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Sexy Mistresses Explosive Fun!

What do you get when you have some Sexy Mistresses, a wickedly smart and sexy Head Mistress Ally, a couple of dispatchers all under the same roof? What you have my friend, is a TNT ,explosive good time! Or also known as pussies at play! This past weekend was LDW / Echantrix’s trip. Along with some hot dispatchers Tanya, Kim and Paula there’s been little sleep and tons of sexy fun! Come along to the Berkshires with me as I dish a bit on this fantastic trip!!

Sexy Mistresses

Sensual Mistress Scarlet I found is not only sexy as hell, but has a fantastic sense of humor!   She had me laughing at the word go! Did you tell her you love sexy ladies talking about you? Well if you did, then certainly she did chat you up! I heard so many stories about what fun she has with you. Of course a Mistress never giggles and tells all, so your secrets are safe with me!

Goddess Lilly is awesome and her voice is AH-MAZING! If you haven’t heard her voice, you really should hear Sexy Mistress Lilly’s voice! Her voice really beguiles her sadistic nature. But as she explained to me, she’s a cheerful or playful sadist! Truly

Sexy Mistresses

Sexy Enchantrix Mistresses

loving the BDSM scene. Here eyes twinkle when discussing her various impact play implements.

Mistress Mandy drove in to the sexy weekend retreat with John, since by comparison she’s a local! Well, what can I say about a sexy sultry woman who has it all? Sexy Mistress Mandy is totally banging and amazingly brilliant!  Her smoking hot eyes, capture you and draw you in.  I found myself deeply enveloped in conversations ,peppered with clever pithy quips, I could talk with her all day! I certainly understand why you would too!

Sexy Mistresses and Fall Fun

Of course there were long conversations out on the deck in brisk fall air. Well brisk fall air is certainly subjective with the northern acclimated Mistress thinking it’s too hot! Being of a more temperate climate I found the weather to be pleasantly cool. Others not so much, and found it to be too warm!

There were games being played and last night with raucous round of Cards Against Humanity! What outrageous sexy time we had! Wine and spirits were flowing freely and I’m afraid I had one glass of wine too many!

Seeing the local sites, the general store that’s been there for over a hundred years! The house we were in was built in the late 1700’s! Visiting a local ski resort for snow-less fun, smiles and laughs abound! Chair lift rides, mountain coasters, zip lining the fun just keeps on going! Mistress Scarlet just stopped by as I was writing this , she say’s Hi to all of you and she’s going to go back on the ski lift to tease and deny the sexy guy’s running the lift!

Fun Continued

I also got to meet dispatchers Tanya, Kim and Paula. Lovely fun and smart they were entertaining with stories of their families. It was great face to face bonding time with the ladies I see all the time, when I log in for your calls!

The amazing Head Mistress Ally. I couldn’t sleep last night, kept tossing and turning (too much fun and wine!) I heard something and went to go and investigate. Head Mistress Ally was up  and we ended up outside in the wee hours, enjoying the cool Berkshire air and chatting. She is an fabulous woman, and I learned about the beginnings of LDW. I was so enthralled and captivated by her energy and journey the hours slipped away like minutes, and  the next thing I know the sun was coming up!

All in all, it’s been a fantastic trip. I’m so glad I came and even more happy I joined LDW last December! Speaking of December, it’s my one year anniversary! Stay tuned for more fun come November 1 when I roll out my new Strokers rewards!

Extreme Edging Pet

Are you into edging? How about extreme edging? Let’s combine edging with guided masturbation and you have a hot and explosive combination!  Edging and guided masturbation have to be among the top of my favorites list of calls. I love instructing how you can pay with My cock! That’s right, stroking slut! Hand over that power, hand over the control.  We’ll have a mind blowing time!

Edging Pet

Now, for those novices (and you are still out there!) edging is bringing yourself to the edge of orgasm. Just up to the point of no return and stopping. I know you happy stroke sluts treat your meat like a toy. Pulling it, stroking it just because it feels good. You get a good chubby going, long and thick heavy, swinging like a pendulum you love that feeling. But not a full arousal. That’s just playing with yourself, slut.  Bring yourself to the brink and stop. Can you stop? Do you stop? Some can’t at first, or should I say won’t! ;).

