Hey there! Welcome to my blog. I love JOI, or  guided masturbation instructions! I know you’ve been masturbating for a very long time, and I know you are always on the hunt for new and novel ways to spend your alone time and probably very curious about the title of this blog. So without further adieu, let’s get strokin’!


Stroke for me!

Masturbation is Good for You

I was chatting with someone the other day, nervous about calling for the first time. Embarrassed, but curious and eager. It really was endearing, how nervous! Some of his concerns were:  I’ve not done this before, I don’t know how to do this,  what would you think of me?

After gushing over the fact he was a new caller (I love newbs!)  I laughed and suggested that is EXACTLY why he called! I’ll take control, and will make sure he has a great time!  Next, I would think you were a normal healthy male who wants to experience a few moments ,to quite some time, feeling GOOD! The fact that he’s in my ear makes it even better because I get to share that with him! What is wrong with that? Nothing. It’s Sexy!

See, to quickly touch base on the subject of masturbation in general, aside from outdated mindsets, there is nothing wrong with masturbation! Helping keep that tool in shape, is important. Flooding your body with feel good hormones. Helping to relieve stress.  Not to mention, helping you refocus your attention where it’s really needed. I know how some of your minds start to whirl and whip around to sexy things distracting you from what you should be doing!

JOI  aka Guided Masturbation

I love playing with guided masturbation, and if you haven’t done so with a partner, you are missing out! I’m telling you, adding a hot partner to guide you telling you what to do is explosive! They will be able to push your limits. Guided masturbation  can be both fun and beneficial.  Here’s why.

1- Increase your overall endurance in the bedroom.

Learn tips and tricks on how to delay that orgasm for her pleasure! Don’t be a bum in bed, and improve your “game”. Trust me, you need to.  I know. ????

2- Explore a kink you’ve been interested in.

Guided masturbation can also include feminization, anal , chastity and other  kinks. It’s a hot way to make that hot kink, hotter! I’ve  found a horny male mind is sooOOoo open for suggestion. All kinds of naughty suggestions. It’s quite fascinating, really. Let’s train that brain using your own body to do so!

3- Achieve a better quality orgasm.

Do I really need to convince you about out this one? *looking around room* ????

4- Explore your submissive nature.

You won’t be the first “alpha” male curious about submission. Learning to submit, giving me  control of your your masturbation is a great way explore submission. JOI can stay JOI but it can also be a “gateway” scene, if you will. ????????

5- Because it makes ME HOT!

Oh yea, I love taking control, and in particular  cock control !  Having three, four or more pantie changes in a day than a bunch of
JOI/guided masturbation sessions hot! ????????

Why Call Now for Your JOI Session

I know some of you out there love to stroke for me. I love it too! If you call me regularly you can now, for the month of August get your free JOI audio, and have Me in your ear,any time you like.   If we haven’t chatted in a while, now is the time to call! With your call you too COULD earn a free five minute JOI erotic audio!

Now for you newbs, If you are curious about this whole “JOI” thing , you better hop on the  jerk-off train ’cause Mistress doesn’t wait for stragglers, call me!

For all of you,  and with your qualified call you can WIN a TEN MINUTE free TWO Mistress call with Myself and Princess Andi! *mind blown*
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