You are enchanted by  leg worship. The act of worshiping the legs of your Goddess sends you swirling down that submissive rabbit hole. You weren’t always this way. Sure you loved a sexy pair of legs, but mostly when wrapped around your waist or strewn over your shoulders. How cute and vanilla of you.

You see, my pets, Leg worshiping isn’t just for the person with a leg fetish, as we shall soon see. No it’s for dedicated Goddess worshiping naughty sluts, as well. I own you, you need to memorize every sweet inch of me. Today Leg worship, after all shouldn’t every curve, every dimple, every freckle be a turn on for you? Yes, it should. I will addict you to me, and every inch of me. You will love, love every moment of it too.

Why Leg Worship

Why Leg Worship? Because I can. Legs have captured males attention for a very long time. There was a time in our culture that the mere glimpse of a curvy ankle sent men asunder. But in today’s world,  there are more popular, or should I say overtly sexual parts to pay homage to. I get that.

So lets get back to basics. One reason you come to me, is to further your submission. For me to mess around with that  brain. To make minor tweaks or adjustments to your desires to better suit me. To move you along your submissive continuum.

But certainly another “why” is for those with a foot or leg fetish. Sometimes the fetish for feet incorporate the leg and vice versa. Sometimes their interests are more focused on stockings or nylons as in a nylon fetish. The legs are the secondary player in these scenes! But the leg is still there, tormenting teasing and controlling.

Ways To Play With Leg Worship

But what kind of naughty ways are there to play with a Leg or fetish? The female leg, the shapely foot, what a powerful stimulus it is for the one with the leg fetish or foot fetish!  Imagine a scene focused around one of the following sexy stimuli!

From epilation or depilation, exfoliation to moisturizing and massage, taking care of those shapely legs is your submissive duty. Learning how to properly care for and even adorn those lovely legs are also on the docket.


Femdom Leg Worship

Once you pay proper homage to my legs, as indicated above, worshiping in a non sexual way. Well, Wait. Who are we kidding. The above activities are going to make things a bit uncomfortable in your pants.

Let’s start again.

Once you pay proper homage in a traditionally non sexual way it’s time for sexual worshiping! True, the above activities are pleasing but when you worship with your lips, your tongue, your whole being, is when your leg and foot worshiping bloom to a whole new level. Mistress will control. Mistress will Direct you how to worship properly to please her.

Your desires are tweaked, adjusted to My needs. Your mind in an erotic fog, focused on your task. You please me, and are rewarded and the cycle begins again.

The Next Step in Your Submissive Journey

Your assignment is to listen watch and worship. So on your knees, pet. , have a taste of how you will worship, become addicted, be enchanted by leg worship and how your dedication and enchantment with every inch of me increases your submissive desires.

When you are ready to further your submission, you’ll call. 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Erika.