I adore how so many of you come to me, wishing to Entertain Mistress. Some of you present the gift of humiliation to me, as a way to entertain my devious side. Others want to entertain me with your prose and sexy sissy poses. Strike that pose, gurrrrrrrl! That’s all fine and, diddling a  clit dandy, my friends. I love what I do and how we connect.  I enjoy you with what you bring to the table.

But as some of you know August is my birthday month!  So for my birthday not only will I welcome your warm wishes, and various tokens of your appreciation, you are Going to Entertain Me in the manner that I wish! Let’s play!

Creative Intelligent Submissive

I simply adore a creative and intelligent pet. For being such, and submitting to me I’m going to give you the opportunity to show off your creative side and have a chance to win 15 Free Minutes with me, when you purchase 10 minutes!

Think about it: a total of 25 minutes of fun with me for the price of 10 !  A bit of a perk for my fans and encouragement for you lurkers who visit , and have been wanting to call.  25 minutes is a fantastic length of call to really get our connection off right. Learning about you, how we click. What are you looking for? Fantasy play? Training or consultation on the subject of your choice.

Your free minutes can be used on any session with Me between September 1,2019 – September 31,2019.
Sessions include: cam, sexy texting,  voice over skype, and phone calls.

Yes yes I want to please you, Mistress!

So you want to entertain Mistress? Here’s the delio. I’ve written a parody of a popular song. I chose to use cock, because well, I like ’em. A. Lot. You can use thr version below, verbatim if you  are a sissy gurl, cock slut, and even those humiliation sluts and cuckolds you are included! . Record yourself saying / singing them and submit it to me! For those who wish not to sing to the joys of cock,  you can alter them to your liking. Breast man? Ass ? Legs? Have fun!

Regardless of the version you choose, extra points for being unique and creative!

If you want to enter, and please Mistress, then submit your creation in one of the following ways:
1- email me at Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com with the email address you’ll be using to submit your creation.
2- I will also accept your submission at Enchantrix Empire, not a member? Join today.
3- twitter. If you want to post your submission on twitter follow me and tag me @ErikaEnchantrix.

Without further adu, my parody. Click on the headphones to hear my version.

Listen Erotic Fun

Click to listen to my version of the parody

 Entertain Mistress

I like big cocks, itty bitty cocks
Dripping wet  cocks, tied and denied cocks

I like the pretty cocks with the bow tie
Get your lube on, let it slip and slide

I like bald cocks, I like a hairy cock
I don’t discriminate, come and get a taste


I can’t wait to hear your submissions! In the meantime check out my blog at IntelligentPhoneFantasy.com!