Cum Eating Reality

So on went my coaching. One thing led to another, and through our sessions he developed a lust for cock! It took a lot for him and was a shock to him when he started to realize these feelings. I assured him that they could only be thoughts, and natural for his big human brain to play with the idea of pleasing that cock , not to focus too much on it.  The last report I had from this slut, well seems he found a bull and is making nice with his cock sucking mouth and providing regular oral pleasures. Soon, he’s looking forward to introducing him into the fold. Teasing him about how hot is GF is. Doing the same with her, about the bull. He’s a bit of a backwards cuck, but hey. You’re fucking jelly! I know it!

Ha Ha. Get your cuckolding however you can, I say!

Cock Sucking Cum Eating Conclusion

Regardless of where you are on your cock sucking and cum eating journey, know you have a safe place here. With me. I won’t judge you or humiliate you, necessarily. But don’t be surprised that the natural sensual humiliation that is ever present when a straight male explores cock begins to arouse you that you want more.  I encourage you to explore your desires, fantasies and to be that slut you want to be! Slut in my world is not a bad thing, nope not at all.  But just because it’s not a bad thing, doesn’t mean you wont hear me say “You’re such a fucking slut!”
Thinking of exploring those fantasies? Or perhaps ready to move to reality? Fan-fukin-tastic! Let’s go!

Until we Chat💋

Enchantrix Erika

10 Ways To Avoid Funky Spunk Syndrome

Hello class! Today’s lesson is how to avoid having funky spunk! I was talking with a friend last week, who knows what I do. She said “I just don’t get the cum eating, I mean I’ve tasted it. It’s not that good” She went on to say that she’s dumped guys after that first taste because she ain’t dealing with no funky SPUNK! Let’s take a look at cum eating and avoiding funky spunk syndrome. Now a bit of a disclaimer: If you do eat or want to eat other peoples spunk, please be safe and vet your spunk provider thoroughly to avoid any health ramifications. Ok , the keeping my ass out of jail disclaimer has been met, lets the spunk games begin!

Why Eat Cum

Funky spunk

Do you suffer from funky spunk syndrome?

So the conversation went on about why there’s such an attraction to eating ejaculate. She said it’s soooo naughty! I clapped with glee and agreed , and said “that’s one of the major motivations to eating cum!  The taboo/erotic factor!”  No, I won’t think you are gay if you eat that cum for me. Besides,  eating cum will not make you gay. That’s not the taboo part.

Straight Alpha males are not supposed to eat ejaculate, right? To do so would be emasculating to them. But to do so at my behest is not only sensually humiliating but is also a perfect demonstration of your submission to me. Of that power shift. Of you going against your cultural encoding and submit your mind, and your body to me and my pleasures.

Gay males who do enjoy sucking cock and eating cum also come face to face with ejaculate and although they probably come across funky spunk on  a regular basis it proves to further inflame their desire. Each splash of that sticky goo reaffirming their sexuality, proving their place as a proud gay male. But guys that doesn’t mean you have to put up with funky spunk!

10 Ways to Avoid Funky Spunk

Your body’s fluids are a reflection upon your body in whole. Keep that in mind. Your sweat,  your ejaculate and yes ladies your soft liquid center all are reflections of the health of your body.
1- No tobacco! Smoking, and tobacco makes your spunk junk!
2- Reduce or eliminate alcohol.
3- Reduce or eliminate cruciferous veggies
4- Reduce or elminate red meats (Oh stop your bawlin “what about the T-bone” , what do you want sport, a BJ or a steak? Yea, I thought so)
5- Better hygeine- Keep yourself free of B.O., and trim the bushes boys! Do I have to tell you why? #Musty #MakeItNice #funkyjunk
6- Increase spices: Nutmeg, cinnamon
7- Increase fruits: All fruits may help, but pineapple is the most popular, and my favorite cantaloupe!
8- Regular exercise
9- Overall healthy diet
10-Increase water intake

All of the above will help reduce the chemicals that make funky spunk , while others will help improve the taste. They are in no particular order, and you’ll have to practice with how much, alcohol or red meat you can eat without getting funky spunk syndrome.  I think a healthy diet of cum two or three times a week is in order, to prefect the taste of that spunk.

Of course YOU will be the one eating it, pet.

I did all of this for YOU.

You’re welcome.

Read more about Cum Eating on Intelligent Phone Fantasy, then give me a call!

Until we chat 💋

Benevolent Mistress, Erika

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Help For Those Addicted To Panties

You know you are, addicted to panties. First thoughts in the morning, last thoughts at night. You don’t know what to do with your obsession. You just know you need to feed it. Feed it to the point of interfering with your responsibilities. Your personal goals. Let’s take a look at men addicted to panties. And how I can help those same men manage their addiction to panties.

Addicted to panties

Like Panties? Addicted?
Let’s chat! 1-800-601-6975

Men Addicted To Panties

Your first thoughts in the morning, panty boy, is that exquisite detail of the panties you were just dreaming of. The delicate lace trim, the classic and classy polka dot fabric. You feel your head spin, you’re in love. Why you probably love the panties MORE than who or what resides inside of those panties , humm?  Your obsession is fueled with only the finest of brands, the most delicate fabric and detail. You spend hours looking at , inquiring about various concerns one  would have when deciding on what panties to purchase. Why just talking to a woman about panties, knowing they are for you is so verboten so naughty!

Sissies Addicted To Panties

Some others may be addicted to panties, because they also identify with who is inside, panties help them feel and explore their fem side. Panties for sissies with soft satin, lace and pretty colors flip the fem switch! That girl laying quietly inside rises and emerges to experience, even if for a short time, what lovely feeling it is to be fem! Flipping through girly magazines, in your pretty panties. Shopping on line appreciating the graceful curve of a hip, as it fills out a beautiful full cut pink satin pantie.

Other Pantie Addicted Men

Still others are addicted to panties because of what and/or who they represent. The control the Woman possesses, and the control she has over you. The power contained in those panties, to make you her sexual play toy. Gone is the stress of the day, gone are all the decisions and responsibilities that comes with your life.  Transforming from “him” into her object of fascination, she compels and commands you wear her panties. Trembling, embarrassed by the realization of the panty-wearing submissive you’ve become. You hope it pleases her, you’ll do anything to please me. Won’t you pet? On your knees, now. Worship Your Goddess………

Addicted To Panties Finding Balance

Just like helping those with chastity or masturbation management we can work to  finding balance and control with your pantie addiction. That’s right, pantie addiction is more along the lines of a food addiction, or exercise addiction. You can’t eliminate the drug, you have to make peace with your intoxicant and find a healthy balance. Pantie obsession  just don’t go away. Being realistic with your play, how much money you spend and holding you accountable to the boundaries are all things we can discuss.  Having an outlet, someone who shares in your interest in panties can go a long way. Make your pantie play productive and more rewarding. Take it out of the dark  loneliness and share it with someone who understands. You’ll reap the rewards.

Do you like panties? How much? If  you think you might be addicted to panties, we need to chat. Email me or just call. Confess your naughty pantie secret to Mistress Erika is the first step.

Until We Chat💋

Mistress Erika

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Reasons For Chastity

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Sexy Kinky Birthday

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