Hello darling campers, I know you’ve been enjoying your time. I’ve been watching you as you explore our creepy camp! You’ve come here from Mistress Alina’s Sissy Camp and I see you survived! Mouah hahahaha, but will you survive this little stop on your camp journey? We’ll see. Click here to listen…..

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Enter Chastity

Chastity Hell Room

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You’ve  heard of men locking up their prized possessions and always nervously laughed about it. Sometimes you’d even puff out your chest and like a silver-back roar your disdain “I’d never lock up this bad-boy!” To the laughter of all your com padre’s. Little did you know little did you know what was to come this fateful night.

Siren’s Song

With the promise of unspeakable pleasures you cautiously enter the room. Soft firelight at one end, Wooden Table and benches off to the side, near the fire. The other side of the large stone hearth a large bed. The smell of pine and earth fill your senses, you call out “hello?” Soft music begins to play, strings softly being strummed. “hello?” you call out again. A brisk wind blows the cabin door open , sparks fly from the hearth swirling around you enveloping you in their hot fiery dance. A Woman’s voice fills your ears “I’m glad you’ve come” , you spin to face the open door with your fiery cyclone circling around you. Through that door a vision of loveliness draped in soft fabrics, finished with a hooded cape, shielding her face.. Taking a few silent steps into the room, and reaching up to that hood, with her long red painted nails.she slides it back. She looks at you. You freeze at the sight. Long dark wild hair moves like a halo around that beautiful face.  Slipping her frock off her shoulders letting it puddle to the floor revealing her curves underneath.

Mind Spinning

As she moves towards you,gracefully drifts closer you are enveloped with a cold chill. You’ve come here to prove yourself young man, as she walks around eyeing you up and down. You’ve been told there were unspeakable pleasures to be had, humm? Your eyes try to follow her as she moves about. The embers which floated around  your body are swished out the door, as it slams shut, Was it the wind or the wave of that hand? He felt a bit overwhelmed, like all of his senses were in overload, in the presences of some great energy, and shiver. You watch as Her fingers sensually dance over you. You feel their energy of them but not the touch.  Clothes, opening, falling , pulling off as he waves those fingers around your body. Your clothes falling to the side as her fingers command, leaving you naked, frozen by her gaze. Men think they are strong, she continues. You, you think you are strong, yes? Yes, you say with a bit of trepidation. Softly chuckling she says, You prove your strength as a man, and you will be blessed with glorious sex for the rest of your days. Glorious unspeakable pleasures will be yours to enjoy!  You fail your test, and well. You won’t have any of that. Still feeling strong, my dear? She reaches up, slides her finger down your jaw, she watches her own finger intently, as it travels down your neck, collarbone, chest……. feeling goosebumps rise on your skin.


You feel weak  as her sensual energy envelopes your soul………. her energy, those fingers dance upon your being like a skilled pianist tickles the keys. Your body is hers now, she strumps your arousal higher and higher. “You Will Please Me” her voice whispers to you. “You Will Submit and OBEY”. Your cock harder than ever before, heart beating , thudding against your chest. Grabbing your penis she pulls you to the table……..gliding you onto your back. You feel a pull greater than gravity pulling you keeping you on that table.

Time Has No Meaning

As this sorceress seduces your soul further, unable to move she continues her sensual torment. Minutes turn into hours, hours turn into the night. Flashes of pure ecstasy , filtered between deep darkness. Drunk on your own arousal your need for orgasm is strong. Stronger than ever before. This magic place you find yourself in leaves you panting and often breathless as her energy. Soon you lose all sensations except for that cock. Her chants and dances across your body and soul have focused all of your energy to that hard throbbing cock.

Your Choice

You try to speak but it only comes out as hushed squeeks, please please over and over. She turns her attention to you, and as she gazes deep into your eyes, her eyes alight with fire, please what, pet………. she purrrrrrrrrs. “Ccc cc cc um , please”…… you mange to squeak out. Taking your manhood in her hand  you feel  pressure from those fingers, now, not just an energy compelling your body. You want to cum  she coo’s, Pet wants to cum…….. stroking you harder and faster, precum oozing out. you struggle to clench, to push to thrust, but you are frozen unable to control your own body. Mmmmmmm have you proven your strength, my pet. Better than all the others, you think? You moan, yes..I  have to be, to get through this… yes…. please…. Her other hand slides down squeezing those aching balls…… You feel the gladiator, the strong one? You’ve earned your cum? “Yes, yes , oh yes………… the fire in your loins screaming your brain and body at its breaking point. She stops stroking and slaps, begins stroking again as if she can feel when you are on that edge. She slaps over and over bringing you down. She continues for another hour you are softly weeping….sweating….. she smiles. You can cum she say’s but there will be a price to pay. “Any price, Any ! Any” your hoarse voice manages to say. Very well…………. And with a wave of her soft hands playing your cock like a puppet she chants something strange to your ear geanmnaíochti i gcónaí do fann fir, repeating,slowly at first,  tempo rising with each repetition until this sorceress commands …..NOW! You feel your soul shake as your body reals in orgasmic bliss. Exploding over Flashes of light sear through your brain orgasm shaking your very core, emptying your soul leaving you shaken and empty, and vulnerable. One more shudder, before your vision becomes dim and you go dark.

Light of Day

As the morning light filters in the room, fire has gone out leaving warm smoky embers. Shaking the sleep from your head, how did you end up here? Pulling back the covers on the bed, how did you get there?Feeling drunk and hungover at the same time, Struggling to recall the events of th evening. That orgasm, wow you thought to yourself,you think “what a wild fucking dream” but you feel something, and look down. You scream as the golden cock cage surrounds your cock , and ring around your balls. Playing with it, pulling it up, turning it this way and that. Heart beating….you can’t find a lock , or place for a  key. It’s been permanently placed upon you.You are locked for life. A note by the bed reads: Chastity for all future time for weak Men

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