Welcome pets to my guide on Pantyhose Fetish. As it goes at times I’ll be swamped with calls of a particular nature. Although I receive a variety of kinky calls each day, sometimes there seems to be an uptick in the quantity of a particular kink. Recently sessions revolving around the love of soft silky feminine hose, specifically pantyhose! So I felt compelled to address this particular kink for those who love pantyhose, and for others who may be curious about it, or ashamed of their special attraction.

Have you ever worn a pair? Played with a pair? Would you put on a pair for me, if I so requested? This and more, coming right up. So sit back relax with your favorite beverage and let’s get this rolling!

What Does A Pantyhose Fetish Look Like

A fetish as we have discussed,  is sexual arousal by non-traditional stimulus. Sexual interest and gratification is linked to a particular object,

pantyhose fetish

pantyhose fetish

item of clothing, part of the body, etc. Breasts, penises, vulva’s and vagina’s being traditional. Foot fetish is something many are familiar with, the love of feet which is not traditional. So for someone to have a pantyhose fetish their sexual arousal and gratification revolves around pantyhose.

Nothing too daunting and yet so KINKY!! Am I right? Woo hoo!

With this said, exactly HOW the fetish is “played out” differs from one person to the next, more on that in a bit. For now,  let’s start at the beginning!


How Does A Pantyhose Fetish Start

Great question! From my experience there are some general rules of thumb, when you drill them down. Your personal specifics may vary , and I encourage you tell me all about it in session!  If you enjoy pantyhose play do you see yourself in any of the following?

A pantyhose fetish can begin with the males natural curiosity of all things feminine. That curiosity combined with repeated rewards of masturbation and orgasm, when gazing at, thinking about and yes even masturbating with pantyhose wires that brain to associate ecstasy with the pantyhose. A very strong trigger is now created in the pantyhose brain.

The beginner may be curious, for more than the traditional reasons. Namely: Finding out about and exploring the mysterious and alluring female in a safe , read that as no potential rejection “space”.

Another reason someone might be curious about pantyhose is because they are exploring their feminine side. It is important to note that just because you have a thing for pantyhose , doesn’t mean you wish to be,or fantasize about being female. Even the choice to wear them or not regardless of your desires, may vary with each individual.

Self Esteem

I also understand that the base of any “fetish” may come from a lack of self esteem. The fetishist is unable or poorly equipped to deal directly with a warm, sexy female. So the object of their sexual energy becomes one step removed. Feet, stockings. You can’t forgo thinking of sex, or females.   Your biological directive it doesn’t realize you are literally shaking in your shoes , it wants what it wants and it wants to shoot its seed. The idea of fantasizing about women is too anxiety producing so the object of your lust transfers to pantyhose, instead.

This is safe play, after all a pair of pantyhose won’t reject you or judge you. Often, later in their journey they mature and are able to find themselves in a comfortable place with women. With age and experience even form lasting bonds.

But the fetish, stays, forever.

Does It Have To Be Pantyhose

In essence it is a pantyhose fetish, so respective of the term pantyhose  I’d say YES! ha ha!! But like many things the boundaries are a bit flexible. If the person is really hot for pantyhose because of the silkiness, how it makes their legs, or My legs look and feel then it’s easy to include some stockings or thigh highs.

For those who love the feeling of compression around their sex, and is what turns them on moving from pantyhose is to stockings is probably not going to happen. Another reason someone might stay with pantyhose vs stockings is if their fetish is wound around being in what I refer to as “pantyhose chastity” , then pantyhose it must be.

Pantyhose Chastity

What in the name of chastity play is pantyhose chastity, Erika?!?!

I hear you, I just tossed out a rather uncommon usage of chastity. Think about it. chastity is both a physical and psychological state where the chaste is controlled. They are told when and how to touch their cocks.

What is the mechanism of that control? It certainly varies. Most think the cock cage when they think of chastity. But it doesn’t have to be.

In this instance  My order for you to wear pantyhose, keeping you from jacking /stroking stimulating your penis with your hand in traditional sense  reminds you who controls you. You feel a special submissive rush with my instruction and your compliance.

