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Kinky Game Of Would You Rather

Hi there playmates! Up for a Kinky Game of would you rather? Great ! Anyone who knows me for any length of time knows I love a good time. A good time means, good friends, lots of laughs and sometimes , yep: Hot Kinky Sex!

Kinky Game Would You Rather



Since I’ve done a lot of the latter, lately (say that ten times fast) , let’s get our funny bone ‘on’ and let’s look at- kinky would you rather questions! Comment below with your heart felt or smart assed answers. Shy?  feel free to email me! Let’s play!

Would you Rather:

    1. Masturbate  or hand job.
    2. Only give oral forever or only receive.
    3. Spank or be spanked.
    4. Have an 8″ cock that orgasms in 40 seconds, or a 5″ that can last and last.
    5. Eating your ejaculate if you orgasm, or no orgasms at all.
    6. Ruined Orgasm , or no orgasm.
    7. CBT or CFNM.
    8. JOI or CEI or both.
    9. SPH or objectification
    10. Bad breath or smelly genitals.

    I can’t wait to see your choices! Don’t be shy, if you don’t know what some of them are, just ask. I know how about suggesting some of your own.  So you can also comment below on  your own kinky game  of adult would you rather.

Ruined Orgasm – Why Mistress, WHY?

Why do I dole out ruined orgasms like mints after dinner? Because, my pets, they are  sweet and refreshing! Why that look? They are!  I can assure you , as we go you will be so thankful, so appreciative of having the opportunity to empty those heavy balls, it will be like a cool breeze on a warm summer day. Let’s take a look at why ruined orgasms are on the kinky menu.

Ruined Orgasm and Cock Control

Ruined Orgasm

1-800-601-6975 edge, and ruin that orgasm

You know what pleases me and you want to give it to me. I know that.  I want control of your cock and your orgasms. Having a horny pet is delicious and great fun for me. So I’m more apt to keep you teased and edging for quite some time before allowing an explosive “oh my gawd, Erika I fell of the bed” orgasm.  Hearing me say you’ve pleased me greatly today, pet, is something you come to crave.  I control that cock, I own that cock. Don’t I, pet?

Continued Control and Ruined Orgasm

My cock responds. My cock obey’s my whispers. Edge, my pet, edge. You may not know what my answer is to that question. Sometimes it’s time to take your hands off, ice up, cage up and go about your day. Other times, yes, I whisper and your breath stops for a fraction of a second as the glorious permission washes through your mind and sings along with that release. But today, my stroking pet, I gleefully cry out Ruin IT! Oh, your balls ache and it’s so unsatisfying , but at this point you are happy to do anything to help relive even a fraction of arousal and fullness. Then you grunt,  cry out as you take every fiber of your being to pull…that… hand… off. Ah, ah, ah you struggle and feel your submissiveness wash over you. What you do for my pleasure swimming in your mind.

What control that takes, too. Humm?

Ruined Orgasm Gift

In many ways ruined orgasms are a gift. A show of your obedience, My control. Expression of your submissiveness. Like many things we do together. It only proves to explore and create a unique connection , an intimate connection.  I want you to come to me. Submit your mind and your body to me. Kneeling, you greet me: Mistress may I ruin an orgasm for your pleasure today?

Mmmm , oh my pet. *smiles*

Mistress Erika

My Erotic Submissive Valentine Winner

What a fun post today! My erotic submissive valentine event was so much fun! I enjoyed the entries for the writing portion. I had three of you vying for most minutes and two for most calls! As fate would have it, when I tallied the call results the winner of that category happened to be the SAME person! So in the hat he went.

Erotic Writing

I had some great erotic story submissions, and regardless of your experience or ability, I enjoyed each one! Your erotic submissive stories showed me a bit of you.  Taking you out of our scene, letting you free think thoughts and feelings. I wasn’t disappointed!  I’ve received permission to share some of the writings from my “Valentine in waiting,”  if you will. I will share them in my next First Saturday blog. I want to thank Stroker pet 3, Eric, Petey Cream Puff, Pupslave and tiny tim !

