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Pantie Boy , Are You A Sissy?

Great question don’t you think? If you are a pantie boy are you a sissy? If you are a sissy does that make you a pantie boy? With all of my recent sissy talk I thought I’d discuss how pantie boy’s fit or don’t fit in the sissy equation. Just like any other kinky play there is a loose definition of what it is to be either. I’d like to clarify for our purposes, first. I say a pantie boy isn’t a sissy but a sissy can definitely be a pantie boy! Confused? Confound further, read further.

Pantie Boy

There’s something magical or mystical about panties for you. The power and allure of the mystical feminine creature embodied in the satin and lace

Panty boy

Is This Your Pantie Collection

has been a siren’s song for you since you can remember.  I know,  you are an “Alpha Male” right?  Strong, in charge, corporate executive running a multi-million dollar company, or a doctor, lawyer. Perhaps you are a roofer or welder or truck driver. Regardless of how you appear”to the world” and express your testosterone driven life through your career, you have a naughty secret. You find yourself weak and powerless with the thought of a Dominant Woman enjoying your kink, or even coercing you into those panties.  You have a collection of panties  hidden away, or filling a dresser drawer with pretty feminine panties. One of your favorite ways to relieve stress  is to slip away, with some hot alone  time and parading your sexy ass around in your erotic pantie fantasy! The panties helping your feel submissive , owned, controlled.  The idea a beautiful , erotic woman making you her sexual play toy and using those panties as her weapon 😉 uh, TOOL  of choice is explosive for you.  Yes, you are all male, always identify as a male but those panties,   are a tool that aids your feelings of submission and surrender.

Sissies  And Panties

Now you sissy, you may identify with all of the above as well! Alpha male with a naughty secret. But you sissy, you feel feminine and girly when you don those soft pretty panties.  Rolling your hips just a bit more, feeling aroused and excited about slipping into your girldom. Sometimes sissy, you take it further, slips bras camisoles, stockings and dress! Your fantasies revolve around your seduction and submission to your inner girl. Mistress is party to your inevitable feminization as  having a Dominant woman help shaping and molding your feminine alter ego.   Pretty powders and paints decorate your face either “for real” or in fantasy. Learning to be in the world as a girl, or as much of a girl as you possibly can is what you crave. Sometimes, not all sissies,  want to explore SEX as if they were a woman! *wiggle eyebrows*

Pantie Boy and Sissie

So you see , dear kinky friend although women’s panties hold a lot of power and allure for you both, the expression how those panties make you FEEL are quite different. One is not better than the other,one isn’t  more preferable or “kinkier” than the other. They just are. Like many things  in our lives, neither good or bad but just is a way of being.  Enjoy your naughty secret, fuk, enjoy your naughty secret with ME! I so enjoy finding out things like this about you. until we chat…check out some of my other pantie posts !

Mistress Erika

Pantie boy

Show Me Your Panties


Your Sissy Bra Spring Makeover

One of my fans suggested a post about sissy bras on  a previous April sissy makeover post. I thought it was a fantastic idea, so here we are. Now if you are new to LDW/Enchantrix let me point you into the direction of Sissy School. A place for all sissies to read learn and have some fun! But before I get off onto another tangent:  Let’s talk about bra’s ,sissy. Although I suggest regular inspection of your bras for fraying , snags or other evidence of wear and tear spring is a great time to make sure you give your pretty bras, and other dainties a once over.

Sissy Bra Style

Okay sissy, you know damn well there are plenty of bra styles out there to try! Are you the kind of sissy who sticks with the same style because that’s

Sissy Bra

Sissy Bra Spring Makeover

what you know? Branch out!  Take an inventory of your current selection and challenge yourself to try something new! Sissy’s who don’t use breast forms love the lightly padded balconette styles, accentuating what boobage they might already have. Also for those who go all natural , bralettes come in some amazingly cute styles! Now, this blog isn’t an advertisement for specific brands but if you send me an email or hit me up on chat (see my scheduling page for options) I’ll be happy to send you a few leads of “to die for” examples.

Larger breasted sissies or those who are size queens (you know who you are) and get gargantuan breast forms will probably more comfortable with a larger , fuller cup. First, to help keep those girls in place and second (because some sissies don’t even think of this) TITTIES ARE HEAVY!  I’m actually roaring in laughter now with the memory of a couple of you silly sissies. “OH Mistress, these DD silicone breast forms are so heavy! My neck and back hurt after one evening!”  That’s what you get when  you let your penis do the buying WITHOUT Mistress consultation. Larger cups and sizes will help with the strain. Also don’t forge training! Donning your girlies for short periods of time, at first. Training those muscles to hold them up and out PROUDLY!  But big boobie sissy, don’t fret there are plenty of beautiful satin and lace styles out there you just have to be patient and finding the right place to shop.

