Hello there IPF (Intelligent Phone Fantasy) fans! Today, continuing on the humiliation train is taking a look at the phrase: Humiliating you is a pleasure. That statement may seem strange to the average person, perhaps indicating I’m an emotional sadist. True, there is a release of tension and emotion if I become upset, and pleasure is derived from that release, while I  verbally pummel you into the ground. But a true Humiliatrix isn’t upset, or emotional when she’s wielding her weapons,  now is she? It’s an interesting topic , for sure.

So today, just some random thoughts on Humiliation, as I continue to tease you about humiliation and the promise of that ignore call post! It seems I was commissioned to do an extraordinarily long erotic audio and it’s kicking my sweet ass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving every creative minute of it. Just time consuming because I’m also writing the dialogue! Well , the client did supply copious amounts of data for me to utilize in the story/audio so I’m added to it, embellishing and putting my Mistress touch  on it. I’m headed down the home stretch with it, so this blog will have to suffice for your “taste of Mistress” for today, pets.

Humiliation Pleasure

Sadist is someone who enjoys inflicting pain. Even to the extent of being aroused by it. True, I haven’t read much about the mechanics of a sadist’s arousal, so I do not necessarily identify with it. but that’s some thoughts for another blog.

So why is humiliating you a pleasure?

Well for one: Because I’m fucking good at it. Who doesn’t like something they are good at? Haha!

Secondly, I find the concept and application of humiliation to be the most amazing and fascinating behavior humans have! I’m like a mad scientist taking and mixing my various humiliation tools for our pleasure. So in that sense I do enjoy it. I’m sure if you were to hook me up and scan my brain, when I was in a humiliation session my brain would be lit up like the fourth of July sky.  Humiliation  and in particular phone humiliation a total MF for me, and you!

Last but not least: I get to push social boundaries and I am rewarded for it! I get to behave in ways which are typically frowned upon, which is fun!  I get to be critical, demanding, insulting. Be it a verbal humiliation session, or task oriented humiliation our interaction is unlike any other social relationship.

Think about it.???? fuuuuuuuuck…. right?

So, when are we connecting and playing with humiliation?

Until We chat ????

Humiliatrix Erika


Humiliation Sessions