Eating your own cum, or someone else’s is a very common theme. Some people love cum eating and take to it naturally,(looking up, giving you a smile) and some want it  but can’t achieve it on their own.  If you are the latter, take heart: for every cum eater out there know they  had to start right where you are! Some virgin cum eathers  need information, or instructions and of course coached cum eating support. Today we’ll explore this taboo subject and I am asking for your participation, It’ll be fun!

Women Cum Eating

With a few clicks of my keyboard two of the top results for “percentage of women who eat or taste their male partners ejaculate” reveals there is a larger percentage of women who taste, and/or swallow their lovers juice, than those who don’t.  I personally do not see any issues with eating my lovers cum, a nice Alpha Male please. Him being so sexy and full of sex, I just want to devour everything possible and consume as much as him as I can.  Taking  everything that masculine cock has to give is thrilling, and I know you sissies agree! If I asked any random male and asked “Do you want her to swallow your sperm” one guess as to how many say YES!

Men Cum Eating

Coached Cum Eating

Let’s Do This- Eat Your Load

I would be wasting my time doing  a search on men and if they enjoy their lovers juice? I ask what man, heterosexually inclined,  do you know wouldn’t love to soak their faces  in  their lover’s hot snatch and have it orgasm all over their face? Yea, I don’t know one either.  LOL!

So there you have it.
Women+Male juice= Most women taste, swallow.
Men+Woman juice= BOING! BOING! BOING!

I’ve laid it out nice and simple like. Sex juice, male or female  is a simple body fluid consumed by most people. So why is it still such an issue for so many?  Is it that taboo for you to eat your own cum?  You taste your own spit, and your lovers spit, don’t you? Lick your Lovers sweaty body, yep, bodily fluid. Tears run down your cheeks and you’ve tasted them, as well! Well, in my mind it is all the same thing. It isn’t taboo it’s freakin sexy to eat cum!

Coached Cum Eating

So, you’ve had these erotic thoughts about eating your own cum, and want to turn the fantasy of eating cum to reality.  Maybe learning to eat your own cum, is the first step to your goal of eating lots of cum Perhaps it’s something your Mistress desires from you but you haven’t been able to “bring yourself to it”. If you understand the male sexual response, it does make sense why there might be a bit of a speed bump towards your goals. But, no excuse either. It just means we are going to have to use our “Huge human brains” to cum up with a cum eating solution.

Once you consider all the factors, there is no good logical reason not to achieve your coached cum eating  goals! There are however, some popular methods to help you towards your goals. What I would like from you is your input. I’ve created a poll with the “theme” of the various methods. You get to vote and whichever method “wins” will be written into a blog, next week. Sound like fun?

I’ll give you one week to vote! Let’s have some fun!

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