I just did a fantastic ignore humiliation session! Are you familiar with Ignore Humiliation? It really should be part of any humiliation training! I know when you are addicted to Humiliation, you are searching for more. Like any drug you become immune to the same dose and crave more and more!
I wanted to blog about it and post the audio, but alas my phone lines have been blowing up and I haven’t been able to edit the audio! So I’m just going to tease you about it here. I’ll work diligently and get that post and audio to you soon! Why not subscribe and when I’ve updated my blog you’l be notified!

Why Ignore Humiliation

Most humiliation calls we interact. I laugh, instruct and I push those humiliation boundaries. . With ignore humiliation calls you don’t get to do that. You could be an

Ignore Humiliation

Ignore Humiliation

object to be used. You are to kneel patiently , as I go about my day. Whatever that would be. Training my dog. Making an erotic audio, or even writing a blog about ignore calls! You say nothing, not worthy of me even acknowledging you. How will you feel then? Interesting, isn’t it? Your dreams come true , getting a peek behind the curtain and enjoying my presence.

Humiliated Submissive Needs More

Admittedly when you call, and I get to know you: I have my Humiliatrix Hat on. You see that side of me. You come to me for Humiliation and I dish it out on a silver platter. I’m clever and sensual. Finding out about your hot buttons, humiliating you is a pleasure!


But I’m a dynamic Woman and have many sides. But , a bitch like you would typically never know any other side of me. Right? You’ll never see it, you don’t inspire that part of me. You can only dream about what a day , or even a few hours, with me , would be like. How Mistress’ mind works, what she finds fun or funny. Perhaps even what kind of porn I like to watch when alone.

Oh, if you could just be a fly on that wall. Humm?

Now is your chance!

How To Arrange Your Ignore Call


Email me at Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com. Or Search for me on Skype enchantrixerika. We’ll spend some time talking about the content of the call. There are dozens of things I can do. You get one say, before you call. However when I agree on the content, it’s game on!

You call.
I’ll greet you as if you arrived on my doorstep.
You, thanking me for allowing you to visit today.
Then I take over.

Are you ready to experience your first ignore call? Will you love being ignored? One way to find out!

For your first ignore, humiliation or other erotic phone session, connect with me now!

Until We Chat ????

Humiliatrix Erika