jerking off games

Up for some fun?

Hello, all of my jerking off fans. Regardless if your  jerking off  during session is obvious (listen to audio for more),  or if you are a silent and surreptitiously jerking-off, there is  a lot of fun to be had, with me and your dick!

Weaving sexy fantasies, sending you higher and higher on the horny scale is such a rush! I love it. But the fun just doesn’t stop there, nope. Some of you guys are a fans of games of chance. Like dice and cards. Recently Mistress Cassandra had a blog on dice games! I like playing stroking games in session, and  her blog inspired me to share some other games we can play with your dick!

But one rule: Mistress makes the rules and the rules may change without notice *winks*. Here’s a peek at some games we can play.

Listen to the audio for a tease sample of our naughty games!

Jerking Off Dice Games

I have five die sitting in a mug on my desk , ready for when you call! Jerking off fun with dice can be played numerous ways!

I can use one, two or all five. You pick, how many we play with! With each roll of the die, we tally the numbers and I announce your prize! This time you get to stroke “that many” times. On our next dice roll it may be “that many edges”. What is so delicious is you won’t know until I roll the die what I’ll have you do!  So you want to be wise when you pick the quantity of dice we play with. I’ve given you a taste in the audio!

Jerking Off Card games

Now truth be told, Mistress is a bit of a card shark. Well, in my little circles, playing with non-monetary chips! ha ha ha! So, we’ll start off with a game of five card no peek with two of spades being wild! As I turn over the cards you get to stroke that many times as the card indicates. If I turn over a heart of any suit you need to edge once! Face cards are worth ten,  After dealing you five cards, you make the best hand possible. How many hands do you think it’ll take to get to the center of… tee hee…

  • Pair = stroking the total of the cards how I say
  • Three of a kind = stroking the total of the cards how you want
  • Straight = Double the total of the cards and stroke how I say
  • Flush =  Double the total of the cards and stroke how you want
  • Full house = Edge 3x How I say
  • Four of a Kind = Edge 4x and can beg for release
  • Straight flush = Whatever the fuck you want!
  • Royal Straight Flush= Whatever the FUCK you want AND a Naughty pic of me!

If you do get that two of spades it’s wild AND you do the task AND can cum! Well unless you are a tiny loser then you get to lick my toes.

So how would we have fun with dice and cards? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Only question Left: Are you a man of chance? ????????

Until We Play

Gambling Mistress Erika

Listen to the audio for a sample, and some audio only fun!