Welcome back pets, friends , fans and lookie loo’s. The title Mean Mistress Erika would come as quite a shock to many I play with. I also know some of you know a very different, let’s say LESS Sensual side of me. Make no mistake, they are both very genuine parts of me. That’s what makes me so delicious!  My blog is replete with the sensual side of me so today: We are talking Mean Mistress , pets.

Mistress Of Mean

If this is your first foray to My little corner of the interwebs keep both hands above the table. You may have a cold drink or compress to get you through, as parts of My blog can get pretty hot! Today, I’m going to discuss why this Sensual Mistress enjoys her Mean Mistress side.

I’ve Said It Once I’ll Say It Three Thousand More Times

(Mainly because I like to hear myself talk…… Ha ha… kidding. Kinda..)

I’m a multidimensional Woman. I’m not just “one thing”.  I am not just intelligent. But I also have a fun loving, silly side. I have a very seductive sensual side that has made many of you an Erika Addict.

What many don’t know about me is I do have a sadistic streak. One which is more or less properly trained per conventional standards. That’s reason 892 why I love doing what I do. I get to behave in ways, not typically acceptable.

I also enjoy variety in most everything I do. Sexual realm included. I also like tinkering around in your mind. How do I use this with our sessions? I not only listen to what you say, but more importantly how you say it. Perhaps you share a impactful sexual experience with me, I learn a lot about you that way. I have an innate way of picking up on motivators, triggers and strumming them to our mutual benefit.

I love expanding My boundaries and having a Kinky Good TIME! So if that means I need to be delving into my “not so sensual side” I’m in!

You’re Not One Thing Either!

You can identify with this mindset, I’m sure. We all put on different selves, for different occasions. Sometimes you appear and behave like an Alpha male, taking charge running the ship! But another part of you wants to give up that responsibility to release the tension and stress which builds up and becomes toxic for your mind and body. Submission is what you crave.

I am no different. However, I crave that Dominance, in whatever form. I take to leadership like a duck to water. It feels good and familiar to me. I feel confident and whole taking charge! Whether  it is in a “vanilla” business arena, taking care of my home or Dominating submissive males. I do so , generally , in a sensual manner.  However, in my experience not all people have a submissive response to sensuality. You require something quite different. Let’s talk about the various ways to move from sensual to being a mean Mistress.

Mistress Stimulus Stern

One type of stimulus some respond to is a stern approach.  Some enjoy this level of humiliation. This stern approach is certainly part of a mean Mistress sessions.

This approach you will  experience a commanding presence and a no nonsense demeanor.  The backdrop to this play is: You are the puppet and I the puppet Mistress. You will obey. Period, I expect nothing less. Yes, I may not be yelling or degrading you but you feel that power and control wash over you nonetheless.

Stimulus Harsh

Others respond brilliantly to my wicked laugh and uncaring attitude. From verbal humiliation while listening to your erotic confession,  to task oriented sessions like having you fuck a melon the fun is ours to be had.   But how harsh is the question!

Humiliation is a complex response and some are more rigid with the humiliation elements, than others. Specific trigger words are a must! While others who think they wanted harsh humiliation soon find out teasing or mild is their style, for now.

I’m careful, when a new pet begs me for harsh humiliation. One persons harsh is another persons teasing and vice versa. IMO Harsh humiliation includes a bit of degradation. But how much degradation fits the bill? I  play hard so keep that safe word in mind! It is often more of an indicator of a boundary than most can communicate. It also lets me unleash whatever comes to mind, knowing you have that safe guard.  I’ll make sure we have enough time to put your pieces back together before we depart.

Mean Mistress Humiliation Stimulus Is In Overdrive!

Mean Mistress takes these elements and puts them in overdrive! Ramps up the “harsh” factor to the nth degree! Combined with  a: No Mercy, no fucking mercy attitude.  Include is a large heaping of objectification and loser degradation! You could be my my footstool, or fuck-toy but remember considering your “FEELINGS” is just something that won’t be happening.

You have the power of your safe-word, idiot. Use it or keep a stiff upper lip. You, slut are the epitome of masochist, you want me to break you down to your base elements. Tiny little fragments of yourself, littering the floor. As some say “Make me into a puddle of goo” Many cry, and I welcome it.

Pain Play Nipple Play

pain play / nipple play

I revel in your tears!

You got a tingle when I mentioned reducing you to puddle of goo.

Combine Any and All With Physical Pain

Into pain play? Not sure? Certainly combining some physical pain CBT, spanking , nipple clamps and other assorted toys will propel you further and deeper down that rabbit hole than ever before! Don’t have any sexy toys? That won’t stop me. There is a ton of items around the house we can employ! Clever and resourceful you’ll clothes pins, shoe laces, hair ties , boots string and more around the house are handy tools.

Are You Ready To Experience Mean Mistress Erika?

Listen to the audio clip below for your first Mistress Assignment. Check out my profile on Mistress of Mean
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I will verify your purchase, and approve you for  Five Free Minutes when you call me! Your Call Must be ten minutes or more to qualify and once we are set I’ll email you to confirm your five free minutes With ME are “good to go” This way you can taste Mean Mistress Erika Live in your ear! All sessions apply: Voice, sexy texting and cam calls!  You’ll have 30 days from your free minute award to use them or you lose them!

Now, you dirty slut, click on the audio for a little tease, a taste of Mean Mistress Erika, and I’ve got a naughty task for you!

Tune in next weeks when I write about a particular little pee wee slut who deserves my stiletto propped firmly on her sissy sack. A Lovely Ignore Call Birthday Session and other naughty things I love to do, when you love humiliation!

Until We Chat  ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika

Mean Mistress

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