Extreme Edging Pet

To qualify for the title of extreme edging pet, well you’ll have to meet certain criteria. One, you are willing to go a period of time, usuall

y of relatively short duration without orgasm. Two, our calls involve edging, guided masturbation and your great attitude! That’s right. Your participation makes it so much hotter! Nothing I love more than an enthusiastic partner! Grunt, growl, moan and hiss out a “FUCK”, whatever you are compelled to do, but communicate to me verbally what you are feeling! That energy washes though me, spurring me on to tease you to a higher plane, have you do a quick cool down, changing the stroke and taking  you higher teaching you to stay on that edge longer and longer!


Extreme Edging

Extreme Edging

Edging taste

After our first call I’ve given you a list of assignments. Some assignments stimulate your brain only, others involve various forms of masturbation and edging. What those exact things are depends on our connection! Oh and you availability to do carry them out.  Know the more freedom you have, the more fun we  have! But I stay within your boundaries, regardless.

When you are done with the sexy assignments, which could span over a day , or week. But are designed to fill your mind your body with those lovely sexy hormones , keeping you hot horny and oh so willing to do ANYTHING for me. We have our second call. On that call bringing you to the edge over and over until you and your mind are totally focused on Me, My words, My cock. Soon you can barely say Mistress as your vocalizations designate to groans, and half words. Floating on a cloud……… and  you hear….

Mmmmmm I am so turned on right now thinking of edging My cock what do you think you’d hear? Humm ? Call me, let’s pay!

Objectification Submissive

Objectification pet, you’re out there. You read my blogs each week, dream of calling me. But you are “no one” “nothing”.  The thought of a beautiful woman even gazing your way gets you into overdrive, hum? You have me thinking of this fascinating particular submissive scene.

noun: objectification; plural noun: objectifications
Human Furniture

Objectify you?   1-800-601-6975

  1. 1.
    the action of degrading someone to the status of a mere object.
    “the objectification of women as sexual possessions”
  2. 2.
    the expression of something abstract in a concrete form.
    “the objectification of images may be astonishingly vivid in dreams”

Feeling submissive , not  worthy, and crave to be anything she desires just for the chance to be near her. To have the chance of catching her perfume on the soft circulating air around her.  You really don’t want her to acknowledge you much at all, you’d just make a silly fool of yourself. Thinking you could ever be clever, smart or charming enough for her. At least being useful in some meaningless way will fulfull your humiliation fantasies.  Butler if you are lucky.

Kneeling on hands and knees, my lovely feet up on your back. Is that your idea of a foot stool? Perhaps, it is for most. Less connection, less interaction. But that’s it. Nothing. I’m a multi-tasking crazy person most of the time, so I won’t have you there doing NOTHING.

If you are my foot stool, then on your knees , ass on your heels.  I’ll choose a lovely pair of pumps , long strong stiletto heels , you’d love.  You crave to be of simple service to a sexy sassy woman.  Clean my shoes, buff them and shine them. You can then remove them and tend to those pretty feet.  Pretty feet need pampering and care! A nice pedicure will do just fine! So perhaps you are not a bona-fide piece of living room furniture! Call me “nobody nowhere” let’s make a connection over objectification, as odd as that sounds!

Alpha Male, We’ll See About That

Welcome to First Saturday! Where I feature your or my erotic stories!

Sam was always confident with himself and girls were never an issue. It was always about the sex for him and as long as he got his rocks off the rest didn’t matter. His 8” cock was fun for a lot of girls but when it came to anal they were unwilling but that didn’t stop him from pursuing it and getting his way. All of this soon was going to cum to an end.

He met an exquisite young lady who would change his life forever. Erika was a complete tease and knew all the buttons to push that kept Sam on edge. Every time they would go out she would hype him up and rub up against him and always kept him busy to ensure he wasn’t playing with anyone else. Sam’s patience was wearing thin and finally landed a night at Erika’s place. She explained to him that she wasn’t interested in vanilla sex and was only interested in moving forward if he was willing to accept this.

