Kneel and worship my feet! Can you tell I was having some fun with body worship on calls? *laughs* There’s something so lovely, so intimate and yet can be such a powerful D/s scene as body worshiping. To some extent all intimate encounters involve appreciation of our bodies, and in particular appreciation of our naughty bits. Wouldn’t you agree? So, it’s not like body worshiping is something that’s new to us. So where does the D/s dynamic come in? Let’s take a look.

Worship My Feet

Washing and Pampering My Feet

Worship my Feet Fantasy

Calling all foot aficionado’s and foot fetish fans! You love to submit, kneel and take my soft pretty feet in your hands. I know you love it! You beg me for it and I’m more than happy to allow it. Why just reading these words arouses your mind, as well as other parts of you. I love to tease your mind, your weakness for feet regardless of where we are.

Sitting at a cafe’, by the water warm. The Florida sunshine sparkling off the undulating ripples. One of those oh so tiny bistro tables, legs crossed and foot slightly bouncing, up and down. Of course you notice, the lovely scenery around us means nothing to you. You are desperately trying to keep  your focus. But with my shoe dangling from my toe, you find it so difficult to do so. Then as it “accidentally” falls off, and there is no denying your foot fetish. Fully aroused and flustered as I coyly say “Oh my, look what’s happened.

Won’t you help me, darling?” The shoe has tumbled towards you. You pick it up and before handing it back my prettily painted toes are wiggling in the air as if to say “touch me”. You gulp, visibly, and I giggle. Oh darling I purr, as my foot moves towards your lap, just slip it on won’t you?  You lightly touch my foot, I pretend it tickles and pull away slightly, to tease. I continue with my inconspicuous tease until you are in absolute frenzy. Right where I want you.

Foot Worship Femdom

To worship every inch of your Mistress is required of all of my special pets. But first you start at the toes. It doesn’t matter if you have a thing for feet

Worship My Feet

or not. Part of your submissive training is to learn to appreciate and adore every inch. After all  you have submitted your mind, your body for my pleasure. So many ways to worship feet. We begin and I delight as you massage, kiss, taste my pretty feet.Seeing you there, kneeling mesmerized, aroused and wanting.  Yes, you are exactly where I want you to be! You never thought you’d be this aroused by something the mainstream find emasculating. But pet, that’s the point, isn’t it? To explore ways that help you feel submissive? It is exactly the point.  I cannot count the number of times someone has said “I’ve never done that, or I’m not sure I’d like that.” Trust; trust me to guide you, trust me to help you find all the lovely ways you feel that submission wash over you, becoming mine to mold and enjoy.

Until we chat,

Mistress Erika