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No Escape Escape room

No Escape

You’ve been delighted, entranced and horrified so far. Your body has been used for the entertainment and pleasure of others. There are so many great rooms to explore this year!

Ms Rachel and her Kinky Hall of Holes! Exploring erotic holes, some with the sweet nectar of female sex , and the explosive moans your lips and tongue can give,Other holes where your stiffened cock penetrates. Were you brave enough?

Naughty Ms Riley kept the heat up, with her lovely cock teasing words:

” Her colorful eyes seem to glow at you, while you watch her skillfully tongue the head of his cock.”

I wonder , did you get out before the time ran out? Or were you delirious with lust, unwilling if not unable to escape?

Daphne tormented your brain with teasers, and locks.

“It is so delightful to see you through the two-way mirror. The fear in your eyes spurs me on. You want so badly to leave, to escape from my grasp, but, alas, you are mine. At least until you utter the right word, random as it is”

I hope you guessed the safe-word and have your shackles and locks fall off ?
Or are you still, blissfully locked?

Being Passed Among Sexy Enchantrix Mistress

There’s been 14 sexy ladies with 14 sexy posts.You’ve been having fun at the Enchantrix Empire being passed around 14 lovely ladies. Mm-mm what a thought, being passed around. Certainly once in a lifetime, a dream come true for a man like you. We do have a plethora of lovely ladies, experienced and just a click away.

So now, you feel good, tingly and oh so delightfully high on your own arousal. I do not remember orgasms being had, but that’s neither here or there

Now My Lascivious Pet,  You’re Mine.

“Submission in you is strong”, the busty receptionist remarked when she pulled up your profile. You blush and look away as she giggles “damn the algorithm Ms E had developed is spot on! “Come on hun”, she smiles, pops her gum and slides her chair back ” you’ve been assigned the hedonist experience!” she stands grabs a large brown bag paper bag, and starts to sashay that apple bottom ass, down the hall.

You obey and follow, smirking and watching Ms Apple bottom’s cheeks swish back and forth as you follow her.

Mind blowing, Impossible, addicting were some of the words used to describe this experience to you. Finally you couldn’t resist another moment.

Erotic Audio

Listen to this post

Adult Escape Rooms by Erika

You see, you don’t get to pick your room. Erika knows what’s best, along with a well fleshed out , tried and true formula which tells more about your true desires that you might not realize.  You have agreed to fill out the survey and be at its mercy. You don’t know much about the rooms, but a hedonist experience doesn’t seem that bad. Your cock twitches.


Finding yourself naked standing at attention,hands behind your back, feet shoulder wide, just as you were told. No windows , clocks or anything to judge passing of time. The room was dim, a shelf 5 feet off the floor and affixed to the far wall had a few of flame-less pillar candles casting a dim light barely illuminating the room. As your eyes adjust you see, a three drawer chest and a backless bench.

A constant whirl of air vents provide white noise. You shift uncomfortably after 10 min, thinking of the recent events.

Apple bottom, how she seemed amused at pointing out your submissive nature. You never thought you were very submissive, you do like to make the ladies smile. Oh and you’ve done a lot to get a smile, is that what made you submissive.

WTF, is this some kind of scam? How is this pleasurable, fun erotic or impossible? Looking around at the bare walls, wondering when the pleasure begins.

You start to regret your decision. How are you going to get out of here?
You said goodbye to your clothes as apple bottom took them along your phone and wallet away in that brown bag.

Both fear and excitement races through you, you feel awkward, time has no meaning.

You feel as if a thousand eyes are upon you.


Hello pet, a sultry voice speaks from nowhere, but directly into your ear. Her warm breath whispers along your neck.Goose bumps run down your spine, your eyes strain in the dim light, to see this creature. You begin to turn your head and you feel cool fingers pushing your face forward. Tsk tsk,

Adult escape room

No Escape

naughty. From now on you do not move,  you do not scratch an itch without permission. The only think you are permitted to do is breath and blink, is that clear?  You feel a dagger like nail,  push against and scratch down your back.

Today, my darling you’ll have a choice. Once I am done with you, if you wish to leave you just have to answer one simple riddle. Your other choice is to stay here, with me. With us.Until we release you.