Sissy Bra Care

Just like your fine panties and your other sexy lingerie items, ladies. Taking good care of your bra’s are a must. For time crunched sissies, mesh laundry bags for your delicate intimates


Sissy Bra

are a girls best friend along with the gentle cycle. Hang to dry will help extend the life of your intimates. Of course hand washing is always a better option to help keep your pretty things pretty. Actually part of my sissy training regime requires hand washing of your intimates. It’s a good time for you to reflect on the activities surrounding your girlie things and to really connect to your fem side.

So this spring sissy , let’s get your intimates in order. Nothing but soft silky pretty things perfectly kept in shape against that sissy skin! If you want an in depth consultation about various bras email me or call! Until we chat…..enjoy some of my other sissy blogs.

Mistress Erika

Sissy Confessions With Mistress Erika

Sissy Confessions is high on the list of topics I discuss routinely. Particularly, someone new, there’s just so much to learn and find out! When do you remember having first girly thoughts? How far does your sissyness go? Do you live as a female? Play once in a while? Everyday, when you get home? Yes, learning all about you sissy, is a delight! Let’s look at some sissy confessions. If you see yourself here, don’t blame me. I’m talking generalities and not anything relating to a specific sissy. If you DO see yourself, comment below or send me an email! I’d love to hear from you.

Sissy Confessions – Love of Lingerie

How many men out there love the soft fabric of a satin camisole or panties being stroked along their penis? Every fucking one of you, that’s who!

So what’s the difference between a “kinky stroking of My cock with My soft panties” and wearing them? Well for one, that’s what hooks many to lingerie, starting the fire.  Once those panties  slid up those legs, and were placed snugly around that throbbing dick, you were hooked. Your desire to play even more with  sissy panties  increased.  Panties filling your erotic thoughts, buying or imagining a bikini vs boy cut on your hips. Your round ass would look humiliatingly sexy in a pair of lace cheeky panties. Oh these thoughts,  teasing and tormenting you. I Know. Now, you feel that everyone else does too.

Let’s be clear. Not all males who don panties are ‘sissies’ per se, there are pantie sissies and pantie boy’s. You sissy, panties make you feel feminine and submissive, vs feeling submissive and male. More on the submissive male and pantie boy play another day.

You sissy, continue your journey to bras, slips, stockings and more. You long to shave your legs, you imagine going for a mani/pedi , have your hair and make-up done. Existing for a time, however brief, in your feminine skin and delighting in fem desires and dreams.

Sissy Confessions – Naughty Play

Sissy confession, I hear “Mistress I want to be a slut”.  Yep, some of you come to me freely exposing your inner slutty self. Unburdening yourself with your erotic confession is the first step. I find you are looking for me to propel your taboo thoughts into actions. Learning what you must to have fun and be safe before deciding if you take this to a real level.

You want to be free of inhibitions, free to enjoy all the pleasures of your body. Feeling vulnerable and exposed, you trust. You are encouraged and pushed  to express and experience , through various  play.  Is this what it’s like to be made love to by a man, what it’s like to feel penetrated.  You begin to crave more time with your  feminine, submission.  Mind and body evolving, desires changing.  Ultimately the question is, though:  How far would you go to experience all that is feminine.

Some begin there journey knowing reality isn’t in the cards and that’s ok.  Choosing to surrender, sharing the fantasy with Mistress, playing and creating similar sensations through toy play. Going far beyond anything you could do alone. Connecting on a plane unique and fantastic. You are transported to a place where your body is but vessel to serve and pleasure  any and all to use. A sissy slut, yes you confess.

Your Sissy Confession

Sissy Confessions

Sissy Confessions

I could go on for days about the topic , but we’ll save some for another day.  Do you want to hear my thoughts on your sissy topic?

Dress, makeup, activities, training? Email me at, and I will consider your suggestion as a topic.

Craving to confess? 1-800-601-6975, and tell me your sissy confession.  I’d love to hear it. Sissies never cease to please and amaze me with your explorations and journey though this, our time. Until we chat.

Mistress Erika

Slutty Sissy Makeover -Schedule Yours Today

April is slutty sissy season, gurls. I started this month with a sissy makeover post. Today we continue the theme with a kinkier makeover and that is for YOU! That’s right, just for you, slutty sissy!  Slutty sissy, you are a mess, your panties have lost their elasticity, and are ripped and ew….. stained!  Oh, what? You wanted to look like you just had a wrestling match with an combine harverster?  My bad, you can move along. For the rest of you, let’s freshen those fem looks and girly feelings.

