Hi there Fans! Sex Secrets is today’s topic. We all have them, something we can’t or don’t (yet) feel comfortable sharing with our intimate partners.  As you can imagine I know a lot of “your” secrets. I was searching the web about sex, who isn’t right? Ha! But this was for work. Looking for inspiration, and I found it!  I’m going to share some of what I found and my musings on the topics.

Sex Secret People Are Kinker Than You Think

The  article (video) recently, which was my inspiration for my topic, it referenced a study stating that- out the participants, 1 in 3 have fantasized about or participated in something kinky! The most popular kinky activities were voyeurism, watching people have sex. Fetishism – being aroused by non-sexual objects and exhibitionism- having inmate relations in places where you might get caught.

Confess Your Sex Secret

Erotic confessions: You Know You Need To!

In my little corner of the internet, and personally, I’ve encountered and enjoy all of the above! From my experience,  I think we are all a bit voyeuristic. Even if you tell yourself it just for “curiosity sake”. Humans are ego driven creatures so of course we want to compare ourselves with others. It is also taboo in our culture to view such intimate acts so doing so adds another kinky element: breaking taboos.

I SoooOOO enjoy watching men masturbate and particularly when I’m in control of that masturbation! If there were such a thing as Femdom kryptonite, controlling that cock with guided masturbation has to be on my list!  As much as I love keeping you denied, it is sometimes very difficult for me to do so! How much so? I guess you’ll have to click here: To Hear My Erotic Confession.

What about you , have you thought about or engaged in any of the above kinky behavior?


Bi-sexual Sex Secrets

One in ten men who identify as straight or heterosexual is having sexual relations with other men.This article specifically mentioned men in NYC. But I will venture to say that number is probably pretty accurate for men in general. Also the number of men fantasizing and masturbating to bi-sexual encounters probably would increase those numbers to three in ten, perhaps four in ten. There are A LOT of secret cocksuckers and cocksucker wanna be’s out there!

The human mind is a fascinating  thing, since (even in 2019) many can’t express their need for bi-sexual activities find a way to do so “through the back door” (pun intended). Coerced bi or seduced bi  being at the top of the list, for those brave enough to step out of their comfort zone but need a “plausible out”. “Mistress made me do it”.  “She looked so pretty by the time I found out she had a penis…..” so on and so-forth you get the gist.

There are so many kinky scenes we can play out that involve you being a dirty slut for me and getting that cock you fantasized about! Perhaps your fantasies didn’t start with dick, that was way beyond your comfort level. But your brain and desires just don’t go away and even if your conscious mind pushes gay fantasies to the background, doesn’t mean they are not there. Here’s what I mean.

Someone who really gets off watching a woman orgasm on a dildo, might start wondering one day how that feels! Moving onto using a vibe or dil on yourself, graduating to girl cock play. As this behavior is rewarded and safe place to play is provided the mind and body are FREE to explore. One day feeling particularly horny and comfortable enough to confess it’s always been a turn on and want me to use my girl cock on them. You see where this is headed, yes?

Others who start out with cum eating desires, then one day during a heated session you confess. I want cum , I need cum…. I want cock, Erika!
Cuckolds, fantasy and person to person contact is a naughty way to get that dick without having direct responsibly.

More Sex Secrets

Of course there are many many more kinks and secrets to cover, this just gives you a taste. I hear a lot of people’s erotic confessions, and some of what I do is behave as a kind of sexual therapist. Providing a place where you can feel comfortable sharing those secrets. Unlike a popular gym out there , this truly is a “Judgement Free Zone”.  Letting you know your naughty desires , although seemingly perverse are more normal, or should I say more common than you think.

Do you have a naughty secret you need to tell someone? Need to find someone who will listen and “get it”, or even “listen and humiliate the F outta ya for it?”. I adore creating a safe place for you to explore, and confess. I also enjoy providing a place where you can experience that humiliation without any “real life” repercussions.

What happens in session , stays in session. Well, unless you beg me otherwise! ????????

Did you enjoy my sex secret post? Let me know comment below or email me!

Until We Chat ????

Kink Mistress Erika