Without full knowledge and being extremely horny, he was compelled to accept the terms. Erika took him to the bedroom where his hands were tied to the bed. She sat on his cock and grind really hard through his jeans and the whispered in his ear- “mine is bigger”. She disappeared for a few mins and came back holding a small butt plug while wearing a strap-on that was at least 10 inches. She gave him a choice and he realized he had to comply.

The butt plug went slowly in and she watched his cock twitch. She spanked it a few times to get flaccid and jiggled the plug a little bit. Erika knew that he was probably going to cum so she gave him another choice. Eat the cum or suck the dildo while cumming. He was shocked and asked to be let go and Erika slapped his inner thigh with all her might causing Sam to whimper. She asked him again and with a tear in his eye he agreed to suck. Erika was delighted to playback some memories of how Sam treated his girls in the last by making them gag and choke on his cock and wanted to bring that reality to him now. Within seconds he was gagging and drooling while the plug was still in him. Erika asked one last question- Samantha, do you want this dildo out of one hole and replaced in the other or do you want to keep doing this until you cum 2 more times? His eyes widened with the phallic object down his throat and knew that his only escape was to endure it in his ass. He chose the first option regretfully and Erika slid the plug out of his, threw his legs up and slowly and gently inserted the strap-on into his ass. Euphoria rushed through his head and Erika knew he enjoyed it despite the stretching and the slight pain. She thrusted and he whimpered and she asked if he ever cared what the girls felt. His lack of response forced Erika to thrust harder and deeper. “Answer the question Samantha!”. He answered no and she started riding faster and harder until she the cum ooze out of cock. He was at disbelief and wanted to release, but Erika didn’t feel he was ready. She took the cum and had him lick it off her finger. “Tomorrow we’ll talk about what you’ll be wearing on our next date” said Erika and closed the door shut.

Mistress Erika’s Fantasy Exposed

Fantasy Exposed, today you are getting a treat! Instead of taking your erotic exposure calls, I’m going to expose some naughty thoughts I’ve had.  This blog  was inspired by  a very sexy comment I received other day, “I’d like to be in your head during your alone time. Mistress Erika”.  😉 Oh would you now? So pull up a chair, and perhaps even some tissues and lets have some fun!

Pantie Fantasy Exposed

Quite by accident I discover you wearing panties! They are not my panties, as you are too big for mine! My mind swims with

Fantasy Exposed

1-800-601-6975 Fantasy Exposed

thoughts racing, ten thousand miles per hour. How long have you been doing this? Why haven’t you shared this with me before? I’m to find out like this? Annoyed , angered at first  combined with you begging me not to expose your naughty past time, I decide  to make you pay for you deception, and maybe make me feel a bit better as well! Perhaps I’ll feel that much better continuing on with conditioning your mind, you’ll become addicted to my pantie control!


Panties Cami’s Stockings

The following night you come home from work. Laid out on the bed are a pair lace up floral thigh highs, matching black lace bikini panties with red bows on the hips, and to finish the set, black lace balconette bra. Your masculine frame was both titillating and humiliating. The note said to clean up, dress and prepare drinks. Trembling and being distracted by your constant arousal you managed to do as asked.

Feminization Fantasy Exposed

As  you were finishing the drinks, you hear me come in through the garage. Setting down my things, walking up to you with a coy smile, I see you got my message? *wink* Taking a sip from my appletini, I let out a satisfied moan this is delicious, and evidently so are you in those naughty girl things! Reaching over pinching your bum gently but firmly.  So, you want to be my fem-boi sex toy? Look how feminized you’ve become! *laughing* You deeply blush and say, what ever you desire Mistress.  Oh for fucks sake, don’t give me that, sweet cheeks! I can tell by the bulge in those panties it’s what you want too! Go on say it. I love being your fem-boi!

You’ll have to leave the sex toy part out for now, we’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?

Finalized Fantasy

Mmmm I bet you so want to know what the rest of the fantasy unfolds?  Since from here out it’s more XXX rated vs R I guess there’s only one way to finish, with me….. whisper it in my ear.

Femdom Phone Sex With Mistress Erika

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Tiny Dick Fun With Mistress Erika

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Sexy Update From Mistress Erika

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Submissive Male Flavors

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Mistress May I Worship Your Feet

May I worship your feet 1-800-601-6975

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