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Orgasm Marathon Want To Play?

Interesting subject came up recently. Orgasm Marathon.  Have you heard of it? How about coerced orgasms? Let’s look at them both today. I talk a lot about various cock control techniques, like orgasm edging and orgasm denial to help train your brain and body just the way I like it. Today we look at another way to explore your submissiveness.

Coerced Orgasm

Just as it the indicates  orgasm is brought about regardless of the wishes of the recipient of said orgasm. Often once the submissive has an orgasm, stimulation is not stopped but continued. Ain’t no stopping you now, you’re to keep moving!

Doesn’t matter if it takes twice as long, work that fuck stick! Maybe Mistress will allow some toys, lucky sub. Prostate massager, magic wand, cock ring, cock pump. What it takes is up to you. But the number of orgasms Mistress decides upon is what you must do. By any means necessary.

Orgasm Marathon

Now the above is certainly an orgasm marathon, yes? But what I propose we play with is a longer more protracted marathon, combining masturbation and orgasms.  24 hours of it.  A bit different than a  masturbation marathon. Where the goal is to see how long you can masturbate without orgasm.

For this play Mistress won’t demand a number of orgasms.You are to simply do as many as you are able.  Of course you want to please me, want to impress me so naughty cock will not be stopping at one or two O’s!
Tasks for stimulation of My cock for a certain amount of hours,  combined with orgasms are in order.  Now I don’t expect you to rub your nubbin raw. There will be scheduled breaks, and nourishment times. Other than that you just don’t stop trying for the duration. You keep masturbating and cumming.  How many can you do in 24? Will you plead for mercy by hour 6, 12? Remember My Mercy is always accompanied by a token of your appreciation.

Orgasm Question

You see my curiosity was piqued recently when a count of 9 full orgasms in 24 hours, was achieved by a delicious sub. With my help, of course. Think about it.  9 full orgasms.  I do have to interject that he’s been chaste for quite some time, over a month! I bet that helped, what do you think? 💋

So I took my curiosity and posed the question to my friends over at Enchantrix Empire. One member replied 69, but I suspect they are being silly so that vote isn’t counted.   All I have to say is – ya’ll are some strokin sluts! 🤣💋❤.  So take a look at the poll results, I’ve added in the numbers to informal polls I was doing with some of my pets. On the left are the number of orgasms,the bar tells you the percent of men who’s max O’s fall on that number.

I wanna know , and I’m sure my fans wanna know: What is the most orgasms you’ve had in one 24 hour period? Wanna try for one more? Two more?  I wonder how many more would make me think about you and your submission your dedication and devotion to me, over and over? humm. We’ll have to see, won’t we?

So I want to know: What’s your number? Post below.

Until we chat 💋

Orgasm Marathon

How Many Orgasms?

6 Types of Cum Eaters

Cum eaters and wanna be cum eaters are two of the broad categories when discussing cum eaters. What? That’s not a common theme for conversation ’round your parts? *smh* That’s a shame. I’m game for that conversation! 😍

There is so much more “to it”  when you start delving into the act of eating ejaculate. Certainly cum eating is taboo for many. Many men who do or consider such acts asks themselves if it’s crazy to eat cum . I don’t think that at all. I think it’s hot. It doesn’t mean you are gay or want to eat cum from another guy. Not necessarily. Add Mistress to the mix and it’s also a show of your submission. Isn’t it.  It may not be a popular subject in your parts. It is a popular subject around these parts so lets have some fun with cum, hun!

Wanna Be Cum Eater

So erotic , taboo and you can’t get it out of your mind. You call me, get all lathered  up pounding that fun stick. Groaning, moaning and you are all in. Those hormones running high, and today you swear to me (on your fifth edge) this time, THIS TIME you will! When the time comes however, you orgasm and you no longer have the same motivation.  It’s a common phenomenon , you are not alone. Many men lose the desire to eat cum after orgasm. But we can work through it together. You wouldn’t be the first tough cookie to crumble.

