Such a delicious topic, body worshiping! Let’s talk some more about it! This post we are moving onto ass worship. The female derriere can enchant, mesmerize and render males inexplicably weak and powerless. So easy to slip into that submissive space, kissing and worshiping that ass.

Ass worship

Kneel and Worship My Ass

Ass Worship

The cleavage of the ass and the cleavage made by breasts are not accidents, I’ve heard theorized. The male biological directive dictates their attraction to cleavage.  To procreate is your primary directive. Cleavage indicates the place for that directive to focus its energy. Men want it. We have it. It’s up to us, the more level headed of the sexes, to use it to our full advantage.

Teasing you with images of the same, panty covered asses giving you just a hint of what is underneath. So deliciously teasing!

Sensual and teasing, you fall easily under the influence of my sweet whispers, isn’t that right pet? Wanting to caress, kiss, touch and please me and my ass. Uttering words of devotion, admiration and complete surrender is so f-in hot!  Yet ass worship can go even a step further on the submissive scale.

Queening Ass Worship

Have you heard of queening? Some think queening or face sitting is merely for the enjoyment for the Mistress doing the Queening, orally pleasing her with cunnilingus. Feeling the weight of your mistress, covering your face. Pressure and her movements remind you who’s in charge, thus sending you deeper and deeper into subspace. But Queening isn’t just for cunnilingus,  it can be so much more!  More demanding and in your face. Testing the submissive and their mettle. Worshiping your Mistress in this way, with her perhaps on a Queening chair and made to service her for as long as she desires. Tasting, kissing for whatever, or however, long she desires.

Ass Worshiping for You

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Have you had an ass worshiping session? Never thought of it? Gross you out?
As we journey and explore we’ll certainly broach this subject. It it highly intoxicating for me, body worshiping and I know it will be for you. Let’s chat about any concerns you might have, and what ass worshiping means to you.

Until we chat,

Enchantrix Erika ????❤