Hello, adoring fans, or newbs (welcome!). Today we talk about what I can do with a small penis.  It is more common than you think, men thinking their peenie weenie is something that leaves vagina’s wanting more! For those task oriented SPH fans,  I’m often challenged by my callers to come up with things we can do with his Small Penis. So I’m throwing a few thoughts together and I’d love to hear yours!

Small Penis Hilarity

Of course, first thing that is on the table is laughter, sweet, sweet laughter. Watching you blush and turn ten shades of red when you reveal that disappointment between  your legs. Having you do jumping jacks, helicopter that perky, widdle guy. I laugh even harder when I see YOU getting harder! I go all out belly rolling when we both know it’s hard and quivering, yet the length and girth hasn’t changed much at all. Now you are dripping, oh my GAAAAAAWD!

If you love raucous laughter, you’ll have to listen to the audio! I had a great time searching for “small penis,” “micro penis,” and what you hear is my laughter at viewing such pathetic dicks.

Mistress Judges Penis Size

Small Penis

Which Is Bigger

Five inches or under? Well, of course you wont’ be bringing that tiny pee wee anywhere near my pretty pussy. What’s the point? I’ll be bored. I am far from a size queen and can be satisfied with a less than humongous male dong. But darling, the size I’m looking at just won’t cut it. I KNOW! I  have even been insulted in bed once by a tiny five inches. The only thing I remember from that encounter is the phrase “are you in yet,” ha ha! Six inches? Well, if you are really good at what you do, I might give you a go. Particularly if you are a bit on the thicker side. Seven seems to be my lucky number, and yours, if that’s the least  you are sporting, sport.????

But really, any size is a good size to play with! I mean, not every penis is made for intercourse. But   teasing a small penis  can be fun for all!  Don’t you think?


Games for Teeny Penises

I can whisper erotic humiliating things in  your ear, or play on sexy texting while you are out and about. Sending you on sexy and humiliating tasks, perhaps to the adult bookstore to inquire about the smallest cock cages they carry, then admitting: It would be too big! Don’t worry though, you simply can’t offend the masses when I make that tiny pee pee hard in your pants, I mean who’d notice? No one, nope not a one.

Oh, if you like comparing, not only can we measure your size, but measure other things about your wee willy to what real cocks can do!  From how long it takes you to make one complete stroke (up and down =completed stroke) to how long tiny dicklets can last with moderate or fast strokes. Typically, little guys don’t last very long since they don’t have much practice having to hold their orgasm for anyone.

Oh, another fun thing is for us to both hop on our computers during session and share links to cocks that are either smaller than yours (hard to find, eh?) or how about what cock you’d pick for me to fuck! I like that game! It’s fun to live vicariously through others, as I tell you what having such a large cock is like! Ya, you can wank to my story, tiny pp, after all it’s all you have!

Tiny Penis Show and Tell

small penis

Cock cage for tiny dicks

Above , I posted a picture of every day objects you might find around your home. Find them, hold it up next to your erect penis and then tell me, with each one “Which is bigger”? I’d love to hear your reply! Oh, and for one very special TFTT, see the champagne cork and muselet to our left? Little pp loser TT can’t even afford to have a tiny cock cage made so I’m going to have him use the muselet! Now I can’t take credit for that novel idea. My belly still hurts from laughing after Mistress Hunter told me she humiliated him with that very suggestion before!

I hope you had as much fun with SPH as I did today. So tell me, do you like SPH? Does the audio make your willy weep tears of pre-cum? Then you and I need to have some alone time and have some fun!


Until we chat

SPH Mistress Erika ????