Cum all ye faithful full balls and edged endlessly, Oh cum ye o come ye to Erika’s dun-geon! For those who can take a bit of a joke/parody WELCOME. For those I have just insulted, well you are gone so. Yea. Bye!

Welcome to Cumming for the Holidays!

Last Friday’s blog from Ms Delia and her post on Kinky Ms. Delia Claus she told you about her naughty list, and what is in store for you! I sure hope you’re on it! Better go check, AFTER you read MY post! LOL

But before that Ms Scarlet started off the cum eating portion of your holiday celebrations with Christmas Cum-Cicles one perfect way to enjoy that naughty spunk! Today I am going to expound on that theme and talk about all the tasty was you can eat your cum, or heck ANY cum and keep in that holiday spirit! Cum for the Holiday’s!

Edging Over and Over

But first we need to work up a nice load of creamy spunk! So You will be edged, and denied for a few hours or days until those balls are full enough to produce a decent load! Not only that but you’ll be required to be well hydrated and because I like you, you’ll be eating a lot of fruit! Preferably cantaloupe and pineapple.

Gulping that Cum

Some of you cum eaters are able, with a bit of Mistress persuasion and experience, gulp that load raw! Yay! But often that’s not the case. We need a “bridge” to that raw dawg spunk load. One which “eases you into” the kinky task! All good. There’s more than one way to get that cum between those lips, and soon you’ll be tasting that load!

Eating that Load Off of Food

So for those who are still on that “eating my own cum” fence, the next common way to begin your cum journey is by utilizing food as that bridge. don’t worry I promise you won’t “End up hating that food”. Trust me!

But food comes into play with those cum sluts looking for new and inventive ways to snarf down the dick juice!

So as you chow down for your holiday meals, and enjoy some treats think of this blog and how you can eat that cum for me!

Fun Food Ways to Consume that Creamy Load

If you like a hot caffeinated drink? Add a but more cream to your Latte!! You won’t taste a thing! Or substitute your favorite espresso for a nice “hot shot”!



Milk Shakes are Cum Shakes when you add your special ingredient!

For a festive feel use eggnog and spice it up yourself!



Need something “stiffer” to wash down that first load? Espresso Martini will get your spunk down that throat!




For you hard core connoisseurs of hard liquor a quick shot of this with your cum will go down your throat quicker than a virgin and his first pussy!








If you have a sweet tooth there are treats a plenty this time of year!

So, what would you eat  your cum off of for me?

Happy Holiday’s and don’t forget to check back, our next blog train post from  Ms Harper Blue Balls on my Christmas tree


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