Clothed Female Naked Male Fantasies are super fun and can get very naughty! Also, playing out your CFNM fantasies with us is a whole lot more safe and sane than trying to create a real-time scenario that might wind you up into more trouble than your pecker is prepared to pay! Today we will take a fun look at various CFNM fantasies and some tips to make your CFNM roleplay spectacular!

Clothed Female Naked Male Fantasies

As you can or have imagined being naked in front of a beautiful woman is both exciting and filled with trepidation. The number one insecurity for men is their penis. Does it look ok, is it stupid looking when limp like a noodle, will she laugh? Will I get hard? If I do get hard does it measure up? All these thoughts and more race through your mind, and get those naughty juices flowing. Some CFNM fantasy fans, love a bit of CFNM humiliation on top of you being naked, You guys know better than anyone how unpredictable those boners can be and a fear boner is a real thing! The adrenaline starts flowing, blood pressure rises and your boy is boing-ing! Add a bit of humiliation stimulus and you have a  powder keg ready to explode, right between those legs!

Certainly, the sexual arousal over most CFNM scenes has at least an insinuation if not overt humiliation in the mix. But like most things, it’s very subjective. What is humiliating and how much humiliation you can take while still being sexually aroused is another. The great thing about fantasy is you get to control all the moving parts, well for the most part.

Read more, and have fun.

Being Found Naked And Exposed

Accidental exposure is a CFNM fantasy when through no fault of your own find yourself naked and exposed in front of a woman. Taking a shower in an outdoor shower, when you vacation in some exotic land and she happens upon you. An accident where you find yourself without your shorts. Of course, this is the day you went commando. At the gym when she makes a wrong turn into the wrong locker room. You get the idea.

The fun continues depending on how she reacts! Of course, you both profusely apologize to each other. Too bad you just ran into a particular type of woman, one who knows and enjoys wrapping you around her little finger.

She quickly with a few comments, one gently teasing about seeing your little fella, and after a pause giggle and twinkle in her eye, holds a cover-up just out of your reach and begins to toy with you. More teasing with, “Well I’m not sure if I want you to cover that up!” She assesses your responses to both and proceeds to enchant you further down the naked rabbit hole.

Read The Fine Print

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Another fun fantasy is the horny subject doesn’t do his due diligence and signed a contract. Turns out a horny boy signed up to work as a naked servant for a three-day summer solstice celebration. Theme Celebrating The Fertility Of The Season, aka a three-days of food,  music, and lots of debauchery orgy. Does he get to cum? We’ll have to play it out and you’ll see!


Naked Party Games

Alcohol and full balls are a dangerous combination. Imagine if you will a naughty toy and lingerie party, all women having wine and fun, looking at and playing with the latest in sex toys and sexy clothes! For whatever small-head thinking going on over in your pants, you forgot the party was tonight! You trudge into the center of the frivolity! Before you know it, you are now the latest and greatest sex toy there is to be had! Coercing (I Know we didn’t have to twist your arm too much! LOL) you into your birthday suit the ladies spend the evening playing those naked party games with you, the only twist is YOU are the only one naked!

Fantasy And Reality Mix With Femdom CFNM

Now imagine your Clothed female naked male fantasies, and bring it to Me. When we use your CFNM fantasy, mixed with my kinky creative mind, and view you on cam that reality aspect of your fantasy just blew up your world! Role-playing your CFNM fantasy is your safe sane way to play with exposing your naked form. But CFNM fun doesn’t have to be based on roleplay, there are a lot of fun and erotic things we can do! Viewing you on the can and controlling that cock, or even playing dress up (for the girls) , watching that sweet red ass get redder and redder as I instruct your spanking are all sexy things we can do when you are naked for me.

Tips To Make Your CFNM Fantasy Session Spectacular

Connect with me by email, skype or twitter DM tell me what your CFNM fantasy is, and prepare to have your mind blown! That’s it. All you have to do is confess, and trust that I will “take you there”

What are your CFNM fantasies? Comment below!  Or better yet, check out my Sexy Links and find out more about me, and how to connect with me on Skype!

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