5 Ways To Have Fun With Cuckolds, or more to the point why I love playing with them! I’ve had a lot of fun playing with cuckolds recently. Which, of course got me thinking! Of all the kinks and fetishes I imbibe in, cuckolding is chocked full of a lot of them. I started to list all the fun kinky ways I have fun with my cuckold sluts, so of course I had to share them with you!


From mild and sensual, to harsh and demeaning using my tool of humiliation arouses you! One of the five ways to have fun with cuckolds, is  your need for that humiliation.

Granted, at first you just watched cuckold porn. It got your juices flowing didn’t it. Just the thought of someone else knowing about your perversion (as you see it) was doubling arousing!

As you engage more and more in that scene you transfer them  to “What if” it happened to you? You then stretch your wings and call me to talk about your desires. My knowingly “um hum” and giggles over why you find it so hot further illustrate that your hungry libido is in overdrive!  You’re dirty, I purr… and your body tingles as you fall deeper into that cuckold rabbit hole.

What kind of MAN is aroused by this, your brain screams, by the thought of watching me being railed by a hot cuckold bull.

Ah but therein lies the rub, humm? What kind of “Man”, indeed.

Cock Control

You read that correctly, cock control for cuckolds.Because even though your cock may not be adequate to please me physically, turning over your mind, that cock to me is something very powerful and erotic for me.  It is for you as well, giving up control, is what you crav

Playing With Cuckolds

Playing With Cuckolds

e. Admit it.  You, cuckold are at your best when denied. You feel it, that lust coursing through your veins intoxicating you. Why ,eventually locking up that cock, to further your submission and feeling of powerlessness is craved and begged for by you. I like how you think.  Have you ever felt this way before? No? hummm. Interesting , isn’t it?

Fuck Toy

Regardless of how your cuckold fantasies start , you are such a slut that eventually,all you are,  is a fuck toy  for me. What is a fuck toy you ask? That means you please me sexually, and in any way I wish. Dishes need to be done on the daily. I need to eat. You can take care of me. Worshiping my sweet pussy is part o your reward. One day it’s  is that hot cream pie. How shocked and yet so turned on you were.

Sometimes it’s chastity as mentioned above. Other times I’ll send you naughty texts about my bull lovers thick cock.  But eventually I’m going to pound your ass like the fuck toy you are. If you’re a good fuck toy maybe I’ll let you take me out. I look good on your arm, and the pleasure you get from our little arrangement is to pay for dinner, whatever bobble I wish then have you drop me off at His. House.

I fuck with you any way I wish Mentally and physically, fuck toy.

Sissy Cuckold

From having my used panties stuffed in your mouth while you hear me tell you about my latest fuck from my bull lover, to you wearing those pretty pink sissy panties kneeling in chastity with those pink panties pulled up over your ass. Some of you cuckolds evolve into a sissy cuckold. The pleasure you witness makes you yearn to FEEL that pleasure. Not from that big bull lovers cock’s perspective. From My Perspective. The thoughts crept slowly or hit you like a tone of bricks. Either way it happened. You wonder how it feels to have a big bull dick fill and fulfill you. I’ll train that sissy pussy right. It won’t hurt, much.

Cuckold Fluffer

What a total MF it is, pet. Similar to the sissy cuckold above, our games have your head spinning. Yearning to know what it’s like to touch that bull cock, lick and please it. It happens, cuckold. Don’t resist those thoughts and urges. Share them with me. I understand! To that age old question: “Does sucking cock make me gay” Rest assured, pet. If you take that leap, if I inspire you to do so. Fluffing my bull lover doesn’t mean you are gay. It means you are obedient.

The Fun With Cuckolds Is Your Submission

As we look at the above kinky reasons why I love cuckolds is they all involve that power exchange. Your submission cannot go unmentioned, I’m sure you’ve noticed.  Mistress also Loves Cuckolds because of your most certain, evolution. So is that six, seven ways to have fun? See it’s endless.

Where you start with your cuckold fantasies is rarely where you end up. Providing that kinky safe place for you to stretch your cuckold wings, I’ve been witness and a party to many cuckolds and their journey. Everyone of them has said “I never thought I would like that” or “I never thought I would do that”.  Where you journey with your cuckolding is yet to be seen. That’s what’s exciting!

Until We Chat ????

Cuckold Mistress Erika