Acrobatic Cum Eater

Oh you have eaten that cum, but only after your hips are hoisted above your head, legs danging over your head , penis in position and you manage to get a squirt or two to those waiting lips.  For those with great trajectory I’ve seen you hunched over your pelivs , vigorously stroking and your gravity defying spunk splashing the target zone. You are so much fun to watch!

Ruined Cum Eater

So hot, stroking hot and fast. With me urging, teasing , taunting. You ruin, one, two, three orgasms. Letting the cum leak onto your hand and my commands on how to make it disappear. Finally on your last full orgasm all you have left are those last few drops, wrung those balls dry. Good Boy

Trick Cum Eater

Usually when new to the world of cum eating a common CEI for beginners means cumming, or placing that cum on foods. Cupcakes with lots of cream, or putting it on a sticky bun, brings a whole new meaning to sticky bun! I adore the look on your face as you raise the tainted treat to your mouth. For those who really are “tough cases” you might need the pudding trick. Oh and freezing cum on lolly’s or cubes is a great way to suck and savor your treat! There must be hundreds, nay thousands of ways to trick you into eating that cum. What’s yours?

Humiliated cum eater

Ejaculating into a condom and then putting that condom on a dildo, stroking it. Getting it coated with that spunk. Then ordering you to cleaning it with your lips. Or just simply eating cum from a condom is on the menu.
Oh I know, denying orgasm until you are so humiliated, begging and pleading for orgasm. For you MF guys, what’s a better MF than a big strong man against, repulsed a bit by the thought of eating that cum. But so dedicated and submissive he has a choice. No cum, or when you do cum you eat it. Up to you, are you gonna cum boy? Yes or No?

Cum Eaters

                                  Coerced Cum Eating


Best Cum Eater

But by far the best cum eater is one who just does it when I spontaneously ask. Out of the blue for no reason at all, no training or discussion. Once that spunk  spews all over your belly (or wherever) And  I just ask you, “oh pet, clean that up won’t  you? Eat it.

Now, you are in your rights as a submissive to use your safe word and decline. After all, we hadn’t had any negotiations, about it have we? Kinda unfair too, humm? So I wouldn’t , couldn’t be upset with you,necessarily. Right?

I play fair. Don’t I? 🤔😉

But you know if you don’t you just might make me sad. Be disappointed with you. You don’t want that either, do you pet?

Oh my, what a conundrum!

Everything is a lesson, pet. We learn from everything. When you obey , and go against your instinct not to eat cum. When your erotic fog has vansihed after your orgasm, and you consume that hot spunk just because. Why it teaches me something, doesn’t it? Something about you, something about me. Something about, us.  Doesn’t it , pet. Doesn’t it?

Until we chat 💋

Mistress Erika

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Strap on Femdom Fantasy

Do you have a strap on Femdom fantasy? Where did it come from? When did you first think of such things? Maybe you haven’t thought of it until now.  Perhaps you’ve had some fun with ass play and want to explore. Some of you, I’m sure have had a girl cock and you are addicted and want more!

There are many motivations for strap-on play and just one of them is you are “gay and want cock”. Why would a male find this fantasy erotic if he wasn’t gay? Why do guys like things in their butts? As per usual males are a never ending source of interest and amusement for me and using my lady cock on them is no different. Let’s take a look.

Strap On Femdom Fantasy

The world of Femdom and how we play with you,  is wide and varied. What I think is hot,  is getting you to the subspace, Mistress into her Domspace.  Utilizing known triggers  and exploring various ways a can Woman Dominate a man.  I’ve mentioned before about the various behaviors which elicit submissive feelings and responses. Euphoric, enchanting space where nothing else matters, nothing else but you and Mistress. Combining of energy, as it dances back and forth between you. Creating something unique.  Strap on play is one of these ways we can play

Beginning Submissive Strap-on Play

Often when those new to submission start to explore, their options are limited.

Maybe their fantasy was to have a Dominant woman put them in

Strap on

Strap on play- explore your inner self

panties, tease and deny them. Another scene is the seduction, enchantment and ultimate seduction of the male to become her sexual play toy. The list goes on.