Slutty Sissy Makeover- Panties

Gurls and yes, you pantie boys are included! You know your panties get a work out and a work over. Between wearing pretty panties, doing naughty things with and too them they need replacing ! I saw some beautiful spring colors, beautiful lavender, and floral patterns.  When you go to purchase the panties, pay attention to the cut and style. Know your types and what best fits your body. I don’t care how cute a thong is, if you don’t have the hips or the ass for it then DO NOT BUY THEM. Here’s a hint gurly girl,  every ass looks good in lace cheeky.

Know Your Pantie Styles

G-String: Minimal waistband. Some Front coverage. No back coverage.

Thong: Wider waistband and reare coverage, compared to a g-string.
Tanga: More coverage in the front and back than a thong or a G-sgring

Slutty Sissy

Pantie make over

Cheeky/ Cheekini: Similar to a bikini, but with minimal back coverage.

Bikini: Moderate side & back coverage.

Hiphugger/hipster: Moderate to full side & back coverage.

Boyshort T: Full coverage and cut straight at the leg.

Brief: Full coverage.
High-cut brief:  Great coverage. More leg room, lends to more feminine look than a brief.
Control Briefs: For sissy’s who need extra clitty control. Full coverage and typically made with more spandex than your average brief.

Slutty Toy Makeover

Same as your panties, your toys get worn out. Nothing is worse than an intense sissy session having fun when something fails. With good care, toys can last a good while, but when you use them as much as you do, ya slut, cut that toy’s life in half.

All toys up to par? Fantastic time to shop for a new springtime toy!

For you cock sucking sluts, a rainbow dildo is a must have! Cheerfully decorated rainbow colored dildo, it will also aid your training and see your progress as you slowly lower your slutty lips down and past each delicious color!

So how are we going to make-over your slutty self? Schedule your consultation today.

Sissy Makeover Mistress, Erika

Three Mistress Feminization

Or also known as the greatest day in your life. Three Mistress Feminization session (say that ten times fast) was such a blast recently , I just have to share in this months *First Saturday blog.  It features two, that’s right TWO OTHER sexy Enchantrix Mistresses. In the session was the the effervescent Experienced Mistress Mistress Olivia, Mistress Erin and Myself!

Girls Day Out

What’s more fun than a girls day out , shopping for new spring outfits. Surprise makeovers at the makeup counter. Oh, the pretty shades of spring time lipsticks are to die for! Sending our male companion to sample some scents, the three college friends giggle and reminisce about their naughty past. Little do they know he over heard them, trembling inside he proceeded to sample the nearby fragrances as his insides turned to jello.

Helpless to Resist

The sexy women with their pretty skirts and dresses enchant and compel their male companion. Before he even comprehended what was going on he was perfumed, with lipsticked kisses dotting his cheek and chin. Oh, this color shadow goes well with his eyes, you hear. Soft wet lipstick applied to your lips, and another giggles how cute and soft they look.

Way too made up, his masculine face evaporating with each brush stroke. He looks out at the store, perched on the makeup stool. Ladies everywhere were looking!  Oh, never mind them they all brush off his concerns. He feels oddly comfortated as he falls deeper under the sirens calls.

Dress Her Up

The ladies casually usher their new girlfriend next door to the lingerie shop. Well, from the neck up a girl indeed. Now their mission was the neck down. They happily chatted about the best colors for “her”, the pretty panty styles, matching bras, slips! Oh, the summer dresses. Oh, and don’t forget the oh-so-cute summer kitten heels!

Entering the doors, the sweet musk drifts up his nostrils, fills his mind with intoxicating sent. He feels even more helpless to resist their oohs and aaahs and any request! Just keep doing “this” to him, hearing their encouragement, giggles and teases was heaven.

Lipsticked Kisses

Finally in semi private in the dressing room, the ladies gleefully undress their new charge. What a perfect slender body for that summer navy blue sheath dress! In what seems like moments, she’s dressed, the ladies’ new cream puff girl. Pretty paints, hair and outfit. All four ladies in the dressing room mirrors, giggling, teasing her, pointing out her arousal and placing those lipsticked kisses all over her cheeks.  The ladies delight as they pronounce “her” Petey cream puff, our cream puff girl forever!

Blushing and stammering, he finally fully succumbs, submits and admits: Yes, I’m your cream puff girl forever.

Erotically Yours,



*If you want to see your writing connect with me and let’s discuss it. I’ve even allowed some to submit their writing anonymously, just you and I know the secret. So if you’re titillated by the thought, yet paranoid as a chicken in a lions den, hit me up.
*Please know I never use anyone’s real name or nick name without permission. If you see a named mentioned, I either have permission or its a pseudonym.

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