Cum eaters and wanna be cum eaters are two of the broad categories when discussing cum eaters. What? That’s not a common theme for conversation ’round your parts? *smh* That’s a shame. I’m game for that conversation! ????

There is so much more “to it”  when you start delving into the act of eating ejaculate. Certainly cum eating is taboo for many. Many men who do or consider such acts asks themselves if it’s crazy to eat cum . I don’t think that at all. I think it’s hot. It doesn’t mean you are gay or want to eat cum from another guy. Not necessarily. Add Mistress to the mix and it’s also a show of your submission. Isn’t it.  It may not be a popular subject in your parts. It is a popular subject around these parts so lets have some fun with cum, hun!

Wannabe Cum Eater

So erotic , taboo and you can’t get it out of your mind. You call me, get all lathered  up pounding that fun stick. Groaning, moaning and you are all in. Those hormones running high, and today you swear to me (on your fifth edge) this time, THIS TIME you will! When the time comes however, you orgasm and you no longer have the same motivation.  It’s a common phenomenon , you are not alone. Many men lose the desire to eat cum after orgasm. But we can work through it together. You wouldn’t be the first tough cookie to crumble.

Acrobatic Cum Eater

Oh you have eaten that cum, but only after your hips are hoisted above your head, legs danging over your head , penis in position and you manage to get a squirt or two to those waiting lips.  For those with great trajectory I’ve seen you hunched over your pelivs , vigorously stroking and your gravity defying spunk splashing the target zone. You are so much fun to watch!

Ruined Cum Eater

So hot, stroking hot and fast. With me urging, teasing , taunting. You ruin, one, two, three orgasms. Letting the cum leak onto your hand and my commands on how to make it disappear. Finally on your last full orgasm all you have left are those last few drops, wrung those balls dry. Good Boy

Trick Cum Eater

Usually when new to the world of cum eating a common CEI for beginners means cumming, or placing that cum on foods. Cupcakes with lots of cream, or putting it on a sticky bun, brings a whole new meaning to sticky bun! I adore the look on your face as you raise the tainted treat to your mouth. For those who really are “tough cases” you might need the pudding trick. Oh and freezing cum on lolly’s or cubes is a great way to suck and savor your treat! There must be hundreds, nay thousands of ways to trick you into eating that cum. What’s yours?

Humiliated Cum Eater

Ejaculating into a condom and then putting that condom on a dildo, stroking it. Getting it coated with that spunk. Then ordering you to cleaning it with your lips. Or just simply eating cum from a condom is on the menu.
Oh I know, denying orgasm until you are so humiliated, begging and pleading for orgasm. For you MF guys, what’s a better MF than a big strong man against, repulsed a bit by the thought of eating that cum. But so dedicated and submissive he has a choice. No cum, or when you do cum you eat it. Up to you, are you gonna cum boy? Yes or No?

Cum Eaters

Coerced Cum Eating


Best Cum Eater

But by far the best cum eater is one who just does it when I spontaneously ask. Out of the blue for no reason at all, no training or discussion. Once that spunk  spews all over your belly (or wherever) And  I just ask you, “oh pet, clean that up won’t  you? Eat it.

Now, you are in your rights as a submissive to use your safe word and decline. After all, we hadn’t had any negotiations, about it have we? Kinda unfair too, humm? So I wouldn’t , couldn’t be upset with you,necessarily. Right?

I play fair. Don’t I? ????????

But you know if you don’t you just might make me sad. Be disappointed with you. You don’t want that either, do you pet?

Oh my, what a conundrum!

Everything is a lesson, pet. We learn from everything. When you obey , and go against your instinct not to eat cum. When your erotic fog has vansihed after your orgasm, and you consume that hot spunk just because. Why it teaches me something, doesn’t it? Something about you, something about me. Something about, us.  Doesn’t it , pet. Doesn’t it?

Until we chat ????,

Mistress Erika

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