A submissive Journey is a fantastic short peek into Eric’s journey. I think you’ll find it interesting and informative. A few words to fill in the background: Eric is a well spoken young man, with (you guessed it) submissive desires. When getting to know Eric,  I asked him what his goals were regarding his submission. He wanted to explore submission in many forms, but his ultimate goal is to find a FLR relationship and enjoy worshiping his Goddess Wife and to be prepared to serve and submit to her when he found her. For this narrative, you are looking at a three week time frame.

Submissive Task

Eric was tasked to experience submitting to various Mistress styles. It was becoming evident to me, that our connection was potentially interfering with Eric’s growth. Remember the goal? I do. Always. That’s my responsibility as his Mistress.

Eric’s Words Regarding His Task

Just recently Mistress Erika gave me an assignment to further grow my submission. The task to choose 5 Mistresses to help train me. To just randomly choose the ladies would have been interesting in itself, as I would have been just another “random caller”.

But as it is, Mistress has taught me the importance of building rapport and connection. So in advance of starting the assignment, after reading profiles and learning about other ladies and having a connection with others, I was able to pick 5 that I felt the strongest connection with.

My task to go to each lady in a session, giving them full control of the session, what toys to use, if I am allowed to release or not, chastity and all.

The ultimate goal was not to try to convince each Mistress to allow me to release, but the mindset was to learn from each. To serve each one and to please them and ultimately please Mistress Erika as I represent her as her submissive.

Submissive Journey

Submissive Journey

Eric was given three weeks to session with each lady. During that time his only release is if one of us allowed. 21 days and possible five, orgasms. Or None. Eric was contemplative and respectful with his Mistress Wish List. I also contacted each lady ahead of time, letting them know of his assignment. That he is locked in chastity for me,  and if they wished they could unlock My cock and may give him release if they ordered his orgasm.  This small group was selected from the larger list of capable Enchantrix Mistresses must seem daunting. But like most things Eric does, he makes me proud.

Enchantrix Daphne  and I have had a great connection since I have joined last year. Learning never ends with her, as she loves to teach. Her experiences and knowledge combined with her maturity could be intimidating to some. In service to her, that nurturing style comes through yet authoritative, that comes from the years of experience.

Mistress Andi to me represents in a sense, the popular girl in school, that if you are not in the circle of friends you may not ever approach her. But when you do, you find out that she is approachable. While in session, she connects with your feelings, playing on them in a caring teasing way. Learning from Mistress Andi how to overcome the preexisting fear that a lot of guys may have of a woman like her, and how to just let go and have fun.

Mistress Kellie one of the youngest of the ladies, even before our session, has helped me to strengthen my patience with finding time with her. Energetic and open and caring and fun. She is like that friend that you have, that you like to be more with. Easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease. Learning to give up control to someone younger, not letting the boundaries of age hold you back from experiencing growth in submission. Discovering how much more you can gain when you erase those lines.

Mistress Harper and I, just like Mistress Daphne have had a connection for a longer time than the others. That intriguing quality of unknown exploration is how I can describe our connection. She is caring, and friendly, yet in a certain way “mysterious” in an inviting way. Learning to serve her has brought about the ability to focus on the task at hand. Her strict, yet caring teases keeps you on the edge, and brings the ability to become more in tuned with your body and submit to her, making the two a united experience of submission and pleasure.

Mistress Bethany, rounding out the 5 ladies in my training. She is the one that I had the least connection with before starting the assignment. I just recently connected with her, as the assignment took place. My training under her is strengthening my openness and expansion of possibilities. She, being transgender has only elevated the journey, as it brings a new dynamic to training. “Princess Bethany” has thus far taught me that submission, when embraced opens up a place of freedom to be able to experience pleasures that are skies the limit.

Mistress Erika’s Review

I’m impressed with Eric’s submissive journey with me. Never knowing chastity, orgasm control (on a Femdom level). His ability to push his boundaries and open his mind and body to me has been wonderful. Allowing himself  to submit  to such a variety of Ladies. Learning to accept and submit to various styles is important to this growth as a submissive and preparing him for his eventuality.

For those of you who are exploring your sexuality be it submitting, feminization or a variety of other kinks and fetishes I often assign tasks like Eric’s to help you expand your sexual and submissive horizons.

Eric’s Final Comments

From each of these ladies, and Mistress Erika, my submission has taken off on a path that I could only dream of. And at the beginning, I don’t think my dreams could even have comprehended what has been experienced so far. Feeling accomplishments and new found freedoms and encouragements and inner strengths among other things. This only the beginning of a journey that I believe can go only as I will allow.

Your submissive journey is your own, where will it take you? Only one way to find out and with  Phone Domination is a great start on  for you submissive journey. What are your submissive dreams? I want to know.

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika