Ha ha, weary traveler. You seem to have survived Ms. Kay Marie’s Tricked and Punished By Mistress room!  You arrive at the CFNM Humiliation room, you see large ornate doors and a sign on the door: “Enter if you dare! You’ll be naked and exposed!” You can, certainly, move along to the next room can’t you? Sure you can! But something compels you, insisting you enter.

CFNM Humilation

CFNM Humiliation Room

Naked Male


Pushing the heavy door, you notice it’s very dim, almost pitch black. You see a red light off to the side of the room, you are drawn like a moth to a flame towards it.  As you slowly make your way to that light, the only light in the room, you feel hands reaching out fondling, pulling, tugging on you from the darkness. Cool air washes over your bare skin as your shirt is torn off and goosies pop up on your delicate flesh. Shorts only, you continue walking those last few steps to that beckoning light.  You hear “Take off your shorts.” The voice, so loud, commanding and shock of fear races through you. You comply instantly. Naked and feeling dozens of eyes on you. Your raging hard-on betraying your terror of being naked and humiliated.

Clothed Female

The red light becomes a bit more intense, brighter. Illuminating more of the room. Then you see them. The Enchantrix Mistresses in soft ,wing back chairs.  Each with their own sexy style and each fully dressed. I begin by calling you by name.  We are so glad you decided to enter, aren’t we ladies? Peals of laughter escape their beautiful lips. Fear shivers though your core and explodes into your pelvis, swelling your cock.

CFNM Humiliation Party

The Enchantrix’s see your obvious arousal and begin chatting and commenting on what you are sporting between your legs. Size Queen Constance scoffs and say’s “You call that a cock?” More laughter, and your penis bounces in response. “He can make it bigger, though,” I cry.  I’m  laughing and saying go on, sugar butt, make it bigger! You hear chanting, “Bigger bigger.” You begin stroking. You hear,  “Is that all you have?” and more laughter. “Bigger bigger,” chanting ringing in your ears, as beads of sweat appear on your forehead, and you know….this is all there is! Constance’s voice rings out through the darkness, “That’s all he has ladies, I’m out!”  I force myself to stop laughing long enough to give you a final command.

“We are going to count down from 10 to one! Stroke fast and don’t you cum until we get to one! You’ll then have a quick count of three before we say HANDS OFF!  Ready,” and more laughter. Silly billy, this is LOCKtober and soon NOvember. No orgasm for you! Ha ha ha!

Not so fast, onto the next room on this haunted kinky Halloween tour : Cock Sucking Spell with Ms Simone.