This summer let’s have  some CFNM pool party fun!  Hi readers! Ready for Summer? It’s here and today is the summer solstice!  Some of you know I live in Florida, still some more know I have a pool at my house. Then there are the lucky few who’ve I’ve role played, or done fantasy calls about the fun we can have by my pool.

CFNM Pool Party  Fun

You know how it gets when you have some forward thinking Women who consider men to be naughty playthings! Such compliant pets, they are ,when they see our curves, scantily covered by oh so thin pieces of fabric. Why something happens to that brain and body doesn’t it. We know it, very well. We also like to take advantage of it as well. How much so? Well that’s up to you. Are you man enough to attend?

First the Naked Male

Of course as the party goes on, and the drinks are flowing a lot of naughty things seem to be on the table. Dangling our girlie bits, a little extra sway in our step and sexy innuendo’s for that promise of sweet pussy.

Why you’d do just about anything, wouldn’t you?  We test your interest and our theory that you WOULD do “anything”.

We sweetly request a round of drinks: Go on guys, make us something yummy!  The guys start to file into the house,  “Oh gentlemen, why don’t you get rid of those wet trunks before you ruin my carpet! You’ll drip all over it.  The ladies chuckles are a quick retort, which ring in your ears. It was just a simple request, and far from being tricked into being naked. What would you do?

We see some shocked faces, others sly smiles, and it fuels our fire. The other ladies back me up: Yea! Strip, a few tipsy shouts ring out.

The big dicks don’t have to be asked twice, do they? Nice chubby I exclaim, lets see and my eyes overtly and slowly roam your fuck sticks. One after the other as if you were my entertainment.  I finally reach you, furthest way. But my eyes, rise up your torso, those hard nipples, your chin then locking my eyes with yours,  I wink and smirk, knowingly. Your smaller cock is fully ERECT, standing as proud as it can get.

Oh I think I know who’s liking this party more than the others. Don’t I?

Clothed Females


Watching their eyes, the women inspect you as you tend to their needs. Your mind spins as this  sensual CFNM humiliation scene unfolds. Humiliating, yet it keeps your cock rock hard.

As you move onto serving drinks and snacks they ladies have their fun with comments and jokes.  “Oh It’s kinda small but LOOK how hard!!  “oh did WE do that ? ” another says as you longingly gaze at her full breasts. And yet another comment:  nice assl”  We tease and joke with each of you. They are comparing you to the other guys,  it makes you blush. And makes you harder still.

Clothed Erika

So In my tiny bikini and cover up, when you stop by with my drink, the mesh of the cover up is teasingly delicious. Just giving you a hint and a peek of what’s underneath. You wonder, for a brief second, what you’ve gotten yourself into. ” Oh ladies I agree, look how adorable this dick is, and pushing my soft fingertips into the flesh of your hips, push you so your backside is facing me and your trembling member to the others. You hear the distinct sound of lips smacking then you feel that cool wet finger caress you.  “You’re right” I say, to the sexy blond, who commented on  your ass, this is a delicious ass, for the taking!
A round of laughter reverberates through you, as more giggles point out your weeping cock. Leaking, pet. For more.

Naked Pool Party

What do you think of my naked pool party idea? Have any-other fun CFNM ideas? I’d like to hear them! CFNM is my focus for June, so check back for more and in the meantime: How far does your CFNM humiliation go? Check out some of my other CFNM posts. Let me know!

Until We chat ????

CFNM Mistress Erika