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Sam was always confident with himself and girls were never an issue. It was always about the sex for him and as long as he got his rocks off the rest didn’t matter. His 8” cock was fun for a lot of girls but when it came to anal they were unwilling but that didn’t stop him from pursuing it and getting his way. All of this soon was going to cum to an end.

He met an exquisite young lady who would change his life forever. Erika was a complete tease and knew all the buttons to push that kept Sam on edge. Every time they would go out she would hype him up and rub up against him and always kept him busy to ensure he wasn’t playing with anyone else. Sam’s patience was wearing thin and finally landed a night at Erika’s place. She explained to him that she wasn’t interested in vanilla sex and was only interested in moving forward if he was willing to accept this.

Without full knowledge and being extremely horny, he was compelled to accept the terms. Erika took him to the bedroom where his hands were tied to the bed. She sat on his cock and grind really hard through his jeans and the whispered in his ear- “mine is bigger”. She disappeared for a few mins and came back holding a small butt plug while wearing a strap-on that was at least 10 inches. She gave him a choice and he realized he had to comply.

The butt plug went slowly in and she watched his cock twitch. She spanked it a few times to get flaccid and jiggled the plug a little bit. Erika knew that he was probably going to cum so she gave him another choice. Eat the cum or suck the dildo while cumming. He was shocked and asked to be let go and Erika slapped his inner thigh with all her might causing Sam to whimper. She asked him again and with a tear in his eye he agreed to suck. Erika was delighted to playback some memories of how Sam treated his girls in the last by making them gag and choke on his cock and wanted to bring that reality to him now. Within seconds he was gagging and drooling while the plug was still in him. Erika asked one last question- Samantha, do you want this dildo out of one hole and replaced in the other or do you want to keep doing this until you cum 2 more times? His eyes widened with the phallic object down his throat and knew that his only escape was to endure it in his ass. He chose the first option regretfully and Erika slid the plug out of his, threw his legs up and slowly and gently inserted the strap-on into his ass. Euphoria rushed through his head and Erika knew he enjoyed it despite the stretching and the slight pain. She thrusted and he whimpered and she asked if he ever cared what the girls felt. His lack of response forced Erika to thrust harder and deeper. “Answer the question Samantha!”. He answered no and she started riding faster and harder until she the cum ooze out of cock. He was at disbelief and wanted to release, but Erika didn’t feel he was ready. She took the cum and had him lick it off her finger. “Tomorrow we’ll talk about what you’ll be wearing on our next date” said Erika and closed the door shut.