Welcome to the well teased post! Phone humiliation and being ignored. The fun audio attached to this blog  is part of the ignore call. Since it was an extended session, there’s no way I could post it all here. Plus, when I listed it was more XXX rated than I’d care to publish!

Phone Humiliation Ignore Call Styles

Quite: Your phone humiliation ignore call can comprise of many things. Sometimes it’s just me breathing as I work. Little or no vocalization. I mean: Do you talk out loud to yourself when working alone?

Task Based:With a little bit of planning we can even do an ignore call with you on the phone, it will be my cell so I don’t guarantee quality. Running errands mani /pedi , wouldn’t that be fun?

Tiny Tim’s Ignore Call

Tiny tim’s call was a narrative. I knew I was making the audio for everyone to hear, so I spoke as if I were narrating the activities of the call to you! To make it fun for tim, I took his call (laughs). Seriously tim loves feet and I rather like a foot slave.So he got to pleasure my feet, ankles and calves during the call. Nothing else.

Phone Humiliation Your Ignore Call

What about your phone humiliation interests? Ever think about an ignore call? You should! If I were to have a contest, pick a winner to win ten free ignore minutes with me. What would you want me to do on the call? I wanna hear from you!

Listen To Tiny Loser Ignore Call: