What fun I had with my first Clothed Female Nude Male (CFNM) Skype session with an LDW client! I would never session and tell, but this very special client gave me permission and actually seemed intrigued that would WANT to write about our session!  I will keep his identity to myself. That is , unless he wants to give himself away with his comments! (wink)

CFNM First With Skype

I have a secret to tell, I’m a bit of a voyeur so when I received the email asking if I’d like to do a Skype session with CFNM theme I jumped at the chance! My client was great and gave me an outline of what his expectations were with the session. I felt like a kid on Christmas, opening up a big surprise! His idea for the call sounded HOT  and I looked forward to the call!

Nude Male Session

I had a lot of fun with this client as we chatted and explored. He was nervous at first, and kept reaching for his liquid courage. Here’s a tip guys, don’t let me know you are nervous in a session It excites me more than it should and I pour on the cock-tease! He was admittedly a bit insecure, but didn’t elaborate. Humiliation wasn’t on the table.  Looking back, he had no reason to feel insecure. He was your average “John Doe”, not hard to look at, at all!  Why I didn’t say this to him then I don’t know!   I hope he does see this blog at some point but so I can let him know: he had a pretty nice sized and nice looking penis/ package! I know many men would be happy to show off what he had! Thank you anonymous client, I had a blast! CNFM is beginning to be a favorite kind of call!

The end of our session we were chatting and I mentioned this session would be interesting for my blog, would he mind if I talked about my first session, with full anonymity of course! He got a sly smile on his face and said “well if you do write about it, I just might have to call you back”

Therefore, sir- the gauntlet has been thrown.

Your First Skype Session

So, would you like me to watch you on Skype? Do you have a CNFM fantasy? How about adding some spice to the typical Guided Masturbation/Edging Session?

Perhaps you’d like to start your cock control lessons, nothing better than using Skype to keep you honest! Don’t be shy, I don’t HAVE to see your face to give you lessons. Just, um, another part of you!

There are a couple of easy ways to do it. Just email me or call the fantastic ladies of dispatch can assist. Won’t you let see what you have?

Mistress Erika
Intelligent Phone Fantasy