Feeling the brush of a soft breast along your arm, you look in that direction and no one, can you see.

Goose bumps swim down your arm you feel a rush of heat and blood wash through your body,  filling your cock.

You see a stocking swaying and dancing in the air, attached to nothing, you shudder.

The stocking dances up and over your shoulder, down your chest, whips around your cock as it softly snakes around, slithering , swirling around and around.

The same sultry voice giggles, “oh my why someone is getting rather turned on”. The stocking flies up and curves over your back.
You feel your silken prison wrapping those wrists , and firmly tied with the stocking.

You suddenly feel a cool hand grasp your chubby, giving it a few firm squeezes. At first you flinch and pull back, the hand grasps your cock more firmly.

The invincible hand sensually twists and pulls up to the tip, twisting and pushing back down. Your heart thudding. cock expanding. The wicked twists and turns applied to your cock, sends erotic electricity through your veins.

Soft fingers , thousands, with their feather like caress swim over every inch of your skin. They Spin and twirl down your spine, then between that divide, slipping between your legs, cupping and ticking of those balls, down the inside of your legs. The thousand feathers turn into bubbling , effervescent tingles racing through your veins. Bringing that cock to a rolling boil, throbbing and twitching in response.

Bringing you to your toes, and back down with delicious ecstasy.

Bringing you to the brink, before backing you off.

Edge Edge Edge

Your tied hands still tied behind your back being lifted to the ceiling, hunching you over., then hands on that cock pulling it, backwards stroking your cock between your legs


Two hands creating a fire with that cock.


Rubbing that now oh so sensitive head with two fingers


Edged over and over. In various positions and stances, but not one sitting or kneeling. How you  haven’t spilled your seed, yet  was a mystery.
Panting, sweating, Cock now painfully erect.

Was it twenty minutes, was it two hours, you certainly couldn’t tell.

When your penis wept from teasing, and  your knees trembled threatening to betray you. your erotic specter, spoke again.

“On your knees”, and  you were thankful.

Your hands were untied, and the stocking then draped casually around your neck

“you may rest until I return, there is food and refreshments. When I come back we can play some more, or you may ask for the riddle.”

Your naked hot body, slick with perspiration. The candles luminance increases as if on a dimmer, and the once mostly barren room was filled with a small kitchenette, a sink small fridge and a table of food. Off to the side was a large four poster bed. The scent of lavender fills the air.Your body reeling, your mind spinning. Being teased and tormented to the brink of insanity. Was this the same room, but that room was bare! Sure the shelf and candles are the same.  You struggle to have a cohesive thought. You feel a cool breeze and a chill runs through you. She said she was going to return, but something is telling you she hasn’t left.

Running a cool wet cloth under the faucet and cooling off your face, washing your hands, sit down to the table of food. Suddenly ravenous, you take you fill of the food and drink. Not knowing how long you’ll be here, as your head begins to clear you decide to rest for however long. Curling up on the bed you quickly fall asleep.

Erotic Specter

Being pulled from your slumber, shivering in pleasure. Tied now with stockings and scarves, four corners, hands, and feet. Cock once again throbbing and being expertly manipulated.

“You’ve proven yourself, and all this luxury was your gift. You lasted longer than any other, you are our chosen one.” her words seep into your fogged brain.

Warm wet velvety folds engulf your cock. Feeling it rock up and back.

Gasping, and trembling. You hear yourself grunt an groan, you didn’t care how you sounded now.
The arousal was overwhelming, all encompassing.

“As our chosen one you’ll be well taken care of, as you have just seen. You’ll also be gifted with explosive mind numbing orgasms, like the one you are about to have” it’s all yours all you have to do is submit, and obey.

Her voice going in and out as the erotic charge shaking your body is making it hard to focus.listen.

“This is your edge. Imagine the orgasm”

Or you may ask for the riddle, and as soon as you guess right you are free to leave.
If it takes you five minutes, your clothes are nearby.

If it takes you longer you will be teased, edged and denied until you do get it right.

More Tease

So my darlings, what would you do? Do you ask for the riddle, or stay in their grasp. Legend has it that once a man has a taste of Enchantrix, there’s no going back.

Only those of you who would want to leave, should continue on.

How long would it take for you to answer this riddle, comment below with the time and the correct answer!