My last in the current blog series about Giantess and the tiny theme. Today’s blog is inspired by lovely Lexi a sissy gurl well known around these parts. Lexi is fun, funny and has a very generous heart. So when she called me about the Giantess blog I wrote on Monday she called me on the carpet *winks* and asked: Why no Sissy Tiny’s!? After all, she is a sissy and likes the giantess fantasy as well! She was so great and sent me an inspirational email with teasing snippits for a scene. I took her snippets (italicized below) and augmented it into a fun n sexy post! gives you a taste of how you bring you, I bring me and together we make something fucking wonderful!

Secret Sissy

It seems there was a naughty guy. So naughty when alone he would adorn himself with HER pretty things.
Sissy didn’t know the full power of his Ms. and became very complacent with his play.

One day while sissy was prancing in her
pretty pink heels, and panties. Girlie music blaring, she watched himself, as he wiggled that cute bum in the full length mirror.

When Ms came home early…… and saw what sissy was doing……..

“What the hell!?”
Sissy was caught by Mistress dressing!

Blushing and apologizing she turns and covers her shame. Her throbbing clitty in HER panties.  Fire lights in her eyes, as Mistress gazes at the naughty sissy, and with a femme  twitch of her nose she shrunk the sissy. Sissy was screaming “No , no Please Ms… nooooo and her voice got quieter and softer as her frame shrunk to a cute 8” doll size.

“Now, my lovely, you’ll be my Dolly forever. You want to play girl, you do so as my living and breathing doll.
Why, I do think I have the perfect place for you! Wrapping her firm hand around Sissy’s body she carries her to the garage. Rummaging around, There it is! Perfect. My dolly house from a long long time ago. Look it’s pretty and pink and JUST the right size for you!!
Before too long her feminization began in Ernest.

Training Tiny Sissy

Taking dolly out and buying up a sissy wardrobe in the doll stores. Long flowing gowns, pretty pink panties and bras. Oh there’s a flowered bikini! But what Mistress loved best was dressing sissy up in pretty sissy dresses, with stockings and crinoline and Of course lessons walking in heels till Mistress was satisfied. Make up lessons, Sissy was then ready for what was next.

Mistress then shrunk a guy, and  that’s were she conditioned sissy to learn to kneel and worship their cocks. Mistress turned sissy into a good tiny cocksucker. Sissy got to practice hers sucking skills first in every room of her magical pink house, then in the small convertible car. Sissy on her knees, her  bum flashing in the air as she bent over him in the drivers seat. Sissy was REQUIRED to then use the swing set, created just for tiny’s. Mistress knew sissy was ready and prepared her in the  bedroom for her coming out party. Mistress invited all her Mistress friends over, and sissy with all with the watchful eyes of the Mistresses  grading and laughing at sissy’s skills. Do you think Sissy passed her sissy test?

So what’s your tiny fantasy? Or Any other fantasy, really. As you can see, you provide a little and I run with it! Let’s collaborate and have some sexy good time! Our collaborations can be for erotic written stories, erotic audio’s and of course : Sexy Phone Sessions!

But wait, pets. This tiny scene just gets better and better. I had the pleasure of playing with Ms Olivia with this sissy, and we are collaborating along with Ms Delia to bring you our own little “Tiny” Blog Train! Stay tuned , I’ll post a link here when their posts are published!

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Until We Chat ????
Erotic Erika