Submissive Valentine

So in the hat all the writers went (I just couldn’t decide!) and I assigned them a block of numbers. Onto the random number generator page and Viola! We have a winner. My Stroker Pet Chris! Chris is a delightful submissive and never fails to please me. Thank you, Chris, for your entry, I hope you are enjoying that naughty picture of me. I’m sure My Cock is, hum?

To make this even more fun, I’ve recorded Chris’s erotic story and if you call me for 15 minutes or more this Friday, Saturday or Sunday I’ll give it to you for free. You must ask “Mistress May I hear:  Red Panties?

Chris’s Entry:
I’ve named it – Red Panties.

I woke up next to Her  wearing the red panties Mistress Erika had me put on before bed.  My mind slowly awoke and remembered the night before. My mind was awash with waves of , flashes of , images. Hot. Erotic. Hands bound, eyes covered. Other times blinding flashes of pleasure as she explored my body. But no orgasm.

How many days, how many was She going to deny him. How many, his brain silently screamed.
Then his his submissive mind whispered: Not of your concern. Focus, and in your mind you hear:  Mistresses whispers, focusss, my pet.

Suddenly I felt Her stir next to me and instantly became aroused thinking to myself maybe this could be the day. She had been teasing and edging me for the past week and I was going crazy. I was just about to slip out of bed when She rolled over and said no.

I want My cock first. I think today , I would like to ride My cock She purred.

I rolled over on my back and waited.

She slid her cream colored, lace panties down her hips, past her knees and as she raised her soft feet over our heads, pulled them off those soft toes. Her cock sprung to attention. Teasing me through those red panties, the silky softness and her touch was so deliciously teasing. Just like her.

MMMM She breathed very good My lil cocktoy. Releasing my manhood, pulling down those red panties, She mounted me. She was so wet already,  facing me, She slid easily down the shaft. Biting her lip, eyes starting to glaze over. She began slowly riding, hips rising and falling with her deliberate breath. Deep long breaths, and hisssing.. whose cock is this?

I stammered , it is Yours Mistress!

Red panties

Erotic Tease Storyurs  Mistress!

Who owns your orgasms?  Mistress Erika I moaned.

Faster and faster She went till the moment overtook Her. I was barely hanging on wanting to cum so bad. Please Mistress may I cum today I cried.

A smile crossed Her lips, and she said You may cum today pet.

With that She began to slide up and down again.

Her hands on my chest, tweaking nipples, crying out.

Nooooo Mistress…… pinching harder, Oh…I was so close I groaned out I’m going to cum Mistress!

Yes, she huskily confirmed, yes?

Yeah aaaa yes! I cried , Now!

And with that She pulled off of me and started laughing as She watched Her cock twitch, spasm and squirt.

Still laughing She said I would let you cum but I never said I wouldn’t ruin it!

Maybe next week my pet. Now put those panties back on and make us breakfast, slut.


Worship My Pussy

Along with other forms of body worship, today we will Worship My Pussy. Any questions, class? I’m sure you don’t mind do you? No pet, you don’t.  Worshiping my pussy  is an honor only given to a very few. It can take many forms and be for many reasons. Let’s take a look at all the delicious ways to worship at the alter of my sex.

My Pussy is My Temple

Worship My Pussy

I know you want it. You want to Worship My Pussy

I appreciate the power between my legs. Both from the receiving end of glorious orgasms,  also because  I know you want it, bad. You dream of it. Some would do “anything” for a personal pussy party with yours truly.  I use that to my advantage, don’t I, pet.  Teasing you, over and over. Delaying your pleasure to increase your devotion.  Only when  you are ready, you may worship at my temple.

Worship My Pussy Femdom Style

I know you guys all think you are masters at oral servitude. You spend hours, nay, days of your life lost in thought of the oblivion you seek between soft legs. You imagine licking your way to  nirvana with your head nestled deeply between  warm folds. But how about when it comes to submissive body worship? Think you have what it takes to worship me, my pussy Mistress style? Not sure what the difference is? *wicked grin* Well, cum into my parlor said the spider to the fly……

There are those who want and need to worship my pussy because your sissy self desires a pussy, doesn’t it? You’ve fantasized and played, tucking what manhood you were given between your legs.  Maneuvered your tool with tape and panties for that ultra fem smooth style. That’s right, you need to worship my pussy and imagine it is your own.

