CFNM Fantasy explored by Mistress Erika

Stop what you are doing and get ready for the CFNM Night At Enchantrix Virtual World! It’s tomorrow June 7. From 7-9pm! Come and check out our new tropical resort! This virtual world event is free to attend! I can’t wait to see you virtually naked!

Your CFNM Fantasy

What’s your CFNM fantasy? I know there are many out there who would love to serve a room full of sexy women, while they were completely naked!  You find it so thrilling to be naked and vulnerable.  You are aroused by being exposed, on display. Are you floating around the room with a tray of hors d’oeuvres trying not to make eye contact with the guests. Oh, I bet you are wondering if they are “sizing you up” and that thought helps your cause, as you can feel your penis swell.

CFNM Entertainment

I know plenty of you love that erotic element of a CFNM party.  Nicely dressed female, or females dressed elegantly and properly viewing your nakedness. Having a glass of wine and discussing what we should do with our naked pet for the rest of the night. When one lovely blond suggests shaving you  you bald. You are instructed to get the necessary equipment and report back. Bowl , towel, cream and razor your trimmed bush is shortly no more.  Someone puts on music and your are now required to dance for us. The women are enjoying your swinging erection and the beads of sweat appearing on your lips.

CFNM Masturbation fantasy

There is always the CFNM humiliation aspect of the experience. Being sized up, judged perhaps feelings of degradation as you carry out your tasks fully and utterly exposed. Let’s ramp that up a bit and add a bit of a performance aspect to your experience.  Several toys to chose from we take turns instructing you what to do. For a while the humiliation of performing in front of a captivated crowd was enough to keep you from orgasm. Are you having a bit of performance anxiety>

But as we ooOH’d and Aaahhh’d over your demonstrations you relaxed and your body started to betray you. Your orgasm building, you pray they stop or you’d  have not choice! These sexy sirens and their sweet agony have taken ahold of you, your sex and your submission to them is complete.

CFNM Virtual world

You can explore all of this at Enchantrix Virtual world.  Or perhaps you’ve experienced some CFNM in the past, but can’t partake at this time, consider joining us tomorrow Friday June 9 for our Virtual World CFNM party! Come as you are, or come naked for a bit of added excitement! One night only, though. Tomorrow – Pants guys! 😉