Hello lovers of kink, today I’m going to talk about why orgasm control is addictive. If you are a novice or not in the kinky realm I’ll explain what orgasm control is, and three reasons why some become addicted to it. However, if you already love orgasm control, and submitting that mind and body to Me, you may realize how much you love it and crave it! But did you ever think of the “Why”? My brain goes to the “why’s” of things often,lucky for you , eh? Let’s go…..

Orgasm Control What Is it

Orgasm control is the simple act having control over your orgasm. Meaning, not having an orgasm, until you’ve reached a certain goal. Or in the case of Femdom and being owned by Mistress, until she say’s and how she says.

Orgasm Control

Want that explosive O?

Your biological directive at a certain level of arousal is screaming at you to continue to orgasm. But as a male, it’s your position and place to hold back that orgasm until your partner is satisfied. So with a simple coupling of a vanilla nature, nothing to do with power exchange Femdom or being owned,  orgasm control plays a part in everyone’s life.

It is easier said than done. I know. That’s why orgasm control is so much fun! We get to practice practice PRACTICE!

One Reason Why Orgasm Control Is Addictive

Someone is interested in you, your sex and your sexuality! You may not think that as a traditional thing to become addicted to, but it’s true. If one thing I’ve learned on my years on earth: Men tend to think of their penis as a kind of prize, a work of art, a human magic machine, fun stick etc. They are proud of their friend and not enough females, and in particular females in relationships just don’t pay enough attention to their little daredevil , the attention that penis and the owner craves!

So when you come to me, for orgasm control training it’s thrilling not only for me, but for you as well! You have a very attentive partner. One who is equally vested in the outcome as you are. Not to mention an experienced and intelligent female who knows her way around a cock. But more importantly knows how to get into that brain, and tinker!

Second Reason

The orgasms! If you jerk it n run it feels soooooooo good! I get that. Sometimes a quick wank is what we need. But learning how to control that cum, to ramp up that arousal. To be so in touch with your body and your responses to successfully stave off that O results in mind blowing, explosive orgasms! One that make you shake and weak. Ones that make you crave more, and rue the days before you found such pleasure!

I enjoy those moments with you, it’s so hot for me to hear you, or see you whichever the case may be working that fuck stick. Following my direction with orgasm edging and stopping as many times as I wish. For solo play, reaching a higher goal of edges may be called for. How glorious are those orgasms, after 5, 10 or more edges? Either way, you’ll crave more and if you are like some of my playmates, after that first full mind blowing orgasm you can count on your usual refractory period to be sliced in half or more!

But The Third Reason Why Orgasm Control Is So Addictive

It’s purely biological. The two reasons above, are fantastic and great but they are predicated on “this reason” our own body’s chemistry.

When we become sexually aroused there are certain biological processes that occur. To keep the technical jargon to a minimum and the erotic factor turned up I like to call it your sex juice. Various hormones released during sexual stimulation act as a drug on your brain and body.  The longer you ride that sexual high, the more your brain says “Yes yes, I want more”. It feels so good to float in those naughty juices and if you haven’t experienced that “float” or high then you need to get your tuchus to me ASAP!

When we orgasm other processes occur to bring you down off of your high. No wonder people are addicted to orgasm control and chastity! Those “reverse engine” hormones are not expressed and you, my lovely stay high. If you are like me and enjoy reading about the technical stuff here is an easy to read article from Tufts about post coital neurochemistry.

Let Me Hear From You!

Are you experienced with orgasm control? Are you addicted to holding that cum in those balls? Then I want to hear from you! What would be a fourth reason I could have written about?

Are you a novice but looking to imbibe in a little orgasm control? What’s holding you back? I want to know.

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika