Interesting subject came up recently, orgasm marathon.  Have you heard of it? How about coerced orgasms? Let’s look at them both today. I talk a lot about various cock control techniques, like orgasm edging and orgasm denial to help train your brain and body just the way I like it. Today we look at another way to explore your submissiveness.

Coerced Orgasm

Just as it the indicates  orgasm is brought about regardless of the wishes of the recipient of said orgasm. Often, once the submissive has an orgasm, stimulation is not stopped but continued. Ain’t no stopping you now, you’re to keep moving!

Doesn’t matter if it takes twice as long, work that fuck stick! Maybe Mistress will allow some toys, lucky sub; prostate massager, magic wand, cock ring, cock pump. What it takes is up to you. But the number of orgasms Mistress decides upon is what you must do. By any means necessary.

Orgasm Marathon

Now the above is certainly an orgasm marathon, yes? But what I propose we play with is a longer more protracted marathon, combining masturbation and orgasms.  24 hours of it.  A bit different than a  masturbation marathon. Where the goal is to see how long you can masturbate without orgasm.

For this play Mistress won’t demand a number of orgasms.You are to simply do as many as you are able.  Of course, you want to please me, want to impress me, so naughty cock will not be stopping at one or two O’s! Tasks for stimulation of My cock for a certain amount of hours,  combined with orgasms, are in order.  Now I don’t expect you to rub your nubbin raw. There will be scheduled breaks, and nourishment times. Other than that you just don’t stop trying for the duration. You keep masturbating and cumming.  How many can you do in 24? Will you plead for mercy by hour 6, 12? Remember My Mercy is always accompanied by a token of your appreciation.

Orgasm Question

You see my curiosity was piqued recently when a count of 9 full orgasms in 24 hours, was achieved by a delicious sub. With my help, of course. Think about it.  9 full orgasms.  I do have to interject that he’s been chaste for quite some time, over a month! I bet that helped, what do you think? ????

So I took my curiosity and posed the question to my friends over at Enchantrix Empire. One member replied 69, but I suspect they are being silly so that vote isn’t counted.   All I have to say is – ya’ll are some strokin sluts! ????????❤.  So take a look at the poll results, I’ve added in the numbers to informal polls I was doing with some of my pets. On the left are the number of orgasms,the bar tells you the percent of men who’s max O’s fall on that number.

I wanna know , and I’m sure my fans wanna know: What is the most orgasms you’ve had in one 24 hour period? Wanna try for one more? Two more?  I wonder how many more would make me think about you and your submission your dedication and devotion to me, over and over? humm. We’ll have to see, won’t we?

So I want to know: What’s your number? Post below.

Until we chat ????,

Orgasm Marathon

How Many Orgasms?