With the right strap-on Femdom connection the submissive begins to explore beyond their own thoughts and fantasies. The D/s connection, the trust as it grows, seems to compel the submissive beyond their own comfort zone.  All Mistress has to do is dangle that carrot and they respond, deliciously. I’m thrilled experiencing with you, your mind opening and seeing things for what they are. Sensual, erotic, journey a way of being in the world exploring all you can mind body and if you believe, soul. Instead of the negative connotations our society has placed upon them our erotic play.

What is Strap-on Play

A way to explore your body and  your erogenous zones. If you haven’t explored the pleasures the butt could bring, it’s something to consider. As your body experiences new sensations,  you also explore your submissive mind. Explore a new dimension, to you.

Imagine for me, if you will, a  powerful metaphor.  Our species historic symbol of power and life, the phallus. It is now being wielded by , historically,  the weakest of the species. *eyebrow wiggle* Nice huh?  She is subjugating,  penetrating you with that power. Dominating your mind, your body in a way it’s never been. Taboo, shameless and yet such a highly charged and erotic power exchange.  Which we are drawn to. Which we love. I love.

Strap On Femdom

So many more ways to play with my lady dick. Your Femdom Strap on Fantasy  can include  humiliations of many kinds: sissy humiliation and SPH. Oh and of course cocksucker training. Our imaginations are our only limits.

Until we chat

Mistress Erika 💋

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Naughty Questions – How Often do Men Masturbate

And other naughty questions! Hi there, and thanks for stopping by. How often do men masturbate? Do men always masturbate to orgasm? Do you consider yourself kinky? What is kinky to you? I just love asking you naughty things! It is one of reasons why I have the best time on calls! Because I get to know  you! Some of you are my treasured pets that I play with all the time! Others are occasional callers who may have just found out I have a blog! *waves* Hi! Told ya! Ha ha!

I also know more of you read this blog (thank you google analytics),  than call me or comment below.  I appreciate it and encourage it! Hang out, comment, dream over my pictures. It’s all good for me! As far as I’m concerned, you can peek at me any ‘ol time here! Take a look around, no one is going to kick you out!  I’ve updated my schedule page and think it’s all fixed now. Go take a look!  Seems Mistress had to give the ol’ “Goog” a spanking. It’s behaving now. If you have trouble  reading it, I wanna know!


Naughty Questions

On my blogs you get a taste of me, what I’ve been thinking, I love sharing (what I can) the fun and kink I’ve been having! However , today I want to know more about you!  I’ve been asked if I have a pre call questionnaire.  Previously, I pointed people to the company’s pre call questionnaire over at the Daily Cock.  So because of your suggestions, I decided it would be fun to have my own quesionaire! Below are some sample questions on my questionnaire.

1- How often do you masturbate?
Are you open to explore masturbation management?

2- Where do you usually masturbate?
Are you open for exploration?

3- Do you use sex toys?
Yes? What do you have:
No? Why not?

4- What are your fetishes or interests ?

5- Which of these fetishes does NOT interest you?
Anal play
Hardcore Domination
Orgasm Denial

6- Do you like assignments related to your kink?

7- Sensual Domination , Strict Domination or “No, thank you” to Domination

8- How often do you watch porn when you masturbate?

9- Are you vocal sexually with a partner?
             How so?

10- What’s the kinkiest naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
            Yes, calling me and stroking off counts!

I’d love to see your answers to these naughty questions!
Please keep them R rated below, or they might get edited!
Email me for R+ and if you are going for XXX answers the number is 1-800-601-6975 ! 🤣😂

That’s all for now- stay tuned for the unveil of my new Naughty Questions page to see all the questions! Don’t forget I’d love to grill you one on one! I know you have a naughty secret and I want to know what it is!

Until we chat,

Naughty Questions

Mistress Erika

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Body Worship – Ass Worship

Such a delicious topic, body worshiping! Let’s talk some more about it! This post we are moving onto ass worship. The female derriere can enchant, mesmerize and render males inexplicably weak and powerless. So easy to slip into that submissive space, kissing and worshiping that ass.

Kneel and Worship My Ass

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