Worship My Pussy When and If I say

Negative punishment is also a powerful motivator, so removing your access to my sweet pussy is a great way to enforce boundaries. For those so addicted, the thought of not being able to worship my pussy is all the punishment you need to stay the course and follow my lead. What a delightful submissive who puts my needs above all. I need you horny. Simple.

Mistress Erika


Cocksucker or Sissy Cocksucker

Hello, readers.  Today let’s look at Cocksuckers and Sissy Cocksuckers.  Some fun differences and ways to have fun with each. I know someone will eventually ask me , here or in person “Erika which do you prefer to play with.” I laugh with the democracy of any Great Leader: You are all my precious kinky snowflakes and I adore and appreciate each one for their gifts.


Well, certainly cocksucker could mean any person who sucks cock, right? Hell, I’m a cocksucker. Yep, I love me some cock. Beta cock, Alpha cock, Big cock, clitty cocks, dildo cocks, lollipop cocks you name it. I guess I find them all delightful for one reason or another, and it’s in my playful nature-I want one to play with!

Now that’s not to say these luscious lips get anywhere near YOUR cock, no. It’s true I love all cocks, but only a select few get past


Love to suck cock? Mmm, let’s have some fun! Mistress Erika

these lips.  Perhaps yours I want to put into panties! Oh, how about you, Chastity pet? Caging a cock is fun,too! For tiny dickletts, well, I can have some fun with SPH or having you send me pictures of your vulva. You know with your dicklette tucked in panties!

Men Who Suck Cock

But for this blog, cocksuckers are male and quite possibly not out of the closet. A week wouldn’t be a week around here without a client saying to me, “I haven’t told my girlfriend, but I’ve been thinking about sucking cock,” or “I am in my 50’s and can’t hide it anymore, I need to suck cock!”

Fantasy cocksucker, oh yea, boy!  I bet we have similar thoughts about cock, but I have the experience, so let me enrich your fantasies! Are you on a path to true Nirvana, licking and bobbing on a real cock? You guys can’t think straight. You need my help to make sure you stay safe! Oh, and have a lot of fun training as well. More than one have had their dreams cum true with my aid.

Experienced cocksucker? Fantastic. Let’s compare notes, what’s the biggest load you’ve swallowed? Smallest and biggest dick! Shave , trim or bush?  Oh, I’d love for you to show me your skills. I’m sure to delight in our play as a man sucking another man is soooOOo naughty! Naughtier the better, I say!  But in both of these examples, you remain firmly rooted in your maleness. It’s what makes it so hot for you. Okay, perhaps a pair of silk panties now and again, but yea not really what I’d call a sissy.

Sissy Cocksucker

Now, let’s take your love of cock, like the cocksucker above. In the closet or out. Similar circumstances and add the love of femininity and yes, humiliation. It’s true some males take great delight in being emasculated and humiliated by being feminized and coerced into sucking cock. That is one fun difference between a cocksucker and sissy cocksucker! Being feminized, powerless and enthralled. You simply cannot resist. Others find no shame in their need for soft satin and lace. Over the top, dressed to the nines, you have every look a sissy slut should have. Your naughty nurse, boudoir/ lingerie, sissy maid and so much more! Love doing fashion shows girl, let’s go!

Cocksucker or Sissy Cocksucker

Whereever you fall on the cock-sucking scale, we need to have some fun! What to share your fantasies? Experiences? How about some training!? We can sexy text, hang out in virtual world,  connect with me on Skype or Yahoo.  Check out my “Scheduling Page” for more info!

Mistress Erika

Intelligent Phone Fantasy

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Sissy Shopping Experience

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Cum Slut Chronicles: Season of Humiliation

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Sissy Humiliation Tasks

Starting off this week with sissy humiliation and humiliation tasks.   Having a lot of sessions about humiliation and today’s blog is following suit. The slow or sudden loss of your masculinity, helpless and powerless to resist my commands. Finding yourself looking, feeling and being feminine. Powerful.

Sissy Humiliation Tasks Fashion

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CFNM Humiliation Tasks

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