Something happens to a males mind when they cannot freely access their penis. Excluding  the pantyhose for men with a special little pouch for your trouser snake (see image) you cannot freely do so while wearing pantyhose.  You are imprisoned in the delectable fabric.

Rubbing , humping feeling that delicious silky fabric against your sex is certainly possible if permitted. What’s so hot to me is that  some pantyhose sluts have had trained their brain a bodies to orgasm without that traditional stroking while wearing stockings!

How To Play With A Pantyhose Fetish

Men In Pantyhose

Pantyhose Tasks

Considering the above when thinking and playing with pantyhose some of you may not have moved beyond “putting them on”. Although that’s a great way to play there are plenty of ways we can play with your naughty desires! I do invite you to comment below and share some of your favorite (keep it pg13 please) ways to play!

Some activities pantyhose aficionado’s enjoy:


  • Keeping up with the latest pantyhose fashions and trends
  • Body worship in pantyhose
  • Rating the feel and fit of various pantyhose.Create a handy reference chart!
  • Pantyhose Humiliation- From sensual to harsh.
  • Feminization- Not all pantyhose aficionado’s are into feminization , but many feminization pets/ sissy’s enjoy pantyhose
  • Masturbation in pantyhose, and with pantyhose
  • Searching for pantyhose gifs and porn.
  • Taking pictures of yourself in pantyhose and sharing with me in session
  • Keeping a pantyhose journal. What you shopped for, thought of and how many pantyhose you see on legs everyday
  • Erotic Confession – Having a trusted playmate who understand your desires, it feels good to share.

Speaking of Erotic Confessions

Often with many kinks and erotic interests role-play and fantasy sessions are a great way of playing with your fetish. Certainly I can collaborate with you at the beginning of any session. Many find me very creative and you give me inspiration! I’ll take your thoughts and interests and add a bit of Mistress Magic and make them sing!

In addition to winging it, did you know I also invite your email to introduce yourself, your interests and arrange for a time to play? If you are a bit unsure what to say, what I want to know take a look at my Pre-call Questionnaire. Copy N paste the questions you want to answer , send them off and let the games begin!

Take a look at what this happy pet had to say after a session revolving around their kink when they took the time to do some leg work.

 I emailed Ms. Erika and gave her a story-line for a phone call. She responded quickly making a few comments about my proposal. She also offered a few options that I had no thought of. We exchanged a couple of more emails ironing out a few details and we were off. She picked up the story-line right as our call was connected. This was great because it made everything feel all that more realistic and very exciting. This being the first phone call using this scene as an outline there was some fishing around trying to find what works but all of this is very natural. Ms. Erika was Magnificent during the call. I could not have asked for more. My Fantasies tend to be rather elaborate but Ms. Erika knows how to make the world of my imagination come alive. I hope She also found some enjoyment in the call. Please never hesitate if your are considering doing a call with this Amazing Mistress. She will make every moment memorable.

Erotic Confession Pantyhose Role-play

One recent fun session included a gentleman wanting to role play both a “therapy session” and include a bit of sensual humiliation. You see, although not a trained therapist, I often play (and ENJOY) being a naughty therapist for sessions. Ranging from the sympathetic sounding board to the sadistic mind fucker of men. This one was a bit “in the middle”. Take a look:

You’ve come to me to better understand and dare you think, overcome and put behind you those desires for  pantyhose. You soon find out and realize, that it is not my intent to help ease your addiction, but to further it. How helpless you feel to resist. Alone you can delude yourself, this is harmless kinky play.But with someone confirming , and ingraining that yes this is who you are, this is what you have become. There is no reason to change, adjust. There is only motivation- to submit and enjoy your pantyhose addiction.

Your turn. I want to hear from you! Tell me your thoughts on pantyhose play or your addiction to them. Do you want to hear more about pantyhose, stockings and tights play? Sound off, here’s your chance!

For those curious or have a full blown pantyhose fetish, listen to the audio Pantyhose Assignment to find a special sexy task from me!


Until We Chat ????
Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika