Hello gurls! I know I’ve been talking a lot about JOI, Masturbation and games I have with those naughty cocks! It’s almost halfway through masturbation May and it’s time to talk about sissy masturbation. I know you gurls have some naughty ways of playing with your clitty’s. I’m always open for something new! For now lets have some fun with feminization and masturbation.

Toys and Sissy Masturbation

You love your feminine side and want to be a gurl as you can be! That means No More Stroking! I know your clit usually isn’t a “fister”. You know a cock you can make a fist around and have some left over? Other sissy’s are cursed with larger clitty’s and it’s a bothersome thing. What does a sissy gurl do? Toys. From oh so fem vibrators, to pussy toys aka sissy strap-on  moving from a stroking technique to something more befitting your feminine nature is in order.

Feminine Sissy Masturbation

Sissy gurls love to play with their stockings, panties and assorted lingerie. Getting all girly is enough for some to explode! Some, using them to stroke their clitty against. Some leather sissy’s addicted to the soft scent of the tanned leather, using it like a hammock to cradle and caress to orgasm. Tight pantyhose is another favorite, feels so good being restricted. Bound, and yes sometimes plugged. Making you soil your pretty things with your clitty juice is always fun for me!

sissy masturbation

How naughty can you get with your sissy masturbation

Bi-curious and faggotry

Some sissy’s are brazen sluts. Dreaming of being a cum dump, cock whore. But they can’t do it on their own, they need a bit of “motivation” . Sissy they are but bobbing that knob doesn’t come easy! Coerced sissy bi is what they need. Humiliated and aroused is how you get these sluts to submit. Easy too, since nothing is too humiliating, off the table for these whores. Once coerced their true bimbo slut comes out.

They love being called bitches and cock sluts, faggots and queers. They take their femininity and take it to the nth degree! Not only emulating women but emulating that sexy nyph ready to drop their panties at the hint of a hard on! I so enjoy their open slutty nature, while describing their desires in the most horrific harsh terms sends them in to a homosexual nirvana. Their self pleasure includes, something in their boi pussy, boi mouth while rubbing their clits like a bitch.

A portion of those bi-curious cock sluts take it all the way to real cock!  What’s your sissy masturbation look like? Wanna surprise me with yours? I’d like that! I can’t wait to hear you whisper them into my ear!

Until We chat ????

Sissy Masturbation Mistress