I’ve had a few calls recently from guys into body worship. I have to say these calls are typically very sensual and very enjoyable for me. One call still has be breathless to  this day. as I was encouraged to lay back in a comfortable chaise lounge and urged to relax and just enjoy. I have to tell you it was hard for me, at first, to do so. Not use to being or feeling passive I had to make a concerted effort to do so.  But once I did relax then …enjoy I did.  As he concentrated on pleasing me, as  he physically worshiped my breasts, then belly, legs , ass and saving the best for last. Oh-la-la! Wow….. You know who you are!

I’ve found a few common themes with body worship calls, I find it very interesting and I hope that you do to!

Vanilla Body Worship

There are varying degree’s of body worship, just like anything else. Most people’s minds might go right to the vanilla scene when a man seducing a woman praises her , compliments her as his amorous advances increase.  In turn, it is very sexy, sensual and a complete turn on to hear how I turn you on. Perhaps the man is “breast man” or “leg man” and spends a good deal of time fondling and being aroused by that body part before moving on. I suggest one time you don’t move on. Stay, concentrate on that body part. Put all of your sexual energy on that one part, concentrate on bringing that part pleasure, thereby sending pleasure throughout her body.

Body Worship in D/s arena

Body Worship


In another arena a D/s  relationship may also play with FemDom body worship to explore and strengthen their bond.  Being directed regarding the body part to be focused on, praised and worshiped. There may be lessons during the week where you get to touch, kiss lick said body part. But that decision is entirely up to me.

I pick my ear lobes. Any masturbation on your part can only be centered around that body part. Of course writing your praises down and repeating them is always required. Edging several times a day while repeating your praises help retrain your brain to respond erotically to my ear lobe. Wouldn’t that be fun? Of course it doesn’t happen overnight. So you’ll have plenty of homework to ensure your success.  If you do well, then perhaps next week I’ll let you pick the body part to worship? So learn your lessons well and perform well for me on your final test,  and next week you get to pick!

Body Worship for the Fetishism Crowd

Then we have our fetishes folks. So focused, so exacting at times, to every detail related to the object of their obsession, their fetish. They typically cannot be dissuaded from varying their fetish, as the hold of their fetish over their cocks is seemingly insurmountable. But you know, that’s OK. There is a lot of fun to be had when something as innocuous as a foot  is the sole focus of all of your sexual energy. Foot fetishism is extremely popular and a nice favorite of mine. Sit back, allow you to wash, care for my feet before we get into sexier play. You are an expert with that body part, you look at my feet with knowing and trained eye. The energy and electricity as you explore your fetish for a body part is  accepted, encouraged and desired.

New to body worship? Want to get back to more play like this? You know what to do.